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    Why It Is the Right Time to Buy Affordable Flats in Kolkata

    Stocks, cryptocurrencies, and nearly all other financial assets have seen significant price erosion.

    Inflation, rising quickly and alarmingly, eroding people’s purchasing power. Bank fixed deposits, and other fixed-income instruments fall short of mitigating the effects of inflation.

    To date, central banks around the world have responded by raising interest rates, as was seen with the repo rate hike, but this is raising concerns about slow economic growth or even recession because the economies are still dealing with a number of issues. Fears of a recession are extremely important in some economies, such as the United States.

    However, you, as an Indian investor, can benefit from all of these by exploiting such negatives to your advantage and going on to purchase affordable flats in Kolkata.


    Good News for NRIs: Affordable Flats in Kolkata

    According to data, the number of NRI customers looking to buy property in India increased by 117.7% between January and June 2022 when compared to the same period in 2020.

    For NRI investors, the decline of the rupee appears to be sufficient motivation. For NRI investors, buying real estate has always been a popular option. They are using their increased purchasing power to invest in real estate because the currency’s depreciation gives them a better return on their capital.

    So, if you’re stationed outside the country, this is great news. Investing in Indian real estate can indeed turn out to be an excellent proposition, especially some of the top-notch 2 BHK flats in Rajarhat, Newtown


     Why It Is the Right Time to Buy Affordable Flats in Kolkata

    Why Invest In Indian Real Estate?

    On the other hand, despite several relatively lean years over the last decade, India’s real estate market has grown rapidly. According to industry indices, real estate prices in the country rose by roughly 70% in absolute terms between June 2012 and June 2017. Following the blip caused by the pandemic, a recent Reuters poll predicts that this momentum will last for the next few years, with residential unit prices expected to rise 7.5% in 2022 and roughly 6% in 2023 and 2024.

    These figures should excite you as an investor because adding a property in India to your portfolio provides you with a tangible asset that is safer, appreciates in value over time, and recoups a portion of your initial investment through monthly rent payments.

    There are several reasons why property demand in India is booming. First and foremost, an increasing number of people want to buy or lease homes because they believe it is a good investment opportunity. Furthermore, the Indian economy has been expanding rapidly for many years, resulting in rising wages and increased consumer spending power.

    Furthermore, the cost of living in Kolkata, coupled with the advantages some of the premium and posh locations provide in Kolkata, make for a compelling proposition.


    Why Is 2022 A Good Year to Start?

    In 2022, there are several reasons to invest in Indian real estate. For starters, the market is still young, and there is plenty of room for expansion. Second, India’s expanding middle class is looking for low-cost housing options that meet their requirements. Finally, the government has announced several initiatives to assist the real estate sector, such as increasing credit availability and improving infrastructure. So, whether you’re an individual investor or a company looking to enter the Indian market, now is a good time to consider investing in real estate in India.


    Avaasa’s Affordable Housing in New Town 

    Ideal homes aren’t just a pipe dream. Investment properties in Rajarhat can be chosen randomly, but this does not guarantee a wise investment decision. On the other hand, your future is secure, which can be attributed to Orchard Avaasa’s trust and assurance. Apart from its well-thought-out living spaces, cutting-edge amenities, and diverse range of entertainment options for everyone, affordable housing options by Avaasa in Newtown also offers excellent value for money.

    Orchard Avaasa in Kolkata’s Rajarhat district is more than just an apartment.

    It is the pinnacle of modern paradise.




    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Newtown Interior Design

    Unique Home Decor Ideas For Your Apartment in Rajarhat

    People are giving the most popular patterns and conventional home decor ideas a miss in favour of experimenting with creative design and home decor ideas, transforming their homes into an expression of their true selves or identities.

    Although it may appear complicated, doing it correctly can help you achieve the desired balance of form and function. Apartments in Rajarhat have been able to strike this desired balance. 

    Let’s look at some of the affordable yet unique home decor ideas that can spruce up your flats in Kolkata.


    Spice Up Your Walls

    The plain walls of your affordable flats in Rajarhat is the ideal place to begin experimenting and transforming the ordinary into the unique, bringing the attention that it indeed deserves. Painting it in distinctive colours and patterns, sticking posters, wallpapers, mounting art pieces, and quirky clocks are some of the unconventional ways to make your interiors appealing.

