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    Why Riverside Flats in Kolkata Are High in Demand

    The serene beauty of the majestic river, augmented by the chirping of birds early morning while listening to the sound of blissful music, has always mesmerised consumers or potential homebuyers. 


    Speaking of Ganga-facing 2–3 BHK flats in and around Kolkata, Cossipore is currently being swept off its feet by a unique riverside residential project. A beautifully designed apartment building, Orchard Amritaya ensures Kolkata’s best luxury riverside flats and deft interior space management.


    Amritaya: The Demand for Riverside Flats Increases


    Location Perks

    Riverside apartments were thoughtfully built along some of Kolkata’s most accessible areas, including North 24 Parganas, Hooghly, and Howrah. Tourists flock to these popular destinations all year. If you own a 3 BHK flat in north Kolkata in one of these areas, your friends can easily visit you.


    Amenities Par Excellence 

    Projects along the Ganga River provide better amenities than other locations. You can always find everything you need in riverside projects, including neighborhood markets, banks, hospitals, and other necessities.


    Ease of Commute

    Excellent transportation infrastructure benefits Riverside projects with 2 BHK flats in Cossipore, Kolkata. There are buses, trains, and other modes of transportation available. Your travel time will be reduced, and your journey will be more comfortable.


    Why Riverside Flats in Kolkata Are High in Demand(amritaya)1

    Amritaya: Courtship of Activities 


    A sports court in your apartment complex can be a fantastic amenity for residents. 

    Here are some of the advantages you may enjoy.


    More physical activity and exercise

    Playing sports is a great way to get your daily dose of aerobic exercise while also improving your agility, balance, and coordination. It’s also entertaining!

    Better mental health

    Sports courts have been linked to increased feelings of joy and happiness, which can lead to improved moods and overall life satisfaction. There’s something satisfying about bouncing around on a fast surface!

    Increased opportunities for socialisation

    There’s a good chance that when everyone in your complex is out having fun together, you’ll make new friends or develop romantic feelings for someone you already know! Who knows, maybe they will even date.

    Lower levels of stress

    A healthy lifestyle includes lots of leisure time, and enjoying it in the great outdoors with people who have similar interests definitely qualifies! Additionally, when noise is coming from outside rather than inside your home or office building, stress levels tend to drop significantly.


    Amritaya: The Easiness of Jacuzzi 


    For you and your family, having a jacuzzi in your apartment complex has numerous advantages. A jacuzzi can help with stress relief and physical and mental renewal. It can be an ideal location for family time, whether as part of a relaxing vacation or a romantic getaway. A jacuzzi is great for relieving stress, fatigue, and other symptoms. The soothing sound of running water is good for the soul.


    Orchard Amritaya: Kolkata’s Best Riverside Flats

    The pursuit of inner peace will no longer be a struggle. A home is a place where we strengthen our bonds with our loved ones. In this regard, the opulent Ganga-facing flats in Cossipore in Kolkata stand out. Enjoy the unobstructed view of the holy river from the comfort of your own home, away from the crowds and clutter of Orchard Amritaya.


    You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to unwinding and relaxing in Orchard Amritaya’s riverside flats in Kolkata. Whether you’re diving into the Infinity Edge Swimming Pool or working out at the world-class gymnasium, your life will never be boring. With our yoga lawn, followed by a gem of a tranquillity centre, resting has never been easier.


    So, what’s keeping you away still?

    Come, live the dream of waterfront living at Amritaya – An everlasting experience by the ganges. 


    Flats in Newtown Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    Why Property Survey For Rajarhat Flats Before Investing

    Even though buying land and investing in property is something that we all would like to do before we retire, no one wants to spend exorbitant amounts simply based on the property’s merit in terms of the amenities and interior space management. However, things like location perks and the availability of essential stores, hospitals and educational institutes in close proximity matter when it comes to deciding on the most suitable apartments and flats in Rajarhat.


    Why Is A Residential Property Survey Necessary ?

