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    About Us

    Oswal Group: Real Estate Company in Kolkata



    Late 90’s

    We believe that the longest journey begins with a single step. Hence, in 1960 we shifted from Rajasthan to Kolkata. With a creative energy that aids us in the process of ideation, innovation, and expression. These imaginative skills gave birth to our company, Calendar Printing and we became the trader of calendars.


    To make a difference in the market and to upgrade ourselves, we started catering to customer needs, and exceeding their expectations. Consequentially, we became one of the most reputed manufacturers in the field of Calendar Printing and suppliers for corporate clients and other small and medium-scale organizations.


    With passing time we started being counted among the top calendar manufacturers in India, with products ranging from wall calendars, desk calendars etc. We are aslo known for excellence in quality and customer service and take pride in ourselves for continually upgrading our capabilities.

    Late 90’s

    These years were formative as we initiated our real estate vertical in the form of investments with a vision to capture the real estate market. As we would like to acknowledge, that we achieved part-time development through this time period.


    With the advent of 2009, our real estate vertical became more than we’d expected. We deep dived into full-fledged expansion of the same in order to give the company a core path to tread on. As time passed, we started working on medium-scale projects that provided the necessary exposure and reputation in the market.


    Over the years, Oswal group has built a formidable reputation in the real estate business. A huge focus on meticulous planning, and adapting new technologies has helped deliver outstanding products to 643 families and counting. Oswal Group ensures property seekers get exactly what they desire. There's a variety of projects having 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK flats and apartments across Kolkata. We are directed towards one motto i.e. achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.


    Our mission is to enhance the standard of living for individuals and communities by being a reliable trustworthy real estate partner. We create value through transparent practices, a customer-centric approach, and innovative solutions. We strive to exceed expectations, deliver exceptional service, provide expert guidance, and fostering long-term relationships.


    Our vision is to be the most reliable and trustworthy organization in real estate, delivering 5 million square feet in 5 years, and 10 million square feet in 10 years. We aspire to acquire more projects and become the leading value creator in the industry.

    Core Values

    Our core values include a commitment to customer delight, prioritizing their satisfaction and exceeding their expectations. We uphold unwavering integrity, ensuring honesty, trust, and ethical conduct in all our interactions. Transparency is essential, fostering open communication and building strong relationships based on trust and accountability.


    we deliver what we promise

    We hereby remain committed to deliver the Apartment as per the terms contained in the Agreement for Sale. In furtherance of our commitment, we offer the following

    On-time Delivery

    a) We hereby undertake that if we fail to handover possession of the Apartment along with ready and complete Common Area with all specification mentioned in the Agreement for Sale within the Scheduled Date of Completion, we in addition to our obligation to pay simple interest in terms of the Agreement for Sale as per RERA Act, hereby agree to provide compensation of Rs. 5,000 (Rupees Five Thousand) for 2BHK Apartment and Rs. 7,500 (Rupees Seven Thousand and Five Hundred) for 3BHK Apartment per month, as the case maybe (“Additional Compensation”) for such delay.
    b) However, the Allotee shall not be entitled to claim simple interest/Additional Compensation in cases where the delay is caused due to:
    (i) force majeure circumstances; and
    (ii) non-compliance of the term and conditions of the Agreement to Sale by the Allotees. Further the entitlement of the Allottee to such simple interest /Additional Compensation shall be subject to such Allottee having made all the payments within the timelines mentioned in the Agreement for Sale or as stipulated by us.

    Investment Security

    a) We hereby commit that post booking, the base rate of the Apartment shall not be subject to any downward change, neither the value of the flat depreciates, whatsoever save an except any changes arising due to any change in applicable law. (Base rate refers to the minimum price of the apartment other than EDC, floor escalation, parking and taxes).

    Guaranteed Resolution

    a) We hereby commit and agree to rectify structural defect(s) as per RERA if it arises in the Apartment within 30 (thirty) days of official notification by the Allotee till 5 years from the 1st registration date. In the event we fail to rectify such defect(s) within such time, we agree to provide compensation of Rs. 1,000 (Rupees One Thousand) per day for such continuing defect till such time the defect is rectified by us.
    b) However, it is clarified that Oswal Group shall not be liable to rectify any such defect(s), if the defect is caused
    (i) due to damage caused by interior work by the Allottee;
    (ii) if the defect is caused due to some constructional modification(s) carried out within the Apartment by the Allotee and all such warranties and commitments shall stand null and void. c) Further, it is clarified that the warranty(ies) of all fitments such as bathroom fittings, electrical fittings, etc., shall be the liability of the respective company(ies) providing such fitments and not of Oswal Group.

    Free Maintenance

    a) Since you may take some time to complete the interiors of the Apartment post hand over of possession, we commit and agree that we shall not charge any CAM Charges for the first 4 (four) months from the date on which all the amenities and facilities of the Project shall become operational and CAM has officially been started by Oswal Group

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    a) We commit to contribute Rs. 11,000 (Rupees Eleven Thousand) out of the consideration paid by you to us for the Apartment towards betterment of less-privileged and you shall be provided recognition and due credit for such contribution.
    b) Please note that in case of cancellation of a booked flat, the contribution will not be refunded whatsoever.


    a) Oswal Group never forgets its family. We have a lifetime referral programme called Osloyal. When your friends and peers book a home with us, you get rewarded with a whopping amount of Rs.51,000.
    b) Please note
    (i) that in case of cancellation of a booked flat, the reward will not be refunded whatsoever;
    (ii) that the reward shall be credited only after the execution of Sale Agreement Registration.