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    Unique Home Decor Ideas For Your Apartment in Rajarhat

    People are giving the most popular patterns and conventional home decor ideas a miss in favour of experimenting with creative design and home decor ideas, transforming their homes into an expression of their true selves or identities.

    Although it may appear complicated, doing it correctly can help you achieve the desired balance of form and function. Apartments in Rajarhat have been able to strike this desired balance. 

    Let’s look at some of the affordable yet unique home decor ideas that can spruce up your flats in Kolkata.


    Spice Up Your Walls

    The plain walls of your affordable flats in Rajarhat is the ideal place to begin experimenting and transforming the ordinary into the unique, bringing the attention that it indeed deserves. Painting it in distinctive colours and patterns, sticking posters, wallpapers, mounting art pieces, and quirky clocks are some of the unconventional ways to make your interiors appealing.

    You can make it feel special and intimate by hanging printed curtains that match the colour of your walls and painting the walls using darker colours. The colour scheme of other interior items and upholstery can also contribute to your home’s newly created vibe.


    Windows Carry Opportunities

    Windows can be multifunctional with careful planning. A bay window, for example, is an ideal location for a custom bench or an alcove where you can create a cosy reading nook. These sweet spots have plenty of under-bench storage, which is a plus. For flats in Kolkata, affordable solutions like adding open shelves to the window seat to display artefacts, books, and other items.


    Shelves Can Be The Life Of Decor

    Shelves, while primarily a functional piece of home decor, can also be aesthetically pleasing rather than remaining bare and boring. However, when decorating a shelf or looking for upgrades, it is critical to consider your preferences as well as your storage needs.

    Mixing and matching various pieces of accessories can add style while also organizing items. Blending the heights, textures, and order can also help to keep things visually interesting. A stunning combination of colour, design and proportion can also be achieved. Open shelving is a simple and cool way to add a cool vibe to your interiors.


    Unique Home Decor Ideas For Your Apartment in Rajarhat (1)

    Vintage Kitchenware

    Thanks to new-age home decor, which make use of antique brass and bronze utensils, kettles, hookahs, metal condiment sets can go on to add a rustic charm to the home decor. Utensils no longer in use can be salvaged to achieve the same. 

    Those who are fans of nostalgia, particularly those who collect antique crockery and vintage cutlery, will find vintage kitchenware quite appealing. This is because they tell stories of rare craftsmanship and sociocultural significance from the past. The addition of such antique items to your decor gives it a human significance in addition to serving as showpieces and bringing someone else’s history into your Avaasa house.


    When Storage Space Complements Your Design Ethos

    Hidden gems in the walls called niches offer useful storage space for necessities and exude a modern vibe. These niches are a great way to store your toiletries in the bathroom without taking up any valuable floor space.

    With the help of these suggestions, you can incorporate peace and quiet while telling a story between the interior spaces and the environment. Thereby, preserving nature in every square inch of the area becomes possible. 


    Avaasa: Where Interiors Appeal the Senses

    Orchard Avaasa by the reputed Oswal Group, offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Rajarhat that are both roomy and expertly designed. The development spans 0.81 acres of land and consists of 1 tower with G+ 13 floors and 84 apartments per floor. Oswal Group takes pride in providing a perfect way of life with each of its homes. Regularly, you’ll discover clever arrangements and effective space utilization that perfectly complement each room inside for maximum comfort. 

    Your family will feel right at home in a flat, whether it has two or three bedrooms. In addition, to meet the needs of the residents, the project is well-equipped with 20+ contemporary amenities and 24-hour security service.

    Choose aesthetics embedded in spaciousness, choose the Avaasa brand of life.

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    How To Make Your Apartment in Rajarhat Environment-Friendly

    Making your apartment in Rajarhat interior environmentally friendly can be a daunting task, but it is certainly doable. In Kolkata, you can make your 2, 3 BHK flats’ living spaces more inviting and comfortable by using some simple tips and tricks.


    Aesthetic Yet Eco-friendly

    One of the most important things to do is to create an atmosphere that suits your tastes. Using fresh flowers or herbs in vases, installing natural drapes or fabric covers on windows and doors, adding soothing colours like blue or green, or lighting candles liberally for a cosy atmosphere are all examples of ways to achieve this. However, these are just aesthetical aspects where you can choose an eco-friendly route.  


    Choosing Eco-friendly Material

    Non-toxic paint, furniture made from natural or recycled materials, and curtains made from sustainable fabrics are all excellent choices. Additionally, install energy-saving features such as low-voltage lighting and ceiling fans that rotate rather than turning on and off repeatedly. Use an energy-efficient light bulb to reduce your electricity usage even further. If you want to make your house eco-friendly, it is one of the most crucial things to do. The more energy-efficient CFLs are preferable to the older incandescent bulbs. However, using LED lights is the best option which is widely used in the Avaasa apartments in Rajarhat.


