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    Orchard Avaasa Reviews – Word of Mouth from Future Residents

    Orchard Avaasa Customer Review


    Buying a home is a dream come true for any family in Kolkata. Above all, owning a property tops the list of goals for any person irrespective of age or location. While it can be an expensive affair for many, it is well worth the investment due to the lifelong benefits it offers. But before making a final choice, it’s always better to hear what existing customers of a residential project have to say. For a home in Rajarhat, you’ll see that getting an Orchard Avaasa review could justify your decision.


    A website may prove to be a deal-breaker for families. However, looking at the testimonies of existing families can have a stronger influence. When choosing properties in Rajarhat, it’s a smart choice to understand why other families made their decision. A real testimony from a real person can do so much because it is extremely reliable. So if you’re unsure about investing your future in Orchard Avaasa, here’s what you need to know.


    Ritagni Majumder of 13 A Shared Her Experience With Orchard Avaasa

    Everyone knows just how important location is in order to buy a home. For Ritagni Majumder in Kolkata, an apartment in Rajarhat here was definitely the one! She has lived in the area for the past few years and has a solid understanding of which places offer the best accessibility.

    Her review for Orchard Avaasa based on the following:

    • Located near Derozio College bus stop
    • Walking distance from City Centre 2
    • Easy access to Chinar Park
    • NSC Bose Airport within reach
    • 3 kms from Charnock Hospital  

    She chose this complex in Kolkata because of the variety of amenities inside. She also says she decided to buy a home here as the pricing for her dream home was ‘reasonable’. This is definitely something that can help families across the city! Check out the full video for a better understanding of why Ritagni is one of Orchard Avaasa’s proud buyers.


    Pinaki Chakraborty of 11 C Shared His Orchard Avaasa Review

    The convenience of having City Centre 2 was a major factor for Pinaki Chakraborty as well because his Orchard Avaasa review is crucial. He explains that what was promised in the advertisement was what he saw in reality. He states that this is not often the case in real estate. There is typically a ‘variation’ in what we see and what is offered as the final result. But what stood out for him was Oswal Group and its values of transparency and assurance.


    The spacious interiors are surrounded by greenery – this is something that he liked. In addition, he also says that the registration booking procedure was a pleasant experience. With this in mind, even Ritagni Majumder agrees with it. Take a look at the complete video to get a first-hand account of what made Mr Chakraborty book his dream home here.


    Highlights of an Apartment at Orchard Avaasa in Rajarhat

    A home at this masterpiece in Rajarhat can make dreams come true! Thanks to the expertise of Oswal Group, you can expect your family’s future to be at Kolkata’s best destination. Filled with every essential, an apartment here in Rajarhat, Kolkata, assures outdoor convenience at its best. Here’s a quick rundown of what Orchard Avaasa has to offer:

    • Spacious, well-ventilated homes within 50 lakhs
    • Exclusive residential tower with only 84 homes
    • Just 20 minutes away from Sector 5 (IT hub)
    • Top-notch lifestyle amenities for daily relaxation
    • IGBC certified eco-friendly green building features
    • Close to several schools and medical centres

    With this Orchard Avaasa review by your side, now make the right choice.

    Created for a life of true excellence, witness the start of a whole new way of life!

    Book your new flat today and enter a world made just for you and your loved ones.

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