    You can make it feel special and intimate by hanging printed curtains that match the colour of your walls and painting the walls using darker colours. The colour scheme of other interior items and upholstery can also contribute to your home’s newly created vibe.


    Windows Carry Opportunities

    Windows can be multifunctional with careful planning. A bay window, for example, is an ideal location for a custom bench or an alcove where you can create a cosy reading nook. These sweet spots have plenty of under-bench storage, which is a plus. For flats in Kolkata, affordable solutions like adding open shelves to the window seat to display artefacts, books, and other items.


    Shelves Can Be The Life Of Decor

    Shelves, while primarily a functional piece of home decor, can also be aesthetically pleasing rather than remaining bare and boring. However, when decorating a shelf or looking for upgrades, it is critical to consider your preferences as well as your storage needs.

    Mixing and matching various pieces of accessories can add style while also organizing items. Blending the heights, textures, and order can also help to keep things visually interesting. A stunning combination of colour, design and proportion can also be achieved. Open shelving is a simple and cool way to add a cool vibe to your interiors.


    Unique Home Decor Ideas For Your Apartment in Rajarhat (1)

    Vintage Kitchenware

    Thanks to new-age home decor, which make use of antique brass and bronze utensils, kettles, hookahs, metal condiment sets can go on to add a rustic charm to the home decor. Utensils no longer in use can be salvaged to achieve the same. 

    Those who are fans of nostalgia, particularly those who collect antique crockery and vintage cutlery, will find vintage kitchenware quite appealing. This is because they tell stories of rare craftsmanship and sociocultural significance from the past. The addition of such antique items to your decor gives it a human significance in addition to serving as showpieces and bringing someone else’s history into your Avaasa house.


    When Storage Space Complements Your Design Ethos

    Hidden gems in the walls called niches offer useful storage space for necessities and exude a modern vibe. These niches are a great way to store your toiletries in the bathroom without taking up any valuable floor space.

    With the help of these suggestions, you can incorporate peace and quiet while telling a story between the interior spaces and the environment. Thereby, preserving nature in every square inch of the area becomes possible. 


    Avaasa: Where Interiors Appeal the Senses

    Orchard Avaasa by the reputed Oswal Group, offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Rajarhat that are both roomy and expertly designed. The development spans 0.81 acres of land and consists of 1 tower with G+ 13 floors and 84 apartments per floor. Oswal Group takes pride in providing a perfect way of life with each of its homes. Regularly, you’ll discover clever arrangements and effective space utilization that perfectly complement each room inside for maximum comfort. 

    Your family will feel right at home in a flat, whether it has two or three bedrooms. In addition, to meet the needs of the residents, the project is well-equipped with 20+ contemporary amenities and 24-hour security service.

    Choose aesthetics embedded in spaciousness, choose the Avaasa brand of life.

    Finance Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    Projected Rebate Extension Impact on Rajarhat Properties

    For the fourth time now, the state government of West Bengal has extended the 2 % reduction in stamp duty and the 10 % circle rate rebate for the real estate sector until 2022. This has been a welcome change for prospective homebuyers. Homebuyers suffered a great deal during the pandemic. Hence, the government’s decision to incentivise the rebate for another year has received an encouraging response. This has had an impact on the properties in Rajarhat as well.

    The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations (CREDAI) chairman Nandu Belani hopes that the government reduces the stamp duty by 5 % permanently. He goes on to state how beneficial it has been for the government ever since the rebate was issued. This is because the buyers started to pay the entire stamp duty in full at the time of purchasing the apartments. This resulted in prompt revenue for the government. This only bodes better for the real estate industry, as revenue has seen a considerable spike. 

    The 10% reduction in the minimum designated price per sq ft for land or property or better known as the circle rate, has generated a huge demand for most of the housing projects in Kolkata

    Top Homebuying Myth Busters For Apartment Complex In Kolkata1

    Expectations Post Rebate Extensions


    The government’s action to provide a demand stimulant at the right time. As in most other cities, sales momentum had dropped significantly in the early stages of the pandemic, so this stimulant was critical to reviving the market. We anticipate that this move will encourage more people who are on the fence to make a purchase decision. Properties in Rajarhat are likely to see an increase in purchases as a result. 