    The boundaries and legal description of a property are confirmed by a property survey. It also determines whether the property has any other restrictions or easements. Although you technically have the option to have your property surveyed whenever you want, confirming your land’s boundaries is a crucial step in the home-buying process for the best apartment complexes.

    Property surveys are not legally required and are not required by all mortgage lenders. A survey can be ordered at any time, but it is especially important when purchasing flats or building a new home in Rajarhat.


    How Relevant A Step Is Property Survey In Buying Rajarhat Flats ?

    A property survey is an important step in the home-buying process. It usually includes a walkthrough of the property to identify any defects or problems that need to be addressed. It can also help you estimate how much money you will need to spend on repairs or renovations.

    When purchasing a home, a proper survey can also help you understand your legal rights and potential obligations. For instance, if the property has any liens, this information should be included in your report so that you are aware before accepting an offer. Finally, a thorough survey will reveal any potential zonal changes that may affect your use or ownership of the property.


    Types of Property Survey

    Real Estate Lines

    Although it may seem obvious, knowing exactly where your property lines are as far as the law is concerned can make or break your experience as a homeowner. You can confidently build or expand your home and prevent encroachments—property disputes with your neighbours—by clearing up any doubt or grey areas.


    Any easements on the property you want to purchase will be made known by a property survey. A situation where you might have to share access to a portion of your property is called an easement.

    Elevation Height

    Topographical surveys delve more deeply into the property’s features, contours, and elevation. In order to determine the appropriate flood insurance premium rates, this type of survey will include the precise elevation of your property, the type of buildings, and the location on the flood map.

    Why Property Survey For Rajarhat Flats before investing (1)



    Upcoming residential complexes are in the pipeline in Rajarhat, Newtown, Kolkata where ordering property surveys could be crucial for prospective homebuyers. Orchard Avaasa is one of the most promising apartment complex to have been made in the past couple of years by a long stretch that offers all the advantages you want from such surveys.

    In a G +13 suite, with amenities such as a badminton court, reflexology, barbeque centre, adda pavilion, party lawn, yoga deck and an open library, it is arguably the best apartment complex in Kolkata in the heart of Rajarhat.

    On top of this, the main USP is Avaasa’s flagship Skydeck – where you get the chance to take part in a variety of activities while the night sky is filled with stars and treasure the special memories you make with your loved ones.

    Last but not the least, Avaasa also hosts the Skyplex, where you can host a gathering of friends or spend quiet moments with your loved ones while watching a movie in the company of the sparkling sky and cityscape.

    Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata Kolkata Real Estate

    Where to Look For 2,3-BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata

    Property with a view of the ocean, a flowing river, or a tranquil lake has always enticed home buyers. 

    During the real estate boom that occurred between 2004 and 2008, the concept of waterfront living piqued the interest of Indian home buyers. Following a brief lull due to the economic downturn, the trend appears to be resuming, with several waterfront residential projects planned in various parts of the country. 

    Waterfront homes have grown in popularity over the past few years among modern city dwellers who are used to living in concrete jungles. As a result, many people are considering purchasing a vacation home with a more laid-back atmosphere. And what could be better than sipping coffee on the balcony and looking out over the river Ganga? 

    Yes, you heard that right.

    Speaking of Ganga-facing ⅔ BHK flats in and around Kolkata, Cossipore is witnessing a one-of-a-kind riverside residential project sweeping it off its feet. Orchard Amritaya is a perfectly crafted housing complex that guarantees the best luxury Ganga-facing flats and clever interior space management.

    Amritaya: Riverside Bliss With Exquisite Interior Amenities

    Where to Look For 2,3-BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata-Amritaya

    Amritaya’s ethos is captured in the ‘Forever by the Ganga – truly espouses the essence of this magnificence that is going to stay with you for life.

    Cosiness in a Coffee Shop Right In Your Complex Interiors  

    Imagine being enamoured by the whiff of your favourite Arabica expresso in a quaint coffee shop by the riverside. Imagine sipping on it while a flood of nostalgia takes you to familiar territories of happiness. Imagine feeling fulfilled by the callback of simpler times that takes away all the stresses of the world. Maybe, you do not need to imagine anymore. Because, at Orchard Amritaya, Cosy Coffee Shop is one of the amenities, Oswal is offering in their latest housing project in Cossipore overlooking the holy Ganges. 