    Mindful Usage Of Non-Renewable Resources Like Water

    Although the term “sustainability” often connotes a connection to energy use, this is not always the case. Being eco-friendly entails adopting a holistic strategy, which should begin with water conservation. Groundwater is primarily used in residential apartments. However, groundwater levels are rapidly dropping in Kolkata, worrying the populace and the government. Check to see if there are any leaks. If you find one, fix it right away. Make changes to your way of life that will conserve water. For instance, mindfully closing the tap while washing dishes can positively impact the environment. A low-flow showerhead can also be installed, which can save a family of four up to 160,000 litres of water annually.


    How To Make Your Apartment in Rajarhat Environment-Friendly

    Go Green with Organic Cleaning Products

    The majority of cleaning products on the market today contain chemicals that are bad for the environment. When you wash them away, you eventually add them to the water supply. Ideally, it means that it will take more time for the water to be purified before it can be used again. But for regular cleaning, natural products like vinegar, citric acid, and bicarbonate of soda can be used very effectively in place of corrosive chemicals.


    Solar Panels: The Eco-friendly Measure the World Needs

    Solar panels are the need of the hour for an eco-friendly home. They can produce enough clean energy to power reasonably sized homes. Undoubtedly a long-term investment, solar panels typically need to be replaced after 20 years, depending on where you live. You can install solar panels on your roof living in your Rajarhat apartments. Additionally, if you live in an apartment building, you can mount one or two panels vertically on your balcony.


    Avaasa: The Top Eco-friendly Choice

    The prestigious Oswal Group’s Orchard Avaasa’s 2 & 3 BHK flats in Kolkata are all IGBC Certified Green Buildings. It strikes a balance between well-known, established practices and emerging concepts, and it is founded on well-accepted energy and environmental principles. Avaasa’s apartments in Rajarhat adhere to this system, which is based on the efficient use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management, optimal material utilization, and design for healthy, comfortable, and environmentally friendly homes. 

    Choose eco-friendly measures; choose Avaasa.

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    7 Rules to Follow to Renovate Your Apartments in Kolkata

    Renovate Your Apartments in kolkata


    Buying a home is a dream come true for many families. But sometimes, renovating your home is inevitable as time passes on. They can be exhausting but they can also be extremely rewarding – especially if you know the main rules and regulations about a renovation. For making an upgrade, renovating your interior provides an opportunity to tailor your spaces according to your exact requirements.

    But starting the process can prove to be overwhelming. Especially if you’re not prepared in advance. The more you understand the process at an early stage, your decisions and plans will run even more smoothly. To ensure that your project stays away from unexpected twists, here’s laying down the 7 top apartment renovation laws that every homeowner should know.


    The Unspoken Rules and Regulations of Renovation of Your Apatment in Kolkata



    Only renovate as per your goals

    Renovating your home is definitely a long-term investment. It comes with tremendous benefits down the line. But do you see yourself in the same home in 5 years? Or will you renovate to fetch a better price (resale value) for your apartments in Kolkata? Some families look for a home extension by adding extra rooms. Some desire new flooring. 

    No matter the enhancements, keeping your end goals in mind will help make the process smoother with a more tailored approach. Once this is clear, you can build a detailed home improvement plan with a proper outline of the work.



    Do not start without precise budgeting

    The most crucial part when planning a home renovation is the budget. This should be done within 3-6 months before undertaking the project. Typically, this includes costs for permits, labour costs, costs of building materials, etc. To make sure your budget is on the right track, request cost estimates from multiple professionals to arrive at a fixed conclusion well ahead of time.

    Among the multiple rules and regulations regarding renovation, setting and adhering to a budget can be the hardest part. Always give yourself a healthy margin for unanticipated expenses – be sure to add a contingency fund in case unexpected costs come your way. It is often recommended to keep an extra 10-20% for such costs in the future. For instance, the cost of staying at a hotel while the renovation work is underway. This also includes replacing fixtures, installing heating and cooling systems, etc.



    Always utilize your current space

    While the first step of a remodelling project often begins with a plan, it is always advisable to understand how you can make effective use of your already existing space. For example, moving a door. Though it sounds simple, it can actually facilitate better storage and can allow a better form of entry/exit. Similarly, you can also remove walls between your kitchen and dining room in order to increase the functionality of spaces. So if the availability of space is tight, first work on how you can effectively utilize your current space in line with relevant apartment renovation laws.



    Get legal permissions beforehand

    No renovation work can take place without the consent of the relevant authorities. Without their permission and approval, no addition and alteration of the existing flat can take place. The legal sanctions typically come from Housing Societies or Apartment Owners Association. While the rules may differ based on the specific local authority that governs your area, documentation is required before undertaking any kind of remodelling work. You will need to abide by the society rules for flat renovation that are laid down. Also, ensure that the same is followed within proper working hours with every safety precaution.



    The best contractor, the best results

    Once you get your approval sanctioned, it’s time to get the right contractor. This is particularly an important part of the renovation rules and regulations since you will need to balance cost and perceived quality when choosing one. Always choose a contractor that has a good track record and impeccable word-of-mouth publicity. 