    Why Invest in Avaasa in the Wake of an Extended Rebate?


    Oswal’s seal of trust, coupled with state-of-the-art amenities, makes Orchard Avaasa a reasonable choice, especially in the wake of rebate extensions.

    With cutting-edge amenities and easy access to airports, hospitals, and essential stores, Avaasa checks all the boxes for a premium lifestyle. To top it all off, they provide unique amenities such as Skydeck and Skyplex. Their 2 BHK luxury flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, start at 61.3 lacs, and 3 BHK flats at approximately 73.4 lacs. Finding modern convenience that you can trust at such prices with rising inflation will rather be a task. 


    Avaasa is not just a top-class housing complex in Kolkata; it is the home of investments made right. 

    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Real Estate

    How To File TDS on the Flats For Sale in Newtown, Kolkata

    The process of filing TDS can be overwhelming to many. Residents looking through affordable flats for sale in places like Newtown in Kolkata can benefit from knowing the precise steps involved in the process of filing TDS. This is relevant for both sellers and buyers. 


    Steps to pay TDS through challan 26QB and to obtain Form 16


    Step 1:

    Make payments using Challan 26QB (Online and Offline)

    Visit tin.nsdl.com and log in. From the Services tab, choose “e-payment-Pay taxes online.”

    The following challans will appear in a new window when it opens:

    On the tab labelled “TDS on property (Form 26QB),” click the forward arrow to continue. A new window will open up as shown below:


    • If you are a corporate payer, enter the code 0020, and if you are a non-corporate payer, enter the code 0021. Information such as the fiscal year, assessment year, and type of payment will be filled in automatically.
    • Other necessary information must be entered in all other tabs, including resident or non-resident status, the buyer’s and seller’s PANs, the full addresses of the transferee and transferor, the full address of the property, the amount paid in money and words, the amount of tax that must be deposited, etc.
    • The final tab, “payment information,” appears after you have completed all the required fields. At the bottom of the page, there are two payment options: immediate e-tax payment (through net banking) and delayed e-tax payment (e-payment of taxes by visiting any of the Bank branches). Select your preferred option by clicking “Proceed.”
    • If you select net banking, you’ll be able to access your bank’s website and make payments online. Following payment, the bank enables you to print Challan 280 with a tick on 800. (i.e. payment of TDS on sale of the property). To be safe, print this out.
    • If you are unable to pay online, an online Form 26QB receipt with a special Acknowledgement Number is generated for you. After generation, this is valid for 10 days. Bring this along with your check to one of the approved banks. Your challan will be generated by the bank, and the online payment will be processed.

    Step 2:

    Sign up for TRACES

    • If this is your first time using TRACES, create a taxpayer account using your PAN card number and the challan number you registered when making the payment.
    • After registering, you will be able to get a Form 16B (TDS certificate) that has been approved, and you can give this Form to the Seller.
    • Examine Form 26AS within seven days of payment. If you look under “Details of Tax Deducted at Source on Sale of Immovable Property u/s 194(IA) [For Buyer of Property],” you will see that your payment is reflected.
    • The information in Part F includes the TDS certificate number (which TRACES generates), the name and PAN of the deductee, the date and amount of the transaction, the acknowledgement number (which is the same as the one on your Form 26QB), the date of deposit, and the TDS that was deposited.


    Step 3: 

    Download to get your Form 16B

    • Log into TRACES after your payment in Form 26AS has been reflected. Go to the Download tab and select “Form-16B (for the buyer)” from the list.
    • Fill out the seller’s PAN and the acknowledgement number information pertaining to the property transaction, then click “Proceed” to complete the process.
    • Once you have checked all the information, click “Submit a request.”
    • Your request will be processed in a few hours. Requested Downloads can be chosen from the drop-down menu by clicking the Downloads tab.
    • You ought to be able to see that your Form 16B download request has the status “available.”
    • Wait a few more hours if the status reads “submitted” before repeating the previous step.
    • Get the “.zip file” now. The deductor’s birthdate serves as the password to open the “.zip file” (the format is DDMMYYYY). Your form will be accessible as a pdf inside the.zip file. Please print this.