    With Orchard Amritaya, be enwrapped in cosiness with every sip of life.

    Amritaya: Bringing Home the Theatre Experience 

    Imagine arranging for a screening of your favourite movies and watching it with your loved ones and lovely neighbours. Imagine being able to expand your social circle and enhance your sense of belonging. The possibility of all this, and so much more, within the confines of your residential complex.

    With Amritaya, ‘running at a theatre near you’ finds a new meaning, a new normal. All you need to do is step out of your apartment, and the next thing you know, the experience of a matinee show with your loved ones is just around the corner.

    Now that we’ve just witnessed an interior tour of Amritaya, it’s time to look at what the exteriors have to offer. 

    Picnic Lawn with Barbeque Table

    A real estate with a picnic lawn that has a barbeque table? Yes, you heard that right. No more scouting the nearest picnic spots after a hectic month of continuous hustle. You work hard, and then get to enjoy even harder in the comfort of a picturesque picnic lawn. Things get even better, like a cherry on top, or rather pieces of your favourite meat or vegan meat, to everyone’s plate on a feastful day. 

    The Harmony of a Hammock Garden 

    Did you just catch yourself daydreaming about goa trips? What if we told you that your ‘daydream’ could turn into an everyday reality at Orchard Amritaya? Yes, Oswal has a reputation for coming up with such innovative amenities besides the most common ones like we had seen in Avaasa that popularised Skydeck & Skyplex. 

    Relax while being cradled like a baby, in the comfort of a slung hammock in a paradisiacal garden. 

    The Best Riverside Flats In Kolkata: Orchard Amritaya

    The pursuit of peace of mind will no longer be a struggle. A home is a place where we fortify our relationships with our loved ones. In this regard, Kolkata’s opulent Ganga-facing flats in Cossipore take the spotlight. Enjoy the unbridled view of the holy river from the comfort of your home, away from the clutter and crowds at Orchard Amritaya.

    An endless list of options for unwinding & relaxation awaits you. Be it taking a dive into the Infinity Edge Swimming Pool or blowing off steam at the top-class gymnasium, your life will never have another dull moment. Recuperating has never been easier with our yoga lawn, followed by a gem of a tranquillity centre. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg; lots more are waiting on the other side of your current residence.

    So, what’s still keeping you waiting?

    Live the dream of exquisite waterfront homes with Orchard Amritaya.

    Flats in Newtown Kolkata Interior Design Real Estate

    How To Make Your Apartment in Rajarhat Environment-Friendly

    Making your apartment in Rajarhat interior environmentally friendly can be a daunting task, but it is certainly doable. In Kolkata, you can make your 2, 3 BHK flats’ living spaces more inviting and comfortable by using some simple tips and tricks.


    Aesthetic Yet Eco-friendly

    One of the most important things to do is to create an atmosphere that suits your tastes. Using fresh flowers or herbs in vases, installing natural drapes or fabric covers on windows and doors, adding soothing colours like blue or green, or lighting candles liberally for a cosy atmosphere are all examples of ways to achieve this. However, these are just aesthetical aspects where you can choose an eco-friendly route.  


    Choosing Eco-friendly Material

    Non-toxic paint, furniture made from natural or recycled materials, and curtains made from sustainable fabrics are all excellent choices. Additionally, install energy-saving features such as low-voltage lighting and ceiling fans that rotate rather than turning on and off repeatedly. Use an energy-efficient light bulb to reduce your electricity usage even further. If you want to make your house eco-friendly, it is one of the most crucial things to do. The more energy-efficient CFLs are preferable to the older incandescent bulbs. However, using LED lights is the best option which is widely used in the Avaasa apartments in Rajarhat.


