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    Why Riverside Flats in Kolkata Are High in Demand

    The serene beauty of the majestic river, augmented by the chirping of birds early morning while listening to the sound of blissful music, has always mesmerised consumers or potential homebuyers. 


    Speaking of Ganga-facing 2–3 BHK flats in and around Kolkata, Cossipore is currently being swept off its feet by a unique riverside residential project. A beautifully designed apartment building, Orchard Amritaya ensures Kolkata’s best luxury riverside flats and deft interior space management.


    Amritaya: The Demand for Riverside Flats Increases


    Location Perks

    Riverside apartments were thoughtfully built along some of Kolkata’s most accessible areas, including North 24 Parganas, Hooghly, and Howrah. Tourists flock to these popular destinations all year. If you own a 3 BHK flat in north Kolkata in one of these areas, your friends can easily visit you.


    Amenities Par Excellence 

    Projects along the Ganga River provide better amenities than other locations. You can always find everything you need in riverside projects, including neighborhood markets, banks, hospitals, and other necessities.


    Ease of Commute

    Excellent transportation infrastructure benefits Riverside projects with 2 BHK flats in Cossipore, Kolkata. There are buses, trains, and other modes of transportation available. Your travel time will be reduced, and your journey will be more comfortable.


    Why Riverside Flats in Kolkata Are High in Demand(amritaya)1

    Amritaya: Courtship of Activities 


    A sports court in your apartment complex can be a fantastic amenity for residents. 

    Here are some of the advantages you may enjoy.


    More physical activity and exercise

    Playing sports is a great way to get your daily dose of aerobic exercise while also improving your agility, balance, and coordination. It’s also entertaining!

    Better mental health

    Sports courts have been linked to increased feelings of joy and happiness, which can lead to improved moods and overall life satisfaction. There’s something satisfying about bouncing around on a fast surface!

    Increased opportunities for socialisation

    There’s a good chance that when everyone in your complex is out having fun together, you’ll make new friends or develop romantic feelings for someone you already know! Who knows, maybe they will even date.

    Lower levels of stress

    A healthy lifestyle includes lots of leisure time, and enjoying it in the great outdoors with people who have similar interests definitely qualifies! Additionally, when noise is coming from outside rather than inside your home or office building, stress levels tend to drop significantly.


    Amritaya: The Easiness of Jacuzzi 


    For you and your family, having a jacuzzi in your apartment complex has numerous advantages. A jacuzzi can help with stress relief and physical and mental renewal. It can be an ideal location for family time, whether as part of a relaxing vacation or a romantic getaway. A jacuzzi is great for relieving stress, fatigue, and other symptoms. The soothing sound of running water is good for the soul.


    Orchard Amritaya: Kolkata’s Best Riverside Flats

    The pursuit of inner peace will no longer be a struggle. A home is a place where we strengthen our bonds with our loved ones. In this regard, the opulent Ganga-facing flats in Cossipore in Kolkata stand out. Enjoy the unobstructed view of the holy river from the comfort of your own home, away from the crowds and clutter of Orchard Amritaya.


    You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to unwinding and relaxing in Orchard Amritaya’s riverside flats in Kolkata. Whether you’re diving into the Infinity Edge Swimming Pool or working out at the world-class gymnasium, your life will never be boring. With our yoga lawn, followed by a gem of a tranquillity centre, resting has never been easier.


    So, what’s keeping you away still?

    Come, live the dream of waterfront living at Amritaya – An everlasting experience by the ganges. 


    Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata Kolkata Real Estate

    Where to Look For 2,3-BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata

    Property with a view of the ocean, a flowing river, or a tranquil lake has always enticed home buyers. 

    During the real estate boom that occurred between 2004 and 2008, the concept of waterfront living piqued the interest of Indian home buyers. Following a brief lull due to the economic downturn, the trend appears to be resuming, with several waterfront residential projects planned in various parts of the country. 

    Waterfront homes have grown in popularity over the past few years among modern city dwellers who are used to living in concrete jungles. As a result, many people are considering purchasing a vacation home with a more laid-back atmosphere. And what could be better than sipping coffee on the balcony and looking out over the river Ganga? 

    Yes, you heard that right.

    Speaking of Ganga-facing ⅔ BHK flats in and around Kolkata, Cossipore is witnessing a one-of-a-kind riverside residential project sweeping it off its feet. Orchard Amritaya is a perfectly crafted housing complex that guarantees the best luxury Ganga-facing flats and clever interior space management.

    Amritaya: Riverside Bliss With Exquisite Interior Amenities

    Where to Look For 2,3-BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata-Amritaya

    Amritaya’s ethos is captured in the ‘Forever by the Ganga – truly espouses the essence of this magnificence that is going to stay with you for life.

    Cosiness in a Coffee Shop Right In Your Complex Interiors  

    Imagine being enamoured by the whiff of your favourite Arabica expresso in a quaint coffee shop by the riverside. Imagine sipping on it while a flood of nostalgia takes you to familiar territories of happiness. Imagine feeling fulfilled by the callback of simpler times that takes away all the stresses of the world. Maybe, you do not need to imagine anymore. Because, at Orchard Amritaya, Cosy Coffee Shop is one of the amenities, Oswal is offering in their latest housing project in Cossipore overlooking the holy Ganges. 

    With Orchard Amritaya, be enwrapped in cosiness with every sip of life.

    Amritaya: Bringing Home the Theatre Experience 

    Imagine arranging for a screening of your favourite movies and watching it with your loved ones and lovely neighbours. Imagine being able to expand your social circle and enhance your sense of belonging. The possibility of all this, and so much more, within the confines of your residential complex.

    With Amritaya, ‘running at a theatre near you’ finds a new meaning, a new normal. All you need to do is step out of your apartment, and the next thing you know, the experience of a matinee show with your loved ones is just around the corner.

    Now that we’ve just witnessed an interior tour of Amritaya, it’s time to look at what the exteriors have to offer. 

    Picnic Lawn with Barbeque Table

    A real estate with a picnic lawn that has a barbeque table? Yes, you heard that right. No more scouting the nearest picnic spots after a hectic month of continuous hustle. You work hard, and then get to enjoy even harder in the comfort of a picturesque picnic lawn. Things get even better, like a cherry on top, or rather pieces of your favourite meat or vegan meat, to everyone’s plate on a feastful day. 

    The Harmony of a Hammock Garden 

    Did you just catch yourself daydreaming about goa trips? What if we told you that your ‘daydream’ could turn into an everyday reality at Orchard Amritaya? Yes, Oswal has a reputation for coming up with such innovative amenities besides the most common ones like we had seen in Avaasa that popularised Skydeck & Skyplex. 

    Relax while being cradled like a baby, in the comfort of a slung hammock in a paradisiacal garden. 

    The Best Riverside Flats In Kolkata: Orchard Amritaya

    The pursuit of peace of mind will no longer be a struggle. A home is a place where we fortify our relationships with our loved ones. In this regard, Kolkata’s opulent Ganga-facing flats in Cossipore take the spotlight. Enjoy the unbridled view of the holy river from the comfort of your home, away from the clutter and crowds at Orchard Amritaya.

    An endless list of options for unwinding & relaxation awaits you. Be it taking a dive into the Infinity Edge Swimming Pool or blowing off steam at the top-class gymnasium, your life will never have another dull moment. Recuperating has never been easier with our yoga lawn, followed by a gem of a tranquillity centre. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg; lots more are waiting on the other side of your current residence.

    So, what’s still keeping you waiting?

    Live the dream of exquisite waterfront homes with Orchard Amritaya.