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    • Are You a Reliable Real Estate Company in Kolkata?

      Yes, Oswal Group is a reputed and reliable real estate company in Kolkata. With years of experience in the industry, we have a track record of delivering high-quality residential properties and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our focus is on providing well-designed homes with top-notch amenities and excellent customer service.

    • Are There Any Flats Available near the Ganga River in Kolkata?

      Yes, Oswal Group offers flats near the Ganga River in Kolkata. We have a selection of residential properties that offer the convenience of living close to the river.

    • Do You Have 3 Bhk Luxury Flats Available in Kolkata?

      Yes, we offer 3 BHK luxury flats in Kolkata. Our properties are designed to provide a luxurious living experience with spacious layouts, modern amenities, and high-quality finishes

    • Which Is the Best Apartment Complex in Kolkata?

      Oswal Group takes pride in offering some of the best apartment complexes in Kolkata. Our properties are meticulously designed, feature modern amenities, and provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for residents.

    • Which Area Is Best for Buying Flats in Kolkata?

      Cossipore, Rajarhat, Gariaand BT Road are the best places for buying flats in Kolkata. Oswal Group, one of the reputed builders in Kolkata provides an unique living experience in the best places, covering Cossipore, Rajarhat, Garia and BT Road.

    • Is Investing in a Housing Project in Kolkata a Wise Decision?

      Yes, it is worth investing in a housing project in Kolkata. Choose a reputable builder like Oswal Group that offers Orchard Amritaya, a residential area facing the holy Ganges. Housing projects in Kolkata by the Oswal Group bring to the table the blend of luxury, tranquility and connectivity.

    • Is It a Good Time to Invest in a Housing Project in Kolkata?

      Yes, it is a good time to invest in a housing project in Kolkata. Today’s home aspirants are looking for a spacious haven with all modern amenities, enveloped within the bliss of nature. Orchard Amritaya showcases a serene lifestyle, meeting all the requirements for building a life that exceeds the ordinary. With many housing schemes and joint ownership becoming a trend, booking your dream flat has become affordable.

    • What Is the Average Size of the Best Flats in Kolkata?

      The average size of the best flats in Kolkata is 1,000 square feet. These spacious residential spaces provide enough room for its residents to bring their dream to life. Thus, enhancing the overall living experience.

    • Are Property Prices Rising in Kolkata?

      It is anticipated that property prices will rise in Kolkata due to the growing demand for residential areas coupled with limited supply. So, better make decisions today only. Reserve the best riverside flats on the Ganges in Kolkata at Orchard Amritaya.

    • Can You Suggest the Best Flats Available in Kolkata?

      There are multiple good places to buy residential property in Kolkata. Orchard Amritaya and Orchard Avaasa offer the best flats in Kolkata and are becoming the talk of the town.

    • What Are the Advantages of Buying a 3 BHK Flat in Kolkata?

      Buying a 3 BHK (Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen) flat in Kolkata can offer several advantages. Here are some potential benefits you must consider:

      • Sufficient Space
      • Resale and Rental Potential
      • Enhanced Privacy
      • The potential for Rental Income and additional rooms make it appealing to tenants looking for spacious and comfortable accommodation.
      • Flexibility in Design and Usage
      • Accommodating Guests or Relatives
      Before purchasing a flat in Kolkata, it is recommended to evaluate your personal needs, budget, and long-term objectives to make an informed decision. Orchard Amritaya offers 3BHK flats in Kolkata, equipped with all modern facilities and surrounded by nature at the banks of Ganges.

    • How do 2BHK and 3BHK Flats in Kolkata differ from each other?

      Here are some key distinctions between 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Kolkata:

      • Sufficient Space
      • Resale and Rental Potential
      • Enhanced Privacy
      • The potential for Rental Income and additional rooms make it appealing to tenants looking for spacious and comfortable accommodation.
      • Flexibility in Design and Usage
      • Accommodating Guests or Relatives
      It's recommended to choose a reputable builder like Oswal Group, visit the properties, review floor plans, and consult with real estate professionals to understand the specific features and advantages associated with each type of flat.