    By getting referrals, you can get real accounts and testimonies of actual customers to strengthen your decision. A before and after glimpse of the contractor’s work can shed some light on preferences. You can also choose certain contractors for different aspects of the renovation process. Interview multiple contractors and do your homework to ensure you have the best for your job.



    Be specific about design ideas

    While creating a plan, don’t forget to fix your design preferences. And for this, you’ll find inspiration almost everywhere – home decoration magazines, Pinterest, interior decoration websites and other forms of social media. Having a particular design direction in mind with the proper apartment renovation laws in mind will help you make it easier in the long run. Since your home stands as a reflection of your persona, your vision must be the centre of the remodelling activities.



    Prepare for unexpected timelines

    Nothing in life ever goes as planned. The same applies to your remodelling ventures. Hence, it’s wise to be realistic about your timeline. It may take longer than you anticipated so make room to accommodate changes. For instance, the delivery of your new materials may take weeks. Bad weather conditions may affect your work. The examples are endless. The unpredictability of renovation work must not be overlooked. Be sure to keep this in mind before starting the remodelling of your home.


    The beauty of renovation lies in the fact that you can preserve the nostalgia of the past while giving a fresh look and appeal to your interiors. If done right, renovating apartments in Kolkata can be an extremely satisfying project! The transformation and the result will make your efforts worthwhile as you look at your new surroundings in awe.

    Be sure to take a moment to appreciate your home once the renovation process is complete.

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    5 Vaastu Tips for Your Future Flat in Newtown with Skydeck Facility



    While buying a home easily counts as one of life’s greatest achievements, there is a lot of thought given before making a decision. And it’s even better when it’s in the right residential area. Location matters – more than any other factor that influences buying a home. In this regard, those looking for flats for sale in Kolkata will find New Town much to their liking. But no matter the unit size or location, buyers are more focused on Vaastu compliant units today.


    Why is that?


    In recent times, Vaastu considerations have become at par with other aspects such as facilities and connectivity. Many are under the impression that it is just a marketing term and something used to boost demand. However, there are many benefits linked with Vaastu homes. Be it Vaastu for the wardrobe in the master bedroom or living room, it is typically associated with the flow of energies and the ‘science of architecture’.

    Its basic premise lies in the study of natural elements and how they are balanced and harmonized. There are 5 in total – earth, fire, wind, water and space. These natural energies reflect the following:

    • Earth: Geomagnetic energy
    • Water: Gravitational energy
    • Wind: Wind energy
    • Fire: Solar energy
    • Space: Cosmic radiation

    Through its principles combined with the science of directions, homes are specifically designed to ensure peaceful living for dwellers. These range from placements of rooms and entrances to even objects and shapes. But for a comprehensive look, here are the top 5 Vaastu tips for those in Kolkata that have purchased a new flat for sale in New Town.


    Top Vaastu Considerations When Buying Flats in Newtown, Kolkata

    Let’s break these down based on the rooms inside each home.


    Vaastu Living Rooms

    Whether social gatherings or family time, the living room is where most of the activity in a home takes place. This room should face the North, East or North-East direction. Electronic appliances (which include the TV) must be kept in the South-East section. But avoid putting an air-cooler/ air-purifier in the South-East position and also avoid red or black for the walls of this room.


    Vaastu for Bedrooms

    Vaastu for bedrooms is important since it influences the quality of sleep and the health of the family. Hence, it is important to use these Vaastu tips before opting for flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata. It should be in the South-West direction and so should your bed. Square or rectangular rooms should be prioritized while irregular shaped rooms should be avoided altogether.

    Correct placement of furniture also matters. For instance, if you’re wondering which direction your master bedroom wardrobe should be, Vastu suggests that the South, South-West or West directions are most suitable. However, placing mirrors on its doors and sleeping with your head in the North or South direction is not advised.


    Vaastu for Main Entrances

    The main entrance to your home is believed to be the place where energies enter and exit. As per the set principles laid down by Vaastu, the entrance should be in the North, East or North-East direction of a home. In practical terms, this placement has a direct impact on the presence of natural light and ventilation. Here are other key considerations that must be kept in mind:

    • Doors should open inwards and in a clockwise manner
    • Avoid painting the main door in the colour black
    • Do not place a shoe rack or dustbin near the main door
    • You should face the North, East or North-East direction when stepping out
    • No bathroom or water-centric element should be near the main door


    Vaastu for Kitchens

    When choosing flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata, the kitchen should be placed in the South-East corner as per Vaastu. While the North-West direction is also a good option, this room should not face a washroom or share a common wall with it. Food should be prepared in the East direction while your fridge should be kept in the South-West direction. Strictly avoid an apartment with a kitchen located in the North corner.