    Orchard Avaasa: The Best Investment You’ll Make Today

    A home of one’s own is a dream realized for any family in Kolkata. Regardless of age or location, owning a home is the most important goal for everyone. For many people, purchasing real estate in areas like Rajarhat may be an expensive endeavour, but the benefits it offers over the long run make it well worth it.


    When it comes to hassle-free daily living, relaxation becomes essential. Here at Orchard Avaasa, finding tranquillity is now simple. The variety of amenities it provides, including the Skydeck and Skyplex, among many others, will give you and your family a lot of options for unwinding. Rajarhat flats in Newtown, Kolkata, offer space for all of your interests and pastimes, whether it be exercising, playing chess, or swimming in the pool.


    In the Rajarhat apartments offered by Orchard Avaasa, permit yourself to demand better things from life. This is merely due to the fact that Oswal Group genuinely understands the demand for utmost excellence in every way. Every effort we’ve made at Avaasa to create a comfortable lifestyle guarantees that every family receives what they truly merit.


    Step into a life where you are the centre of attention right now.


    Live a life of unending joy and bliss with a new home from Orchard Avaasa!


    To learn more, get in touch with us.




    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Newtown Kolkata Real Estate

    Why Vastu for Flats in Rajarhat Is Everyone’s Obsession

    Vastu has been part of our five thousand years old history and finds its oldest mention in the Vedas. It is the Hindu science of structure that supposedly holds within the power to block negativity and foster positivity for overall stable well-being. When we talk about Vastu-compliant affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, we refer to apartments that subscribe to the direction, placement, and other factors surrounding furnishings that protect them by negating the evil effects.

    Reasons Why Vastu Is Essential for Flats in Rajarhat

    Every corner has cosmic energy, which includes both positive and negative energies. To ensure a life of prosperity with minimal negativities, it is imperative to adhere to Vastu guidelines while constructing apartments.


    Vastu Tips For Rajarhat Flats

    • An East, North, or North-West facing apartment entrance is regarded as lucky.
    • Deities enshrined in the Northeast corner are required by Vastu for the pooja room in apartments.
    • The property’s southwest corner is the ideal location for the master bedroom. It is associated with prosperity, long life, and good health.
    •  Ideally, the northwest corner of the room should house the guest or kids’ bedroom. It is imperative to stay away from bedrooms facing north or south, as doing so can cause health problems and domestic disputes.
    • The plots of flats with rectangular or square shapes conform to Vastu the best, and in some cases, if built, they will be eligible for A-grade flats.
    • You shouldn’t have the kitchen facing the same way as your front door.
    • Apartments with balconies facing west or south are not thought to be the best places to stay.
    • The best apartments for residential use are those with larger bodies and are facing west or south.


    Vastu For Puja Rooms

    The puja rooms must be situated in the northeast corner of the flat which is considered the most auspicious direction for their placement. As far as colours are concerned, neutral colours are considered holy according to the principles of Vastu. Hues of bright yellow, light blue, or white can be used for the walls, while the placement of idols of deities must face the East or West. One must be careful of placements that might attract negative energies. For instance, the south direction is not ideal for puja rooms. The walls must not share washroom or bedroom spaces. It is also advisable not to hang up photos of the deceased in the puja room as it may attract unfavourable energies.


    The Role of Vastu in Kitchens

    Vastu for kitchens is crucial to the overall Vastu of apartments. Therefore, it is crucial to confirm that the kitchen is Vastu-compliant before purchasing a flat or apartment.

    One of the five elements of nature that are mentioned in the kitchen is fire (Earth, Water, Air, Space, and Fire). Since they represent cash flow in modern times, proper placement and construction are therefore required. According to Vastu, the South-east corner of a flat is the best place for the kitchen.

    However, if South-east is not an option for you, West, East, North-west, and South are also favourable directions for the kitchen.


    Vastu Recommended for Entrances

    The Vastu for flat entrances provides insight into where to place the door to maximize the positivity in a flat or apartment. 

