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    Things to Remember Before Buying Your Dream Apartment



    How often does one buy a home? The answer – probably once in their lifetime. Whether choosing flats for sale in Rajarhat or New Town in Kolkata, it is something that requires careful planning and years of savings to back a single decision. Even after that, monthly loans and EMIs will continue to follow and hence, you need to get it right the first time. It is a huge financial move and you must be armed with information before settling on your dream home.

    That’s why we have listed the most necessary tips to remember before making a final decision.

    Don’t Buy a Home Before Browsing Through This Quick Checklist

    To ensure you make the best possible choice for the future, keep these in mind:


    Future-Proof  Your Finances

    The most basic question to ask yourself – ‘Am I financially ready for this?’ Some get carried away by the excitement and thrill of a new home and do not consider the long-term repercussions. So before you even decide on any property in Rajarhat, evaluate your current finances and fix a budget. Also, consider the following in this context:

    Current and future financial obligations:

    This can vary from payments to schools/ colleges, EMIs and mortgage, savings, etc.

    Price of the property you choose:

    This can be done by comparing it with the prices of projects in the same neighbourhood

    Additional expenses that may be incurred:

    This can range across GST, stamp duty, registration charges and other hidden costs

    Estimated cost of running the home:

    This covers food and rations, cost of transportation and other aspects of daily life

    Once these are handled, you’re closer to getting the green signal to buy your dream home.


    Pricing of the Flat:

    You must take matters into your own hand and try to strike a balance between cost and value when searching for a home. If you identify a particular residential area, it is wise to find the average range of prices there. Buying flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata, is a wise move but there’s so much more to the decision.

    Did you know that there are additional fees for location preferences, parking, club membership, maintenance and others? Pricing also depends on the specifications and features of the project. Generally, you can expect a range of 5-10% differences. Hence, try and match costs and rates with other such projects within the same residential area – you’ll have better knowledge and data-based clarity on which one is worth your investment.


    Determine the Surroundings

    Location matters – something that everyone searching for flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata, will be familiar with. But don’t just admire it from afar. Visit the site location and carry out detailed research based on the following pointers:

    1. Distance from essential facilities
    2. Status of connectivity
    3. Noise and disturbances
    4. Safety and security concerns
    5. Available modes of transport

    With this, you’ll be able to save time on the things that matter on a regular basis.


    Verify the Real Estate Brand

    No transaction happens without trust. The soap you use, the smartphone you carry around or even the clothes you wear – all are based on certain brands. The same applies to real estate. A builder represents a standard that you can expect through its range of projects.


    Let’s Say You Choose to Buy a Property in Rajarhat.

    A project like Orchard Avaasa will be highly recommended since it bears the signature of a reputed builder. So when deciding to buy your dream apartment, you must be convinced of the quality of construction, timeliness, amenities offered and the standard of spaces within the project. Asking previous/ existing customers about the same or exploring reviews online. Either way, this conviction and verification will help add value to your decision.


    Check the Financing Banks

    Just as we need to verify the builder behind the project, checking the banks linked to the same is also necessary. This not only serves as proof of credibility. It also shows that they are willing to fund the project – remember, reputed banks do not finance all builders. Some builders have a bad reputation and hence, do not enjoy the trust of many leading banks. This simple check goes a long way in ensuring that your money is placed in the right hands and your bet is a safe one.

    These simple things will definitely save you from complexities and problems in the future.

    And now, go ahead and turn your dreams into reality – buy your new home today!

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    1 year ago

    Thanks for the valuable information! Will surely consider all the points mentioned.

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