    Vaastu for Bathrooms

    Another vital area in a home, always ensure that a bathroom is positioned in the North-West or South-East corner of the flat. It is recommended to keep the bathroom door closed at all times. Avoid black and blue colours for the interiors of the toilet. As mentioned for the kitchen, the toilet should not share a wall with several rooms like bedrooms or the puja room among others.

    Now pave the way for better living experiences and positivity with these highly effective tips!

    And for a modern home with a Skydeck facility, Orchard Avaasa is the place to be.

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    5 Interior Design Ideas to Turn an Apartment into Your Dream Home



    Buying a home is the ultimate dream for families in Kolkata. But does it end just by choosing one of the best residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town? Absolutely not! Creating a strong first impression is a priority and beautiful spaces tend to speak for themselves.

    However, designing it accordingly may not seem as easy.

    That’s why we’re sharing the top interior design ideas just for you!

    Here are a few simple ways to give your home the best look it deserves.


    Add the Impression of Space

    If there’s something that everyone is trying to achieve, it’s the struggle to create maximum space inside. Of course, choosing 2 BHK affordable housing in New Town comes with a fixed carpet area. But did you know that you can make your home appear more spacious than it actually is? This is done through careful interior design and placement of items and furniture.

    Moreover, it also means getting rid of clutter. Discard the unnecessary and find multipurpose objects that can store the important things that may not add to visual beauty. Opting for tools like floating shelves provide a fine impression while saving tremendous space. And lastly, clean as often as you can while using natural light to the fullest. That’s how you will add more space to your interiors.


    Explore the Wonders of Colour

    The first thing that guests tend to notice is the colour of the spaces inside. So when trying to upgrade the interior design of a home, choosing the appropriate paint and colour palette is the right way to go. And no, choosing a neutral shade is not the ideal solution as most think. There are three basic hues: dominant, secondary, and tertiary. Use these in fixed proportions to add more depth, but the ratio can be changed based on your aesthetics.

    Also, it doesn’t have to be solely about colour. Wallpaper can prove to be a superb choice for interiors within residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town. This is because you can make modifications based on patterns and designs for a better appeal. Whether painted walls or wallpaper, ensure that they work well with natural light as well as after sunsets. And lastly, remember that the remaining décor will be based on the colour scheme you choose.


    Keep an Eye on Visual Elements

    Some pieces in a home function to make a statement. A vintage piece of furniture. An antique mirror. Modern artwork. They could be anything that could help increase the appeal of affordable housing in New Town, Kolkata. These can also take the shape of lampshades, lights, bookcases, tables and anything that captures attention.

    Plants are also used owning to their budget-friendliness as well as their ability to breathe life into spaces. Identify your focal point and set up spaces around that. Don’t forget that the bespoke piece you select has the power to leave your guests in a state of awe!


    Personalize it to Perfection

    A good home is not just the result of choosing one of the best residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town. Rather, it is a personal space where we enjoy the company of our loved ones and relax after a long day’s work. So ask yourself, what’s a home without a personal touch?

    Artwork by your children, trophies and achievements, souvenirs collected on family trips – you can keep these memories alive by putting them on display. In fact, showcasing your personal collections also reflect the hobbies and talents of each member. Hence, keep these treasures arranged to draw attention and add a personal touch to light up your home.

    Interior Design

    Best Ceiling Material for False Ceiling

    false ceiling

    Gone are the days when people would stick to boring white walls and ceilings for their beautiful abode or offices. The changing times have brought forth a lot of new trends and the world of interior designing has not stayed behind either. From the past couple of years, more and more people have been getting inclined towards the concept of false ceilings and fancy wallpapers when decorating their luxurious 3 BHK apartment or even their slightly smaller 2 BHK flat. In case being stuck at home during the lockdown has made you to think that it’s time to review your home’s interior design, then you can definitely start the renovation process by installing a false ceiling at your place. Not only are they highly functional but also have the power to glam up and elevate the aesthetics of the room immediately.

    Why Do We Need a False Ceiling?

    false ceiling advantages

    No residence is complete without a proper roof. It is the roof of our homes that protect us from external factors such as wind, rain, high and low temperatures, sunlight, and snow. Other than providing us with protection, ceilings also give us a sense of security and space to display our flavour and aesthetics. If you live in a luxury 3BHK flat and wish to maintain it accordingly then a false ceiling can really help beautify your house. They are also known as secondary ceilings or dropped ceilings as they are hung below the main ceilings. Not only are these ceilings extremely attractive to look at but also high in functionality. They help minimize unwanted sound and make space for housing electric wires, pipes, and air-conditioning ducts. Due to the high demand for false ceilings, manufacturers over the years have expanded the range to choose from. The market today is flooded with various types of false ceiling materials such as Plaster of Paris, Gypsum, Wood, Fibre, Metal, Glass, PVC, Fabric, and synthetic leather false ceilings. For someone who has never gotten a false ceiling installed at their place before, so many options can be overwhelming. If you’re confused about which material to go for, then Gypsum is your best choice! Let us explain why.

    Why is Gypsum Best for False Ceilings?