    It is advised to position the front door facing east, north-northeast, and north. 

    The placement of the elevators in front of the main entrance, however, shouldn’t be there.


    Orchard Avaasa: The Epitome of Vastu-Compliance

    Orchard Avaasa apartments are crafted by Oswal Group, keeping in mind the health and wellness of our residents. This is why sedulous attention was paid to making these flats Vastu-compliant for taking care of the long-term peace and prosperity of our clients.

    Understanding these guidelines is essential because they improve quality of life, support building a home’s design, and help absorb negative energy. Overall, it contributes to a happy and healthy way of life. Using the right Vastu principles can open the door to a happy and healthy life!

    Therefore, keep these Vastu suggestions in mind as you continue scouting the best affordable flats in Rajarhat, New Town.

    Flats in Newtown Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat

    Ultimate Guide To Register your Property in Rajarhat, Kolkata

    Registration of real estate is a crucial step in the home-buying process. Unfortunately, registration, in all probability, is the most difficult step in the process of purchasing affordable flats in Kolkata. Even the savviest home buyers can become confused by the paperwork and legalities involved. As a result, it is always advisable to seek out the help of a reputable broker or real estate agent, especially if you’re scouting residential projects in Rajarhat. In order to ensure a simple and hassle-free property registration process, you might also consider hiring an attorney.


    Registration Process For Buying Property in Rajarhat, Kolkata


    Registration Process For Buying Property in Kolkata

    1. Inspect the Sub-Registrar of Assurances’ Office for Encumbrances: Looking at the title deed or the property’s ownership status, such as any mortgages or liens, can help with this. You should ensure the title deed is registered in the name of the person selling the property and that all necessary paperwork is available for registration. You must examine the following factors while conducting your investigation:
    • The owner’s name must appear on the legal documentation proving ownership. This document is stamped with the Tehsildar’s seal and issued by the Revenue Record Department. The officer in charge of collecting taxes from a tehsil is known as a “Tehsildar” (an administrative division).
    • You must check records going back 30 years to confirm that there were no mortgages or other encumbrances on the property as of the date of purchase.
    • It is advisable to verify that the asset can be transferred and inherited and that the seller has permission to sell it.
    • Ensure that all outstanding taxes, electricity, and water bills have been paid as of the purchase date.
    1. The buyer’s Attorney will Draught the Final Deed: The buyer’s attorney prepares the final sale deed of the property. The document is stamped on green legal paper with the date and location left blank before being handed over for stamping. Although the cost of the attorney varies, it typically amounts to one percent of the property’s value, and the procedure lasts about a week.
    2. Payment of Stamp Duty: In order to stamp the Sale Deed, the buyer must pay the stamp duty at the designated bank or authorized collection center of the Stock Holding Corporation of India. Once the payment has been made, the bank issues a receipt and stamps “stamp duty received” on the first page of the printed Sale Deed. A day is all that it takes to complete this process.
    3. Execution of the Last Deed at the Sub-Registrar of Assurances’ Regional Office: This will need to be done in person at the office of the Sub-Registrar of Assurances under whose jurisdiction the property is located with the presence of the buyer, the seller, and two witnesses. A unique number is given to the paperwork once it has been registered, following the seller, buyer, and witnesses’ signatures on the stamped deed.
    4. Request the Mutation of the Title Deed: When flats for sale, be it Newtown or other places in Kolkata, get sold or transferred, the title ownership changes from one person to another. This is crucial for the property to be registered in the new owner’s name with the Land Revenue Department. Additionally, it enables the government to tax the appropriate owner of their property.


    Register Your Dream Lifestyle With Orchard Avaasa

    A home is a place that should make us feel at peace. Our desire to live in a peaceful environment away from the crowds endures even in such trying times that raise the possibility of increases in home loan rates. This is made possible by the low-cost, accessible housing options in Kolkata. This G+13 block acts as a single residential tower for you and your family, offering much-needed relaxation! This is especially true when you consider the signature amenities offered by Avaasa’s flats for sale in Newtown – Skywalk, and Skydeck.

