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    Reasons to Buy a Property in 2022 When Prices Are Going Up



    The prices of raw materials are rising every year. The purchasing power of people is largely affected by such inflation. In addition, bank fixed deposits are falling short of mitigating the effects of inflation. However, properties, especially in Rajarhat, remain a good investment under such circumstances.

    Both experts and insiders in the industry believe real estate prices won’t increase quickly because developers are trying to push sales in order to improve their cash flow, inventory levels are high, and new supply is arriving, albeit more slowly.

    Why Has Demand Continued to Rise?

    Following the first wave of Covid-19, the demand for housing increased significantly in the two quarters between October 2020 and March 2021. It benefited from things like builder discounts, a reduction in stamp duty by several state governments, and low-interest rates. Following the second wave of Covid, the pace slowed down in the quarter that ended in June 2021, but it has since picked up again as a result of the economy’s recent expansion, faster vaccination rates, and increased economic activity.

    Is It a Good Time to Buy Property in 2022?

    This is a good time if you have been saving money to buy apartments in Rajarhat, Kolkata. It is conducive to buying since there is a constant supply of flats. In addition, builders are trying to increase sales to improve cash flow. Moreover, interest rates are lucrative at the same time. A greater benefit of a lower interest rate, aside from a lower EMI, is that it broadens a customer’s eligibility. For instance, if you qualify for a loan for which the monthly payment must be at least Rs 50,000, you can borrow up to Rs 60 lakh at an interest rate of 8% and up to Rs 66 lakh at a rate of 6.7 percent.

    Developers are reportedly under stress as a result of an estimated 40% decline in construction activity due to Covid restrictions. Although now is a good time to buy, buyers must focus on finished projects. Builders are forced to give discounts to increase bulk sales, which is good news for potential buyers.

    While purchasing a home for personal use makes sense, doing so as an investment does not. Moreover, given the high inventory levels and the inrush of new inventory, prices might not rise quickly.

    Orchard Avaasa, Reasons to Buy a property in 2022 When Prices are Going Up, apartment in rajarhat kolkata

    Orchard Avaasa: The Best Housing amid Inflation in Kolkata

    The need for affordable yet premium living is here to stay. Prices of raw materials may continue to rise, and prices of real estate may rise ultimately to make up for the price hike in other commodities. However, the legacy of quality left behind by the Oswal group will continue to touch lives because it’s been built with the right intentions.

    Avaasa provides living standards that are still unmatched in some other areas of the city. It is the ideal location for commute connectivity, close proximity to entertainment areas, and top-notch amenities. Moreover, in a world where every second housing project in Kolkata is looking to provide not only better but bigger amenities in terms of space and quantity, Avaasa came up with the Skydeck and Skyplex. This is because they understood the importance of relaxation after a hectic day. And, something as simple as the act of unwinding under the open skies may not be the most luxurious initiative. However, it is far more cathartic than some of the other extravagant features that even Oswal provides in all of their housing projects with utmost ease in and around Kolkata. 

    The biggest takeaway is that Avaasa manages to provide so much while keeping prices within reasonable ranges.

    Orchard Avaasa is more than just an apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata.

    It’s a modern urban paradise.



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    News! Repo Rate Hike by RBI Hits Housing Demand

    repo rate hike hits housing demand


    Last month, the Reserve Bank of India increased the policy Repo Rate from 4% to 4.4%. In June, the RBI further increased it by 50 basis points, bringing it to 4.9 percent (as it currently stands). However, you must be wondering where this leaves us. How will it affect our financial decisions as we advance?


    How Does the Repo Rate Tie to Borrowing Costs?

    When the Repo Rate is raised, the cost of funds for banks rises as well. The Repo Rate is the rate at which banks borrow funds from the Reserve Bank of India. As a result, when the RBI raises the Repo Rate, bank loans for consumers, that is, the cost of borrowing for retail or commercial purposes, and other personal investments in real estate or education also increases. Therefore, banks hike interest rates, as your monthly instalments (EMIs) become more expensive.


    What Does a Rate Hike Mean to Your Home Loan EMIs?

    Several house loan lenders, including HDFC, ICICI, Bank of Baroda, RBL, and Federal Bank, hiked their home loan interest rates a day after the Reserve Bank of India raised the Repo Rate to combat rapidly rising inflation. HDFC, one of the country’s largest lenders, announced Thursday that its lowest home loan rates would start at 7.55 percent, up from 6.7 percent in March.

    When the Repo Rate rises, so does the bank’s Repo Rate linked lending rate (RLLR). The borrower’s home loan interest rate will rise due to this. In actuality, instead of raising the EMI, banks usually lengthen the loan’s term.


    What Should Consumers do to Counter the Hike Now?


    Extended Tenure

    Begin by asking the bank to extend the loan’s term rather than the EMI. For example, the EMI on a Rs 50 lakh loan for a 25-year term serviced at 6.75 percent will only rise from Rs 34,500 to Rs 35,800. However, if the EMI is maintained, the tenure will be extended by 36 months. At the same interest rates, you end up paying less interest upon increasing the tenure.


    Partial Prepayment

    You can prepay your loan, at least partially, to avoid feeling the pinch and relieve the pressure of a higher EMI.


    Break Your FDs

    Because fixed deposit (FD) rates are currently low, ranging from 3.1 percent to 4.1 percent, home loan customers can use their FDs to prepay a portion of their loans.


    Invest In the Share Market

    Investors are getting good returns on their investments in the stock market. Markets can become an appealing place to invest with the right guidance and research. To outperform inflation, the return must be greater than 7%. Experts say that a drop in the stock market should be viewed as an opportunity to buy more stock.


    So, Where to Buy Your Homes from?

    A house is a place that is meant to make us feel at peace. Even in such trying times that hint at possible rises in home loan rates, our desire to live in a tranquil setting away from the crowds remains. These low-cost, affordable housing options in Kolkata make this possible. This G+13 block, as a single residential tower, provides much-needed relief for you and your family! This is especially true considering the exclusive features of this residential project, such as the Skywalk and Skydeck.

    Quality doesn’t have to be expensive! Trust Orchard Avaasa to ensure that your first choice is the best. So make the right choice today with these affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, and reap the benefits of a lifetime of happiness.

    Today, your dream home becomes a reality!