    Provides Thermal Insulation

    thermal insulation

    Are you wondering why your room doesn’t stay cool despite keeping the air conditioner on for hours? Well, your ceiling could be responsible for it. To fix this issue, you can resort to false ceilings made of Gypsum. The air-filled space between the gypsum tiles and the original ceiling can help keep the room cool for a longer period of time. Gypsum comprises thermal insulation properties which help trap air. Since air is a bad conductor of heat, it does not allow the heat to flow into the room. This, in turn, can also help in saving electricity.

    Helps with Sound Insulation

    sound insulation

    Gypsum is a porous sound absorber. It is a sulfate of calcium available as an evaporite mineral which helps absorb the sound and makes sure that the sound does not have a direct path to the floor above it. This type of ceiling is ideal for offices as well as people who have a mini music studio inside their homes. Not only do gypsum false ceilings absorb sound but also reduce reverberation time and echoes. The batt insulation inside a gypsum board partition is responsible for sound blocking.

    Easy Installation and Cleaning Process

    false ceiling installation

    Installation of the gypsum board is way easier than installing any other kind of false ceiling and so is cleaning it. The simplest way to clean this material is by using a broom or rug. The use of water is not recommended as it may destroy the quality and also affect the durability of the false ceiling. For its installation, just an iron or metal framework is required for support and so it’s mess-free, efficient, and less time-consuming.

    Resistant Against Fires

    This type of false ceiling is highly inflammable and famous for its heat resistant property. The reason why we often find them installed at hospitals and offices is that they can hold up longer to fire exposure. Gypsum has glass fibre reinforcement and other additives which makes it highly fire-resistant.

    Consistent and Seamless Quality

    As gypsum slabs are prepared in factories, the quality of these tiles are maintained and there is often no risk of any defect in them. They all follow the same patterns more or less so there is no room for any major difference. Gypsum ceilings have a seamless look and hence suit most environments. They appear to be neat due to their flat and smooth finish.

    Moldable and Long Durability

    false ceiling for living room

    Gypsum ceilings have the quality of withstanding for long. They are also low maintenance and easy to repair. In case of any damage in the ceiling, you can just replace or fix the defective part rather than dismantling the entire thing. Gypsum boards also come in various shapes and sizes so they can easily be moulded and installed into any kind of surface in accordance to the shape of the ceiling for example dome shape, multilevel shape, and so on.

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    Interior Design

    Amazing Front Garden and Landscaping Designs and Ideas for Inspiration

    landscape design ideas

    Making sure that your house looks beautiful from inside is important. But don’t forget about the outside! While it’s easy to decorate your home, pepping up your landscapes to make it look beautiful is a tricky task. People who love gardening find it to be therapeutic and understand that it requires patience, attention, and care. Thoughtful landscaping is the key to wholesome outdoor decoration. Here are some ideas for nature-loving homeowners to beautify the outsides of their abode and make people turn heads every time they pass your house.

    Before we jump to the ways of landscaping, let’s first understand what it means.

    What is Landscaping?

    landscape garden

    Sustainable Landscaping is more than just stuffing your garden area with flowers and plants. It is the art of wholly decorating our outdoors to increase its appeal and make it comforting yet attractive. It is the process of making a garden or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design. While beautiful looking and smelling flowers are an important part of landscape decoration, one needs to keep themselves from making a nursery out of their garden area. Adding ornamental features, a couple of useful furniture and even replacing old hardware play an important role in glamming up your landscape. There are 7 main principles that need to be kept in mind before you start the process of landscaping. They are:

    1. Simplicity: Simplicity is the key. Don’t overload your garden area to make it look picture perfect. Remember, the images of landscape designs you see online are meant to be appealing to the viewers. They aren’t always practical.
    2. Balance: Balancing the visual appeal weightage of each element present in the garden is important. It helps in binding the entire look together.
    3. Emphasis: To soften architectural features, it is essential to ease out the emphasis. Too much emphasis on one aspect can make others look dull and boring.
    4. Variety: Visuals are important. Hence, when picking out elements to add to your landscaping design remember to include various textures, patterns and colours.
    5. Sequence: Systematic changes are better than sudden ones. The layout should be flowy and gradual. It binds the look together rather than just looking spaces allotted to specifics.
    6. Unity: Everything should be complementing each other. Interconnection is the key.
    7. Scale and Proportion: Scales and size are important. Tall trees in front of a small house may make it look unappealing.

    Ways to Decorate Your Landscape:

    garden decoration ideas

    Now that we know the key aspects to keep in mind before starting the decoration process, here is an accumulated list of some key elements that can help you truly transform the look of the outsides of home. To know what they are, continue reading!