    Affordable quality is possible! You can rely on Orchard Avaasa to make the best choice the first time. So choose wisely now by providing one of these affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, and enjoy a lifetime of happiness.

    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat

    Find Kolkata’s New Home Destination with Orchard Avaasa


    We often understand the concept of ‘home’ as a place where we feel safe and comfortable. Although this concept resonates with us the most, ‘home’ has become more of an investment for the future and a place for our prized possessions. The value of these affordable flats on the northern outskirts of Kolkata, like Rajarhat, will appreciate in the coming years. Hence, it makes for a lucrative investment option now.

    Rajarhat: Best Affordable Flats For Sale in Newtown

    The northern suburbs of Kolkata are transforming into thriving townships that have access to the best homes with even better amenities. Newtown in Rajarhat is a prime example of this growth in development. It makes sense that prestigious real estate firms and investors are choosing Rajarhat to build opulent, reasonably priced homes, given the area’s recent development. Developing these apartment buildings has also increased accessibility to luxury apartments. For this reason, apartments in Rajarhat are frequently taken into consideration for purchases.

    Orchard Avaasa: One of Kolkata’s thriving IT Hubs

    Rajarhat is unquestionably one of the IT hubs in the city besides Salt Lake. Rajarhat, which was first developed in the 1990s, is at the height of industrial development thanks to the abundance of IT behemoths like TCS, DLF, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, and Genpact.

    Connectivity for Easy Transportation

    Kolkata’s affordable flats in Rajarhat have left no stone unturned in providing us with a reliable commute system. Furthermore, being close to the airport, various modes of transportation, and even shuttle services makes travel pretty easy.

    Here’s the complete list of location perks:

    •       342m from Care & Care Dental Clinic
    •       The airport is about 8.7 miles away.
    •       Dr. Lal Path Labs is 609m away.
    •       Derozio College is around 200m away.
    •       Sector 5 is 20 minutes away.

    Avaasa: A World of Amenities Awaits you

    Prepare to experience the best, most opulent lifestyle inside. The apartments in Rajarhat offer first-rate amenities spread across nearly 15,000 square feet of space. Discover a range of resources at your disposal without ever leaving your house. You can plunge into the pool, unwind in the meditation room, and build endurance in the gym.

    This project will provide the upgraded lifestyle you have always desired for enjoying all-round comfort.

    But it goes far beyond that. Living a safer but better lifestyle allows you to spend more time with your family and maintain a better work-life balance. Don’t forget the deluxe amenities that come with its Rajarhat residential apartments, including a Skydeck and Skywalk inside.

    The best perk is that you can take advantage of such everlasting convenience at such a wisely reasonable cost!

    So why are you still waiting?

    It’s not just an apartment, the rest you know by now. (Hint: paradise)

    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Newtown Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat

    News! Repo Rate Hike by RBI Hits Housing Demand

    repo rate hike hits housing demand


    Last month, the Reserve Bank of India increased the policy Repo Rate from 4% to 4.4%. In June, the RBI further increased it by 50 basis points, bringing it to 4.9 percent (as it currently stands). However, you must be wondering where this leaves us. How will it affect our financial decisions as we advance?


    How Does the Repo Rate Tie to Borrowing Costs?

    When the Repo Rate is raised, the cost of funds for banks rises as well. The Repo Rate is the rate at which banks borrow funds from the Reserve Bank of India. As a result, when the RBI raises the Repo Rate, bank loans for consumers, that is, the cost of borrowing for retail or commercial purposes, and other personal investments in real estate or education also increases. Therefore, banks hike interest rates, as your monthly instalments (EMIs) become more expensive.


    What Does a Rate Hike Mean to Your Home Loan EMIs?

    Several house loan lenders, including HDFC, ICICI, Bank of Baroda, RBL, and Federal Bank, hiked their home loan interest rates a day after the Reserve Bank of India raised the Repo Rate to combat rapidly rising inflation. HDFC, one of the country’s largest lenders, announced Thursday that its lowest home loan rates would start at 7.55 percent, up from 6.7 percent in March.

    When the Repo Rate rises, so does the bank’s Repo Rate linked lending rate (RLLR). The borrower’s home loan interest rate will rise due to this. In actuality, instead of raising the EMI, banks usually lengthen the loan’s term.


