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    7 Things to Check Before Buying Apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata

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    There is no better feeling than owning a home. Having a home you can call your own is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. It serves as a source of stability as well as pride, in addition to its permanence. Additionally, an apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata, provides a home for both the present as well as future generations of a family.

    But purchasing an apartment can prove to be a difficult task. Your dreams are likely to come to a halt due to the amount of planning and resources that go into the final choice. To make sure you get only the best among properties in Rajarhat, we’ve made the ultimate list! 

    Here’s all you need to know before buying your new home.


    Factors to Find the Best Apartment Complex in Rajarhat, Kolkata


    The Carpet Area of a Flat

    Before you book a flat, make sure to look at the actual carpet area. The super built-up area specified in the brochures includes the stairwell, lobby, wall thickness, elevator space, and so on. As a result, the flat’s actual carpet area is over 30% smaller than the super built-up size. This is true for several properties in Rajarhat. While the benefits speak for themselves, you must remember that your carpet area is the actual living space within a home.


    Standard of Connectivity 

    The location should be one of the most important criteria in deciding which apartment to buy. The greatest flat in Rajarhat for you will be one that provides you with easy access to all of the necessary amenities. Choose an apartment that is close to your business and your children’s school, for example. Take Orchard Avaasa for instance. The project is just walking distance from City Centre 2 and is just 20 mins away from Sector 5!


    List of Financing Banks

    When it comes to financing any real estate project, banks have been sceptical in recent years. This is due to the fact that most businesses have unsold inventory and are short on funding to complete their projects. As a result, before purchasing an apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata, make sure you are well-versed in the banks that will be funding the project. This will also give you an indication of the real estate company’s reputation, as banks usually work with the best in the market.


    Legal Status of the Property

    Here are a few things to look for when trying to find the best apartment complex in Kolkata to guarantee that it is legally permitted:

    • The developer is entitled to approvals and NOCs from the Municipal Corporation, Area Development Authorities, Electricity Board, Water Supply and Sewerage Board, and others.
    • Check the Title Deed to see if the builder has any ownership rights to the property.
    • If you’re buying a home to resell, double-check the release certificate. In this situation, the property is usually pledged as collateral for a bank loan. As a result, you’ll need to obtain a release certificate from the bank, which will serve as proof that the land loan has been returned.
    • Examine the encumbrance certificate to ensure that the land is free of any legal obligations.
    • Verify if the entire land has been approved by the city’s Development Corporation and local government.
    • If you’re purchasing a home for resale, don’t be afraid to ask the seller for previous property tax receipts as well as other invoices.


    Final Cost

    Normally, the broker will state the basic cost of the property while ignoring extra costs such as parking/club/statutory fees, internal/external development fees, GST, home loan processing fee, registration fees, and stamp duty. As a result of these variables, the price of the property in question will rise. It’s always wise to inquire about the property’s final cost before evaluating properties in Rajarhat.


    Builder-Buyer Agreement 

    When you have made a decision after looking at flats in Kolkata, you may book it for a nominal fee. You have the right to receive an allotment letter from the builder. For the remainder of the money, the buyer, the bank, and the builder enter into a tripartite agreement. Be sure you have thoroughly read and comprehended the contract before signing it.


    Builder’s Reputation

    When looking at an apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata, it is always a good idea to do some background research on the builder. Check out their previous or current work to get a better picture of their history. If you’re still unsure about the builder, go ahead and ask your questions on numerous internet real estate forums.

    The process of buying a home can be a difficult one. But there are a variety of life-long benefits that come with it. Choose wisely and make a smart decision – just like a home at Orchard Avaasa.

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