    Mindful Usage Of Non-Renewable Resources Like Water

    Although the term “sustainability” often connotes a connection to energy use, this is not always the case. Being eco-friendly entails adopting a holistic strategy, which should begin with water conservation. Groundwater is primarily used in residential apartments. However, groundwater levels are rapidly dropping in Kolkata, worrying the populace and the government. Check to see if there are any leaks. If you find one, fix it right away. Make changes to your way of life that will conserve water. For instance, mindfully closing the tap while washing dishes can positively impact the environment. A low-flow showerhead can also be installed, which can save a family of four up to 160,000 litres of water annually.


    How To Make Your Apartment in Rajarhat Environment-Friendly

    Go Green with Organic Cleaning Products

    The majority of cleaning products on the market today contain chemicals that are bad for the environment. When you wash them away, you eventually add them to the water supply. Ideally, it means that it will take more time for the water to be purified before it can be used again. But for regular cleaning, natural products like vinegar, citric acid, and bicarbonate of soda can be used very effectively in place of corrosive chemicals.


    Solar Panels: The Eco-friendly Measure the World Needs

    Solar panels are the need of the hour for an eco-friendly home. They can produce enough clean energy to power reasonably sized homes. Undoubtedly a long-term investment, solar panels typically need to be replaced after 20 years, depending on where you live. You can install solar panels on your roof living in your Rajarhat apartments. Additionally, if you live in an apartment building, you can mount one or two panels vertically on your balcony.


    Avaasa: The Top Eco-friendly Choice

    The prestigious Oswal Group’s Orchard Avaasa’s 2 & 3 BHK flats in Kolkata are all IGBC Certified Green Buildings. It strikes a balance between well-known, established practices and emerging concepts, and it is founded on well-accepted energy and environmental principles. Avaasa’s apartments in Rajarhat adhere to this system, which is based on the efficient use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management, optimal material utilization, and design for healthy, comfortable, and environmentally friendly homes. 

    Choose eco-friendly measures; choose Avaasa.

    Flats in Newtown Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    Under-Construction or Ready-To-Move Resale Flats in Kolkata

    Oswal Group, one of Kolkata’s leading builders, has successfully positioned itself in the real estate market over the last two decades. Despite entering the real estate market in 2000, it has remained committed to its initial objectives of placing a priority on quality while also maintaining commitment and transparency. As a consequence of well-known projects like Orchard 126, Orchard County, and Orchard Residency, it has become the top choice for affordable apartments in and around Rajarhat, Newtown, and Kolkata, with upcoming projects in Cossipore, MG Road and Narendrapur. 

    Under-Construction or Ready-To-Move Resale Flats in Kolkata

    New Avaasa Ready-to-Move Resale Flats in Kolkata

    A Source of Great ROI

    You will either save money or earn rent by acquiring a ready-to-move-in apartment. If you are currently paying excessive rent, switching to a built-in apartment will provide you with immediate respite. Furthermore, if you do not intend to move in after purchasing the flat, you can rent it out and generate money or pay your loan EMI.


    You can also choose to sell it off after a few years once you pay off your loan EMIs. The value of these apartments in Rajarhat will likely appreciate, and you will make a profit on their resale value. 


    Supports Immediate Move-ins

    One of the main advantages of a ready-to-move-in apartment is its immediate availability. Without any delay, you get to move into your new house. Within a set amount of time, after signing the necessary paperwork, you can take peaceful possession. You don’t have to wait a long time to take ownership of your property.


    Seamless Accessibility

    The majority of the units are in convenient locations. They are located in a neighbourhood with access to everything you could need. Everything, including dining establishments, theatres, and athletic venues, will be just outside your door. Additionally, it is perfect if you wish to walk only a small distance from your house to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

    Avaasa’s apartments in Rajarhat are 3 mins away from City Center 2. It is also in close proximity to the airport and hospitals, which makes it a truly convenient option as read-to-move resale flats in Rajarhat


    Orchard Avaasa: Best Resale Flats in Rajarhat

    Living conditions in Avaasa have a significant edge over the other new flats for sale several other parts of the city. It is the perfect position for accessibility to transportation, proximity to entertainment venues, and first-rate amenities. Avaasa has developed the Skydeck and Skyplex in a world where every second housing development in Kolkata seeks to offer not only better but bigger facilities in terms of area and quantity. They did so because they recognized the value of unwinding after a long day. And, who can deny the bliss of spending beautiful nights under the open sky on an open terrace? Even something as straightforward as relaxing outdoors under the stars might not be the most opulent idea. Even Oswal provides some of the other ostentatious amenities in all of their home projects with the utmost ease, but just the fact that they thought out of the box to come up with the idea of Skydeck and Skyplex is commendable. 