    • Welcoming Entrance: Many upcoming residential properties in Kolkata have a lovely welcoming entrance premade. Your homes’ entrance says a lot about you. Make sure it’s an inviting one rather than looking/ feeling avoidant. Symmetry design in the entrance is currently trending as they have an alluring appeal. Also adding little fairy lights to the entrance can add a fun element to the entrance.
    • Appealing Sidewalks: After you enter the gate comes the sidewalk. Wide and spacious sidewalks are the ideal kind. When designing your sidewalk, don’t shy away from adding wonderful smelling lavender plants, colourful pebbles, and stones. Lavender borders look appealing and also smell great.
    • Boundaries and Fences: Boundaries are important in life as well as homes. In the world of landscaping, setting boundaries is known as edging. It is the process of separating the lawn area from the walkways. However, nobody said that boundaries need to look boring. Let your creative juices flow and decorate the edges with coloured wine bottles and other objects.
    • Flower Walls: Dedicate a wall to beautiful wallflowers but make sure to choose a spot where sunlight reaches. It adds a touch of romance in the air and is also a gorgeous background for outdoor photoshoots.

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    Interior Design

    Importance of Proper Natural Ventilation in Your Apartment

    Benefits of Opening Windows at Home

    Proper ventilation is an essential feature to keep in mind when constructing a house. It is required to maintain the good and breathable air quality in a room. Ventilation The process of air circulation of space and helps keep the humidity and temperature in check. Good ventilation can single-handedly boost up the reduction process of odour and smoke in a room. People with pets at home understand how difficult it is to get rid of the unbearable odour. It is extremely important for your family’s health and comfort. Furthermore, proper ventilation in a room also becomes the factor that keeps condensation and dampness at bay. If you do not know what condensation is, then let us explain it to you. Condensation is the clogging or trapping of excess moisture in a space that can severely affect your health and may also lead to multiple respiratory issues and infections.

    While this was a brief of the harm that can be caused due to improper ventilation in a room, there are multiple crucial reasons why regular and proper ventilation is necessary for a closed space. To know what they are, Continue reading!

    Why do we need natural ventilation in an apartment?

    • For fresh air
    The Place of Fresh Air

    With new residential projects in Kolkata developing each day, the city is saturated with sky-high architectures, people, and vehicles. Naturally, the air pollution rate is increasing too. In such conditions, it is necessary to have homes with proper ventilation. No number of Air conditioners can take the place of fresh air. Natural ventilation allows a clear passage of air to exist in a room and can also change the environment of the room.

    • To Eliminate Condensation
    Keep your home free from damp

    If ignored, condensation can lead to damps which thereby can cause serious problems in your rented house. These issues especially develop during winter days and fixing them can cost you heavily. While reputed builders in Kolkata make sure there are no damps in the projects they construct, it is best to evaluate the space before moving in. Some signs of damps are- peeling of wallpaper, puffing of walls, quick degradation of paints, moisture on the inside of windows and windowsills, patches on the wall etc. In case you spot any of these, make sure to have a word with the owner if you are planning on renting a space with damp walls.

    • To Increase the level of comfort
    Rooms with Proper Ventilation

    Why would anyone want to live in a house that doesn’t provide them with comfort and cosiness? Aren’t these the two important factors of a home? Rooms with proper ventilation have the power to elevate your moods even in the dullest of days. Properly ventilated rooms help you take long deep breaths of fresh air and that in itself can calm you down and make you feel better even when you’re anxious or stressed.

    • Reduce asthma
    Fresh air is said to be the best cure for asthma

    Asthma could worsen if energy-efficient rooms lack ventilation. Insulation can create a spike in indoor pollutants and thereby severely affect the health of an asthma patient. Pollutants caused by cooking, aerosol sprays, air conditioners and dust get trapped in the air causing difficulty in breathing and also other airborne diseases and infection. Fresh air is said to be the best cure for asthma.

    • Decrease moisture content
    Moisture Content of Your Home

    An increase in the moisture content of your home can make foul odour get trapped in the air. Cooking, washing, cleaning, blow-drying, warm showers are some of the reasons why moisture gets trapped in the air of your home. Proper ventilation helps release these moisture particles thereby making the air in your house breathable again.

    • To make the symptoms of hay fever less severe
    Allergic Rhinitis Causes

    Hay fever, also known as Allergic rhinitis, is mostly caused in summers by indoor or outdoor allergens. It is an allergic response and the symptoms usually involve a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing and sinus pressure. The usage of air conditioners increases during summers but one should keep in mind to open their windows every once in a while to allow natural ventilation. It can help make your summer better!

    • To mute the effects of Radon gas

    Radon in air primary comes from cracks and gaps in buildings and homes. Radon in your homes can cause shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, a new or worsening cough, pain or tightness in the chest, hoarseness, or trouble swallowing. Radon easily mixes in the air as from the ground, where it decays and produces further radioactive particles. People who smoke are advised to quit if they are exposed to Radon gas. Radon emission is comparatively higher in summers hence it is advised to choose natural ventilation whenever possible. Do not ignore the harmful effects of Radon as it can also lead to lung cancer.