    • How much does a Flat in Kolkata cost?

      A flat in Kolkata comes with a price range from ₹35 Lakh - ₹1.44 Cr. If you are in search of a flat that is around 60 Lakh, with all classy facilities, wrapped in nature, go for Orchard Amritaya.

    • Is It Better to Buy a New Flat or an Old Flat for Sale in Kolkata?

      New flats in Kolkata like the Ganga-facing flats of Orchard Amritaya offers the perfect blend of classy amenities and modern interiors, wrapped in nature with amazing Ganga views. While old flats may have lower prices but may come with a high maintenance cost.

    • How to Pay Kolkata Municipal Tax Online?

      To pay Kolkata municipal tax online, you can follow these general steps:

      • Look for the "Online Services" or "Property Tax" section on the official website of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).
      • Click on the "Online Payment" or "Pay Property Tax" option. This will direct you to the online payment portal for property tax.

    • What Are the Deductions Allowed under House Property?

      Here are some common deductions available:

      • A standard deduction of 30% of the net annual value (NAV) is allowed as a deduction for repairs, maintenance, and other expenses related to the property.
      • Deduction on interest paid on a home loan is available under two categories:
      • a. Self-Occupied Property: If the property is self-occupied, the maximum deduction allowed for interest on home loan repayment is up to Rs. 2 Lakh per financial year.
      • b. Let-out or Deemed Let-out Property: The actual interest paid on the loan is eligible for deduction
      • The maximum deduction allowed under section 80C of the Income Tax Act is up to Rs. 1.5 lakh, which also includes other eligible investments such as provident fund (PF), life insurance premiums, etc.
      • The taxes paid to the local municipality or municipal corporation for the property are allowed as a deduction. This includes property tax paid during the financial year.
      • If there is a loss from house property (i.e., the total deductions exceed the rental income), it can be set off against other heads of income, such as salary or business income, subject to certain limitations.
      Consult a tax professional or refer to the Income Tax Act for detailed information on deductions. In addition, consider your circumstances, eligibility criteria and choose a trusted builder like the Oswal Group.

    • How much do I need to pay for a Down Payment?

      You need to pay a down payment of Rs.2,00,000 + GST to book your dream apartment.

    • What Is the Planned Possession Date of the Project?

      The planned possession date of Orchard Amritaya, the riverside residential project by Oswal Group is Aug 2027.

    • Who Is the Best Real Estate Developer in India?

      There are many but here the name of the developer is Oswal Group. Oswal Group is a reputed builder in Kolkata that has helped home aspirants acquire their dream home without any hassle.

    • When This Project Has Been Launched?

      Orchard Amritaya project by the Oswal Group has been launched on 6thNovember 2022. Oswal Group is recognised for its expertise in the construction industry and has laid the foundation of many successful projects. Orchard Amritaya is a new project under Oswal Group and what separates it from the other real estate projects is that it is situated by the river Ganga.

    • What is the Real Size/Area of the Property?

      The real size/area of the property is 2BHK - 922 - 947 sq. ft. and 3BHK - 1205 - 1335 sq. ft. Oswal Group, a reputed name in the real estate field brings before you the opportunity to experience vast living spaces that cater to your comfort and convenience.

    • What Is the Status of RERA? Is It a RERA Approved Project or Not?

      Yes, Orchard Amritayais RERA approved. With this, comes the assurance of trust and reliability, ensuring that your investment is secure and aligned with legal requirements.

    • What are the Payment Schedule and Stages of Payment?

      We have provided the details in the application form on the website of Orchard Amritaya for your convenience. Thus, making the process hassle-free and transparent.

    • Is the Registration of the Property done after Possession or Prior to Possession?

      The registration of the property is done within 30 days of booking.Being committed to timely registration enables an effortless change of ownership and brings you peace of mind that your property rights are legally protected.


    For the latest availability and specific details about the properties mentioned, we recommend contacting Oswal Group directly.