    So, no matter what the guiding motivation behind investing in Orchard Avaasa – for the purpose of moving in or as resale flats, Avaasa is probably your best bet. 


    Finance Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    Projected Rebate Extension Impact on Rajarhat Properties

    For the fourth time now, the state government of West Bengal has extended the 2 % reduction in stamp duty and the 10 % circle rate rebate for the real estate sector until 2022. This has been a welcome change for prospective homebuyers. Homebuyers suffered a great deal during the pandemic. Hence, the government’s decision to incentivise the rebate for another year has received an encouraging response. This has had an impact on the properties in Rajarhat as well.

    The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations (CREDAI) chairman Nandu Belani hopes that the government reduces the stamp duty by 5 % permanently. He goes on to state how beneficial it has been for the government ever since the rebate was issued. This is because the buyers started to pay the entire stamp duty in full at the time of purchasing the apartments. This resulted in prompt revenue for the government. This only bodes better for the real estate industry, as revenue has seen a considerable spike. 

    The 10% reduction in the minimum designated price per sq ft for land or property or better known as the circle rate, has generated a huge demand for most of the housing projects in Kolkata

    Top Homebuying Myth Busters For Apartment Complex In Kolkata1

    Expectations Post Rebate Extensions


    The government’s action to provide a demand stimulant at the right time. As in most other cities, sales momentum had dropped significantly in the early stages of the pandemic, so this stimulant was critical to reviving the market. We anticipate that this move will encourage more people who are on the fence to make a purchase decision. Properties in Rajarhat are likely to see an increase in purchases as a result. 


    Why Invest in Avaasa in the Wake of an Extended Rebate?


    Oswal’s seal of trust, coupled with state-of-the-art amenities, makes Orchard Avaasa a reasonable choice, especially in the wake of rebate extensions.

    With cutting-edge amenities and easy access to airports, hospitals, and essential stores, Avaasa checks all the boxes for a premium lifestyle. To top it all off, they provide unique amenities such as Skydeck and Skyplex. Their 2 BHK luxury flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, start at 61.3 lacs, and 3 BHK flats at approximately 73.4 lacs. Finding modern convenience that you can trust at such prices with rising inflation will rather be a task. 


    Avaasa is not just a top-class housing complex in Kolkata; it is the home of investments made right. 

    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    Top Homebuying Myth Busters For Apartment Complex In Kolkata

    The process of buying flats in places like Rajarhat has been a smart move since its recent development into one of Kolkata’s busting townships. However, buying apartments and flats available in top fancy apartment complexes can often involve myths that may deter the buying journey. 


    Myths About Real Estate Decoded


    Myth1: You May Have Missed the Boat

    There is no right or wrong time to buy flats. It is most recommended when you are prepared to take bank loans following all protocols. You may often encounter questions from people from your closed circuit that you ought to plan at least six months ahead which may not be entirely wrong. However, the best is always when you’re prepared to shoulder EMI responsibilities. 


    Myth 2: 20 % Down Payment is Mandatory

    As long as you have a solid credit score that helps you pre-qualify for a home loan, a 20 % downpayment may not be needed. With a sound credit score, you become eligible to bargain about a few things:


    1. About the interest rate
    2. Practical estimation of the downpayment corpus


    Myth 3: Neighbourhood And Location Secondary To The Quality Of The House

    These are perhaps the biggest myths circulating about real estate which influences financial investment decisions. There’s always a mix of people who go to work and those who choose to stay in and take care of the house. Therefore, the neighbour-factor, which almost sounds too trivial, could have more than a relevant impact on home-buying decisions. 