    • To reduce the damage caused by VOCs
    Volatile Organic Compounds

    VOCs stand for Volatile Organic Compounds and are often emitted by both human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds such as cosmetics, air fresheners, and even through permanent markers. They are harmful to humans as well as the environment around them. Their harmful health effects include eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches, loss of coordination, nausea; and damage to the liver, kidney, and central nervous system. To control VOCs at home to protect yourself and your family, one can install an effective ventilation system as it helps to introduce clean and fresh breathable air from outside into the room.

    Now that you know why we need proper ventilation in our apartments, let us tell you about the two right strategies to apply for an efficiently ventilated room!

    1. Single-sided: It is a condition where one or more openings exist only at one façade of a closed room or building. The inlet and outlet of air are through the same medium. This is often present in compact spaces with the height of the room is 2.5 more than the depth, like a very small room or a washroom.
    2. Cross-ventilation: It is also known as the wind effect ventilation where the outlet and inlet space of air are in different directions.  It is said to be the perfect natural ventilation as the air in the room gets regulated thoroughly and constantly. The fresh air is passed through the inlet present on one side thereby pushing the warm moist air present in the room from the outlet present on the opposite side. Fans also help in amplifying this process as it increases the wind speed.

    Properly ventilated rooms are as important for you as they are for the environment. Property builders in Kolkata keep this point in their mind while constructing beautiful homes for you to live in. when choosing your next house, make sure you do too!

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    Interior Design

    Thanks to COVID-19, It’s Time to Review Your Home’s Interior Design

    Home Interior Design

    For the longest time, the home has been where the heart is. But, this saying has never been truer than the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsequent lockdown. With the home being the epicenter for not only leisure and the usual meals, but also exercise, full-time work, exercise, and more, everyone is looking at their homes differently. People no longer want their homes to be just beautiful spaces, but healthy and functional, as well. So, whether you are thinking of undergoing a complete makeover, a few upgrades, or starting from scratch, these are some of the interior design trends that you should pay attention to.

    Decluttering and Opening Up Spaces Will Reign Superior

    Organizing Tips for Bedroom

    The coronavirus lockdown has had a major impact on everyone and being confined within the four walls of the home has made people reconfigure their living spaces. The first step is decluttering, but it goes beyond this. The trend is spatial reconfiguration so that the residents of the house have much more space for themselves. Since you cannot go out and engage in your regular activities, it is your home that has to cater to all your needs – work, exercise, leisure, and so on. This is why you need to start by getting rid of the things in your 2BHK apartment that you don’t need so that you get open space to do yoga or work out. Also, as work-from-home is the new norm, you have to figure out a way to accommodate your space where you will have all your work essentials.

    Focus On the Installation of Storage Solutions

    Bedroom Storage

    Keeping in tandem with the above point, quarantine has made people realize the importance of space. With all the members of the family inside the home at all times, it has given rise to the need of making room so that everyone can stay comfortably. This has led to a huge demand for storage solutions including cupboards, cabinets and so on. The need of the hour is a clutter-free, beautifully organized space and that is possible to achieve by fitting several storage options in the house. You can get a full-length wardrobe so that all your clothes can be neatly tucked away and to conceal all your stuff, you can opt for shutters and cabinets.

    Growing One’s Own Home Garden Plants

    Indoor House Plants

    The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of fear among everyone. People are freaked out even if they have to run errands or go grocery shopping. Many people are having a hard time trusting the produce that is available at the local supermarkets. So, the perfect solution to this is to start planting some home garden plants. If you are afraid to go out, you can simply grow your own inside your home. If you own a bungalow, you can consider a terrace garden. But, if you live in a luxury 3BHK flat and wish to maintain distance from other people in your complex, you can make use of your window sill. You could start by planting aromatic herbs like, mint and basil. Besides, giving you cooking ingredients, a home garden will also aid in healthier air.

    However, not everyone is inclined toward maintaining a home garden. Some people are simply adding home plants to the interior décor so that they can look at something green and fresh. It gets tiring staring at the walls and the plants are a good distraction. Moreover, plants add a touch of freshness to the décor.

    Use of Low-Maintenance Finishes and upcycled Materials

    benefits of upcycling Materials

    The coronavirus crisis has instilled a fear of touching surfaces in everyone. Also, people are keen on maintaining social distancing rules. This is going to be the new normal. Your home is the safest spot right now and for many months to come and the answer to making your home free of the virus is sanitizing all of your furniture pieces on a daily basis. But, the problem is not every finish and material is water-resistant. So, all furniture pieces might not be able to handle the sanitizers. This is why the interior design trends are seeing a massive surge in the demand for furniture pieces that are made of upcycled materials. The focus is on anti-bacterial fabrics and surfaces so that they can be cleaned properly and easily. Another significant change has been seen in terms of finishes. It is recommended that people make use of finishes that do not require a lot of maintenance and can withstand regular cleaning. Acrylic, laminate, and lacquer are some of those low-maintenance finishes that can be sanitized and cleaned regularly.

