Posted On August 18, 2022

How to Calculate the Market Value of Properties in Rajarhat?

Understanding your rights while investing in a new apartment in Kolkata is just as vital as taking care of legal compliances. You can ensure that you pay the correct price for any new flat or apartment in Kolkata that you desire to purchase by being aware of the market worth of the property. Speaking of market worth, flats in Rajarhat have been the talk of the town for a while now. It’s not a surprise that it is the case owing to the location, commute, and perks of closer entertainment zones that Rajarhat provides. 

In Rajarhat, purchasing a new flat or property entails a significant amount of paperwork and legal requirements. Additionally, before making an investment, it is important to understand the true market value of a flat or apartment. Here are some fast procedures to help you determine the precise market value of the apartment you want and make the best choice.

How To Know The WB Registration Market Value Of Flat?

The following is a step-by-step method to help you determine the market value of your West Bengal land or apartment.

How to Calculate the Market Value of Properties in Rajarhat 2

Step 1: Navigate to the WB Registration Website.


Step 2: Choose a Calculator.

Depending on your needs, choose a suitable calculator from the list of calculators supplied.

The Market Value of Land, Market Value of Land with Structure, Market Value of Flat or Apartment, Stamp Duty, and Registration Fee are all included in this list. When one of these is chosen, a new page is displayed.


Step 3: Enter Relevant details.

In the space provided for the flat or apartment of interest, submit accurate information.

Enter the captcha code and choose “Display Market Value” once the form has all the required information on it.


Step 4: Take Note Of The Flat’s WB Registration Market Value.

The estimated market worth of the apartment or flat is then shown on your screen.


Properties In Rajarhat: Orchard Avaasa

For any family in Kolkata, owning a home is a fulfillment of a dream. The most important goal for anybody, regardless of age or region, is to own a home. Even though investing in real estate properties in places like Rajarhat might be an expensive event for many, the investment is well worth it because of the long-term advantages it provides.

The need for relaxation becomes paramount for hassle-free daily living. Peace of mind is no longer difficult to find here at Orchard Avaasa. You and your family will have many relaxing options thanks to the diversity of amenities such as the Skydeck and Skyplex it offers, among so many. The properties in Rajarhat in Kolkata provide space for all your interests and pastimes, whether swimming in the pool, playing chess, or a workout.

Allow yourself the freedom to expect the better things in life in the flats in Rajarhat provided by Orchard Avaasa. This is simply because Oswal  Group truly recognizes the demand for absolute excellence in every little aspect. Every effort we’ve made to build a life of comfort at Avaasa ensures that every family gets what they truly deserve.

Make your way right now into a life where you are the center of attention.

With a new house from Orchard Avaasa, live a life of unending happiness and bliss!

Contact us if you want further details.

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