    Myth 4: Buying From a Reputed Builder May Not Be Necessary

    It is rather necessary to buy from reputed real estate builders. Trustworthy builder’s quality of construction materials and inclusion of civic facilities that you can vouch for. Residential projects by them are usually built on better locations that are well-connected, supporting an easy commute for the residents. 


    Myth 5: Take The Maximum Amount For Approved Loans

    Just because you’re eligible higher loan amounts, doesn’t mean you have to take a big loan. It all depends on the purpose. Unnecessarily taking bigger loans etail bigger EMIs which is undesirable for the majority. 

    Top Homebuying Myth Busters For Apartment Complex In Kolkata1

    Real Investments in Real Estate: The Trust of Oswal

    IGBC Gold Certified, Oswal Group’s Orchard Avaasa, comes with both 2 and 3 BHK flats in Rajarhat that come for 61.28 lacs and 73.42 lacs respectively. With amenities like the Skydeck and Skyplex that lets you relax under the open skies do make for a tempting case. In addition, schools such as St. Stephens and hospitals like Dr. Pathlab are nearby. Plus, recreational centers like City Centre and Eco Park are within 4 km-radius. Investing in Avaasa is not only beneficial as soon as you move in, but also in the long run, given the other factors are considered. 


    Arguably, the best apartment complex in Kolkata – Avaasa is not just a home, it’s a modern paradise. 


    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Real Estate

    How To File TDS on the Flats For Sale in Newtown, Kolkata

    The process of filing TDS can be overwhelming to many. Residents looking through affordable flats for sale in places like Newtown in Kolkata can benefit from knowing the precise steps involved in the process of filing TDS. This is relevant for both sellers and buyers. 


    Steps to pay TDS through challan 26QB and to obtain Form 16


    Step 1:

    Make payments using Challan 26QB (Online and Offline)

    Visit tin.nsdl.com and log in. From the Services tab, choose “e-payment-Pay taxes online.”

    The following challans will appear in a new window when it opens:

    On the tab labelled “TDS on property (Form 26QB),” click the forward arrow to continue. A new window will open up as shown below:


    • If you are a corporate payer, enter the code 0020, and if you are a non-corporate payer, enter the code 0021. Information such as the fiscal year, assessment year, and type of payment will be filled in automatically.
    • Other necessary information must be entered in all other tabs, including resident or non-resident status, the buyer’s and seller’s PANs, the full addresses of the transferee and transferor, the full address of the property, the amount paid in money and words, the amount of tax that must be deposited, etc.
    • The final tab, “payment information,” appears after you have completed all the required fields. At the bottom of the page, there are two payment options: immediate e-tax payment (through net banking) and delayed e-tax payment (e-payment of taxes by visiting any of the Bank branches). Select your preferred option by clicking “Proceed.”
    • If you select net banking, you’ll be able to access your bank’s website and make payments online. Following payment, the bank enables you to print Challan 280 with a tick on 800. (i.e. payment of TDS on sale of the property). To be safe, print this out.
    • If you are unable to pay online, an online Form 26QB receipt with a special Acknowledgement Number is generated for you. After generation, this is valid for 10 days. Bring this along with your check to one of the approved banks. Your challan will be generated by the bank, and the online payment will be processed.

    Step 2:

    Sign up for TRACES

    • If this is your first time using TRACES, create a taxpayer account using your PAN card number and the challan number you registered when making the payment.
    • After registering, you will be able to get a Form 16B (TDS certificate) that has been approved, and you can give this Form to the Seller.
    • Examine Form 26AS within seven days of payment. If you look under “Details of Tax Deducted at Source on Sale of Immovable Property u/s 194(IA) [For Buyer of Property],” you will see that your payment is reflected.
    • The information in Part F includes the TDS certificate number (which TRACES generates), the name and PAN of the deductee, the date and amount of the transaction, the acknowledgement number (which is the same as the one on your Form 26QB), the date of deposit, and the TDS that was deposited.