    A Dedicated Space For Home Office

    Workspace at Home

    Today, creating a comfortable and ergonomic home office has become more of a necessity than just a desire. When you bought your dream home, your property developer might not have considered the home office to be mandatory for all, but future builders are sure to take this under consideration. For now, you need to pick a room or a corner and set-up your home office so that you can work in peace and don’t give your boss any chance to complain. Make sure that the space has enough lighting and get comfortable seating since you will have to sit there for hours.

    In addition to these, multipurpose rooms are also trending. This is basically making use of a single room and making it work for various purposes. For example, you can use your bedroom for sleeping, as well as, for reading. You can also designate a place for drinking your morning tea or evening coffee.

    Nobody knows when things will become normal as before or if it ever will be. The worst-case scenario is embracing social distancing and staying home as the “new normal”. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot make your home a paradise and a place that takes care of your every need. Keep in mind the above-mentioned interior design trends to restructure your home.

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    Interior Design

    How to Create a Calm & Serene Meditation Corner in Your Apartment?

    Meditation Corner in Apartment

    It feels like meditation is the cure to every problem these days. Need help falling asleep? Meditate for twenty minutes. Feeling stressed or anxious? Again, meditate. Feeling disconnected and lost? Meditate.

    Life is hard already and the coronavirus-induced lockdown has simply amplified the problems that people were already dealing with. Along with household chores, looking after kids and handling a job/business, people are now worried about life every second of every day. Everyone is thrown into uncertainty where nobody knows if tomorrow will be the day they lose their job or contract the virus from someone. As for some people, staying home 24/7 is taking a toll on their mental health and pushing them toward depression. To deal with such difficult situations, MilindSoman(model, film producer, actor and fitness promoter) urges everyone to get in the habit of meditating during the lockdown. IndranillBasu-Ray from Tennessee’s Memphis Veteran Hospital says that meditation enhances the body’s immunity.

    So, it’s about time that you get things in order in your luxurious 3 BHK apartment or slightly smaller 2 BHK flat to create a corner for meditation. Keep reading to know how you can create a conscious corner for your meditation practice.

    1. Select a corner in your apartment that generally makes you feel good and remove all the clutter
    Meditation Corner in Living Room

    The first step to creating a meditation space in your apartment is to find the perfect spot or corner. Make sure that the space gets a lot of natural light and big enough to accommodate your body, both sitting and in a sleep position. Then, you have to go full-on Mary Kondo and remove every piece of clutter. By keeping only a few essentials and getting rid of the rest, you can create a space that will spark joy.

    • Get plants to make the space feel refreshing
    Living Room Plants Ideas

    Plants are a powerful life source. They act as an oxygen generator and air purifier while instilling a Zen headspace amidst all the consistent chaos, especially if you are living in an urban concrete jungle. For a 2 BHK apartment or a studio apartment, succulents with round leaves are the best option. You can also get parlor palms or spider plants for your meditation space as these plants give out great positive energy. If you have a bigger apartment with a lot of space for your meditation corner, you can get bigger houseplants.

    • Pay attention to aromatherapy
    Meditation Techniques

    Have you noticed how amazing spas smell and how great that makes you feel the moment you walk through the doors? This is because spas tap into the benefits of aromatherapy to comfort and relax their customers from the time they walk in to the time they walk out. You can do the same in your home. Essential oils can help you to tap into mindfulness. You can use specific oils to optimize your olfactory senses. For instance, citrus oil is great for people who want to get creative during the day. Lavender is perfect for those who stay stressed and need to relax.

    • Set the stage for meditation with sound
    Mantra Meditation Benefits

    Everything below, above and surrounding your apartment or home is charged with an energetic frequency. This is why cleansing the energy is very crucial. Sound frequencies are known to elevate cleansing rituals as sound can be played all day to pass through the energy blocks that are stubborn before meditation. Again, everyone is not the same. This means that you might not be resonating with the same sound as your friend would be or even your partner. You can try to find your sound by using different things, such as Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, mantras, Gregorian or Kundalini chants, shamanic drumming, sound of trickling and so on. When you release the sound, the energy of the space will sync with the projected bio-frequency of the sound.

    • Add crystals
    Meditating with a Crystal

    Crystals are not voodoo and they cannot magically make your life better, but they do hold some power in terms of calming and relaxing the mind. Clear quartz, selenite and amethyst are the three most popular and preferred crystals during meditation. Clear quartz help in enhancing clarity, selenite cleanses energy and amethyst allows one to find complete peace of mind. You can arrange them in a grid-like pattern or hold them in your hand while meditating. Crystals are one of the must-haves for your meditation space.

    • Ditch all of your techs
    Avoid tech from Meditation Space

    Your meditation space should be devoid of any tech. When you enter this space, keep your phone and other gadgets away. It is best if you leave your gadgets in the other corner of your high-end 3 BHK apartment. This space should be tech-free so that the typical dings from a text or email does not distract you. So, this is how you create your personal sanctum to find inner peace and calm. Make sure to meditate at least 20 minutes every day to clear your head.

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