    What Should Consumers do to Counter the Hike Now?


    Extended Tenure

    Begin by asking the bank to extend the loan’s term rather than the EMI. For example, the EMI on a Rs 50 lakh loan for a 25-year term serviced at 6.75 percent will only rise from Rs 34,500 to Rs 35,800. However, if the EMI is maintained, the tenure will be extended by 36 months. At the same interest rates, you end up paying less interest upon increasing the tenure.


    Partial Prepayment

    You can prepay your loan, at least partially, to avoid feeling the pinch and relieve the pressure of a higher EMI.


    Break Your FDs

    Because fixed deposit (FD) rates are currently low, ranging from 3.1 percent to 4.1 percent, home loan customers can use their FDs to prepay a portion of their loans.


    Invest In the Share Market

    Investors are getting good returns on their investments in the stock market. Markets can become an appealing place to invest with the right guidance and research. To outperform inflation, the return must be greater than 7%. Experts say that a drop in the stock market should be viewed as an opportunity to buy more stock.


    So, Where to Buy Your Homes from?

    A house is a place that is meant to make us feel at peace. Even in such trying times that hint at possible rises in home loan rates, our desire to live in a tranquil setting away from the crowds remains. These low-cost, affordable housing options in Kolkata make this possible. This G+13 block, as a single residential tower, provides much-needed relief for you and your family! This is especially true considering the exclusive features of this residential project, such as the Skywalk and Skydeck.

    Quality doesn’t have to be expensive! Trust Orchard Avaasa to ensure that your first choice is the best. So make the right choice today with these affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, and reap the benefits of a lifetime of happiness.

    Today, your dream home becomes a reality!

    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Newtown Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat

    Affordable Housing Project in Rajarhat to Lead Your Dream Life


    When it comes to investing in beautiful apartments in Rajarhat, Kolkata, affordability is perhaps the main factor that crosses our minds.

    With rising commercial and infrastructural growth, Rajarhat is quickly becoming a desirable location for affordable housing in Kolkata. Located on the outskirts of New Town, the Rajarhat we see today is a fresh invention, born out of cutting-edge technology and containing several residential projects that bear no resemblance to the formerly rural area.

    Given the recent development of this region, it’s no surprise that investors and influential real estate brands are choosing this location to build their luxurious yet affordable flats. Naturally, luxury apartments have become more affordable due to the rise of such residential projects. Properties in Rajarhat are worth your consideration as a result of these significant changes.

    The following elements have altered the dynamics of what was formerly Rajarhat and are now a well-planned satellite metropolis –

    Location Where Nature And Essentials Align

    Even when it comes to the exteriors of the housing complex, affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, provide comfort. In addition, closeness to fundamental necessities such as medical facilities, educational institutions, business organisations, and entertainment hotspots becomes very beneficial.

    Rajarhat provides all of this and much more. This region, surrounded by peaceful nature, is home to prestigious corporations, 5-star hotels, and other businesses. Such a concoction offers the best of both worlds. Hence, not only does it capture the sense of nature, but also meets your needs in the city.

    Connectivity That Facilitates Seamless Traveling

    Affordable flats in Kolkata has left no stone unturned in providing us with a sound commute system. Moreover, being well connected to the airport, other transportation options, and even shuttle services make travelling relatively smooth.

    Here’s the complete list of location perks:

    •       342m from Care & Care Dental Clinic
    •       The airport is about 8.7 miles away.
    •       Dr. Lal Path Labs is 609m away.
    •       Derozio College is around 200m away.
    •       Sector 5 is 20 minutes away.

    Two Reasons to Choose Avaasa in Rajarhat For Your Dream Home


    Amenities Par Excellence

    Security is one of the essential functions of a house. But that isn’t enough anymore; your home must be the one place where you can relax and unwind. So to relax with your family, you won’t have to leave your affordable flats in Kolkata. Instead, you will find landscaped gardens, a multigym, a badminton court, and a swimming pool within your comfort zone!


    Interiors Par Excellence

    The rooms here ensure good ventilation and airflow, understanding the need for spacious living. These affordable housing in Rajarhat are open on three sides and surrounded by greenery. The living experience of our residents is given top priority in this project. You can be certain that your loved ones are in good hands with your home here.