    Step 3: 

    Download to get your Form 16B

    • Log into TRACES after your payment in Form 26AS has been reflected. Go to the Download tab and select “Form-16B (for the buyer)” from the list.
    • Fill out the seller’s PAN and the acknowledgement number information pertaining to the property transaction, then click “Proceed” to complete the process.
    • Once you have checked all the information, click “Submit a request.”
    • Your request will be processed in a few hours. Requested Downloads can be chosen from the drop-down menu by clicking the Downloads tab.
    • You ought to be able to see that your Form 16B download request has the status “available.”
    • Wait a few more hours if the status reads “submitted” before repeating the previous step.
    • Get the “.zip file” now. The deductor’s birthdate serves as the password to open the “.zip file” (the format is DDMMYYYY). Your form will be accessible as a pdf inside the.zip file. Please print this.

    Orchard Avaasa: The Best Investment You’ll Make Today

    A home of one’s own is a dream realized for any family in Kolkata. Regardless of age or location, owning a home is the most important goal for everyone. For many people, purchasing real estate in areas like Rajarhat may be an expensive endeavour, but the benefits it offers over the long run make it well worth it.


    When it comes to hassle-free daily living, relaxation becomes essential. Here at Orchard Avaasa, finding tranquillity is now simple. The variety of amenities it provides, including the Skydeck and Skyplex, among many others, will give you and your family a lot of options for unwinding. Rajarhat flats in Newtown, Kolkata, offer space for all of your interests and pastimes, whether it be exercising, playing chess, or swimming in the pool.


    In the Rajarhat apartments offered by Orchard Avaasa, permit yourself to demand better things from life. This is merely due to the fact that Oswal Group genuinely understands the demand for utmost excellence in every way. Every effort we’ve made at Avaasa to create a comfortable lifestyle guarantees that every family receives what they truly merit.


    Step into a life where you are the centre of attention right now.


    Live a life of unending joy and bliss with a new home from Orchard Avaasa!


    To learn more, get in touch with us.




    Flats in Rajarhat Kolkata Real Estate

    Taste Comfort In Rajarhat’s Luxurious Apartments In Kolkata

    In the last five years, Rajarhat has become home to many residential projects. Given there’s been a rise in high-rise buildings in Newtown, the competition across the city has also increased. Earlier on, places in Kolkata such as Golfgreen, Southern Avenue, Salt Lake, Alipore and Ballygunge used to be the poshest towns. 


    Rajarhat, located on the northern outskirts of the city, has transitioned from a suburban town to a bustling city in its own right over the last decade or so. With the count soon to reach 500 soon and 300+ upcoming new residential projects to follow, Rajarhat has become the go-to place for buying apartments and investing in top luxury flats in Kolkata


    Let us look at why Rajarhat has become the place where comfort at its best is tasted.


    Ease of Commute

    Affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, have gone above and beyond to give us a dependable commute system. Travel is also made simple by the airport’s proximity, the availability of various modes of transportation, and even shuttle services.


      Here’s the complete list of places within close proximity –


    • 342m from Care & Care Dental Clinic
    • The airport is about 8.7 miles away
    • Dr. Lal Path Labs is 609m away
    • Derozio College is around 200m away
    • Sector 5 is 20 minutes away


    Education Hub

    The presence of reputable universities and schools is another eye-catching aspect that highlights New Town’s base as a thriving township. Families place substantial weight  on education and residing in New Town flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata gives you easy access to some of the top educational institutions.


     Here is a list of them:

    • Delhi Public School
    • New Town School
    • St. Xavier’s University
    • Presidency University
    • Derozio Memorial College
    • Amity University

    At The Centre Of Employment Opportunities 

    Imagine not having to travel far to get to Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, TCS, and Cognizant. Since some of Kolkata’s most well-known business firms and information technology companies are located in this area, you get access to the best employment opportunities. Sector 5 in Kolkata’s New Town is only 13 minutes away, and it consistently attracts attention and provides thousands of IT professionals the ease of seamless commute they’d been looking for. Since it is a top employment hub, Rajarhat easily becomes one of the top places to buy modern apartments that reduce the travel time to and from the office back home.


