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    How to Calculate the Market Value of Properties in Rajarhat?

    Understanding your rights while investing in a new apartment in Kolkata is just as vital as taking care of legal compliances. You can ensure that you pay the correct price for any new flat or apartment in Kolkata that you desire to purchase by being aware of the market worth of the property. Speaking of […]

    Reasons to Buy a Property in 2022 When Prices Are Going Up

        The prices of raw materials are rising every year. The purchasing power of people is largely affected by such inflation. In addition, bank fixed deposits are falling short of mitigating the effects of inflation. However, properties, especially in Rajarhat, remain a good investment under such circumstances. Both experts and insiders in the industry […]

    7 Things to Check Before Buying Apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata

      There is no better feeling than owning a home. Having a home you can call your own is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. It serves as a source of stability as well as pride, in addition to its permanence. Additionally, an apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata, provides a home for both the present as well […]

    Orchard Avaasa Reviews – Word of Mouth from Future Residents

      Buying a home is a dream come true for any family in Kolkata. Above all, owning a property tops the list of goals for any person irrespective of age or location. While it can be an expensive affair for many, it is well worth the investment due to the lifelong benefits it offers. But […]

    Why Property in Rajarhat, Kolkata is Worth Buying?

        Kolkata houses people from all walks of life and from every corner of the country. Also called a melting pot of cultures, it welcomes individuals by virtue of its reputed schools, medical centres and lifestyle change as a whole. But now in recent times, several areas in the city have boomed in popularity […]