    Kolkata’s Most Exclusive Affordable Apartments in Rajarhat

    A house is also a refuge. We all want to live in a peaceful environment away from the crowds. This is made possible by these low-cost affordable housing in Kolkata. This G+13 block, as a single residential tower, provides you and your family with much-needed respite! This is especially true given the exclusive amenities in this residential project, such as a Skywalk and Skydeck.

    Quality does not have to break your bank! Trust Orchard Avaasa to return your trust with immense value, ensuring that your first decision is the best. With these affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, make the right choice today and reap the benefits of lifelong happiness.

    Your dream home becomes a reality today!

    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Newtown Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat

    Affordable Housing to Book Your 2, 3 BHK in Rajarhat, Kolkata

    affordable housing in rajarhat

    Location matters. Something that every homebuyer must have heard at one point or another. It is such a crucial element in the world of real estate and you’ll need to know the exact benefits that come with your new home. For instance, 2 BHK flats in Rajarhat come with numerous benefits to families due to their smart positioning. With regards to location, here are some of the most crucial considerations that you must keep in mind:

    • Distance from daily essentials
    • Modes of transportation available
    • Proximity to workplaces
    • Safety and security concerns
    • Nearby schools and medical centres

    Your decision to buy a home must be based on these 5 factors. But in tune with location, your dream home must also be affordable. This is because a home with a good location will always cost more than others. But what is the best way to get the best of both worlds? What if you could buy 3 BHK flats in Rajarhat which were affordable and packed with ample advantages?

    Introducing Orchard Avaasa, a popular residential project that has made this dream possible! Here’s what you need to know.

    Superb Location Advantages with 2/3 BHK Affordable Flats in Kolkata

    If location is your biggest concern, put all your worries to rest. Orchard Avaasa provides families with maximum ease to make each day as effortless as possible. Its 2 BHK flats in Rajarhat keep you close to all that matters. Entertainment centres, educational institutions and more – now within your reach!

    Check out the complete list of location benefits with a home here:

    • Only 3 minutes from City Centre 2
    • Nearest school just 512m away
    • 342m from Care & Care Dental Clinic
    • Airport at only 8.7 km
    • Dr Lal Path Labs at 609m
    • 200m from Derozio College
    • Just 20 mins from Sector 5

    But besides its smart location, how much do you know about the project?

    For starters, it is a creation of the famed Oswal Group. This real estate builder has fostered a tradition of trust in light of its past and existing projects. Ensuring wholesome fulfilment, it strives to create value for families looking for their ‘happy ending’. The group also adheres to timelines and maintains transparency throughout. Due to this, quality comes an as effortless promise with its affordable flats in Kolkata!

    And here’s a look at why Orchard Avaasa is perhaps the best option for a modern home!

    3 Reasons to Choose Avaasa in Rajarhat for Your Dream Home

    Top-notch Amenities

    A home is an assurance of safety. But that’s not enough today – your home must also be the one destination where you can de-stress and unwind. With 2 BHK flats in Rajarhat here, you won’t need to step out to relax with your family. You will come across amenities like landscaped gardens, a multigym, badminton court and a swimming pool within your comfort zone!

    Superb Interiors

    Understanding the need for spacious living, the rooms here ensure good ventilation and airflow. These 3 BHK flats in Rajarhat are 3 sides open and are surrounded by greenery on all sides. This project gives utmost emphasis to the living experience of its residents. With your home here, trust that your loved ones are in the right hands and taken care of.

    Exclusive Residences

    A home is also an escape. We all want to live away from crowds and live in a peaceful environment. These affordable flats in Kolkata make this a reality. Being a single residential tower, this G+13 block gives you and your family the much-needed escape! This is especially true because of the exclusive facilities like a Skywalk and Skydeck inside this residential project.

    Quality does not have to be an expensive affair! Ensuring that your first decision is the best one, trust Avaasa to return your trust with immense value. Make the right choice today and reap the benefits of lifelong happiness with 2/3 BHK flats in Rajarhat here.

    Book your dream home today!