    Designed For Recreation And Convenience

    Families long for the comfort, contentment, and simplicity of daily life that comes with being at home. Your wish is now within your grasp as well. Families can live conveniently because City Centre 2, Rajarhat’s center of entertainment, is only three minutes away, and because airports and hospitals are nearby.


    Here are some local amenities you might anticipate when you buy flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata:

    • City Centre 2
    • Eco Park
    • Aquatica
    • Axis Mall
    • Wax Museum

    Orchard Avaasa: The Seal of Oswal

    One of Kolkata’s top builders, Oswal Group has successfully positioned itself in the real estate market. Although it entered the real estate market in 2000, it has stayed true to its founding ideals of placing a premium on quality while also upholding dedication and openness. It has become the top option for affordable residential projects in Newtown, Kolkata as a result of its well-known projects like Orchard 126, Orchard County, and Orchard Residency.


    With unique amenities such as the Skydeck and the Skyplex, Avaasa as a top residential project in Rajarhat provides its residents the opportunity to relax under the open skies after a tiresome day at the office.


    So, what’s keeping you waiting? 


    Choose a stay full of happiness, choose Avaasa. 


    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Newtown Kolkata Real Estate

    Live in Rajarhat Flats with Fast Access to Everything You Need!

    Unlike anything else, the residential scene in Kolkata has experienced a significant upsurge in recent years. Major portions of the city’s growth have been in the residential sector, which has improved particularly. Kolkata is no different from other major cities in this regard since south Kolkata is regarded as the poshest region. However, north Kolkata is catching really fast. In recent years, it has flourished by leaps and bounds and has become a hotspot for home buyers who are looking for the best experience of city life. Rajarhat, located on the northern outskirts of Kolkata, has become one of the best places to book apartments. Let’s see what makes Rajarhat in such demand.


    Affluence in Affordability

    We put most of our lives into saving money in order to purchase a long-term investment like a home. An apartment in Kolkata’s New Town not only promises a better lifestyle but also one at a lower cost. Homes in this area, whether they be luxurious apartments or reasonably priced homes, are designed with the budgets of people from all walks of life in mind.

    You can purchase a luxurious 3 BHK flat with an average size of 1200 square feet for 85-90 lakhs approximately. High-quality 3 BHK flats are for sale in Newtown and are available in 73 lakhs in top residential projects like Orchard Avaasa. Therefore, if you’re looking for flats in Kolkata under 75 lakhs, Orchard Avaasa can be the ideal option for your dream home.


    Educational Hub

    Another striking feature that enhances New Town’s beauty is the presence of reputable universities and schools. Education is always a top priority for families, and living in New Town flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, gives you quick access to some of the best academic institutions. Here’s a compiled list:


    • Delhi Public School
    • New Town School
    • St. Xavier’s University
    • Presidency University
    • Derozio Memorial College
    • Amity University, etc.

    Reputed Real Estate Builders

    When an opportunity presents itself, everyone tries to seize it. The best real estate developers have done just that. Homes here reflect the same features as those in the central areas, making it easy to distinguish flats for sale in New Town from other areas of Kolkata. Some, like Orchard Avaasa by Oswal Group, even have a Skywalk and Skydeck inside! The best part is that you can have confidence in them because they are well-known and respected in the real estate sector.


    Employment Centres

    Imagine having access to Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, TCS, and Cognizant without having to travel great distances. You can expect that since this area is home to some of Kolkata’s most well-known commercial parks and IT parks. Flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata, put you just 13 minutes from Sector 5, which has never failed to draw attention and offers employment opportunities to thousands. Therefore, its position as a location for your dream home is justified by its status as a top employment hub.


    Nearby Medical Facilities

    Last but not least, you can easily locate several healthcare facilities. The names range from Tata Medical Center and Zoom Healthcare to Shankar Nethralaya Eye Hospital and UMRI. For something as vital as medical care, no one should have to travel far. In Kolkata’s New Town, an apartment is a sure way to make this promise.


    This collection of elements demonstrates how advantageous it is to own property here. And you can make the most of this coveted location with Orchard Avaasa! So, give your family the perfect life and purchase a home in New Town right away!