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    Why Vastu for Flats in Rajarhat Is Everyone’s Obsession

    Vastu has been part of our five thousand years old history and finds its oldest mention in the Vedas. It is the Hindu science of structure that supposedly holds within the power to block negativity and foster positivity for overall stable well-being. When we talk about Vastu-compliant affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, we refer to apartments that subscribe to the direction, placement, and other factors surrounding furnishings that protect them by negating the evil effects.

    Reasons Why Vastu Is Essential for Flats in Rajarhat

    Every corner has cosmic energy, which includes both positive and negative energies. To ensure a life of prosperity with minimal negativities, it is imperative to adhere to Vastu guidelines while constructing apartments.


    Vastu Tips For Rajarhat Flats

    • An East, North, or North-West facing apartment entrance is regarded as lucky.
    • Deities enshrined in the Northeast corner are required by Vastu for the pooja room in apartments.
    • The property’s southwest corner is the ideal location for the master bedroom. It is associated with prosperity, long life, and good health.
    •  Ideally, the northwest corner of the room should house the guest or kids’ bedroom. It is imperative to stay away from bedrooms facing north or south, as doing so can cause health problems and domestic disputes.
    • The plots of flats with rectangular or square shapes conform to Vastu the best, and in some cases, if built, they will be eligible for A-grade flats.
    • You shouldn’t have the kitchen facing the same way as your front door.
    • Apartments with balconies facing west or south are not thought to be the best places to stay.
    • The best apartments for residential use are those with larger bodies and are facing west or south.


    Vastu For Puja Rooms

    The puja rooms must be situated in the northeast corner of the flat which is considered the most auspicious direction for their placement. As far as colours are concerned, neutral colours are considered holy according to the principles of Vastu. Hues of bright yellow, light blue, or white can be used for the walls, while the placement of idols of deities must face the East or West. One must be careful of placements that might attract negative energies. For instance, the south direction is not ideal for puja rooms. The walls must not share washroom or bedroom spaces. It is also advisable not to hang up photos of the deceased in the puja room as it may attract unfavourable energies.


    The Role of Vastu in Kitchens

    Vastu for kitchens is crucial to the overall Vastu of apartments. Therefore, it is crucial to confirm that the kitchen is Vastu-compliant before purchasing a flat or apartment.

    One of the five elements of nature that are mentioned in the kitchen is fire (Earth, Water, Air, Space, and Fire). Since they represent cash flow in modern times, proper placement and construction are therefore required. According to Vastu, the South-east corner of a flat is the best place for the kitchen.

    However, if South-east is not an option for you, West, East, North-west, and South are also favourable directions for the kitchen.


    Vastu Recommended for Entrances

    The Vastu for flat entrances provides insight into where to place the door to maximize the positivity in a flat or apartment. 

    It is advised to position the front door facing east, north-northeast, and north. 

    The placement of the elevators in front of the main entrance, however, shouldn’t be there.


    Orchard Avaasa: The Epitome of Vastu-Compliance

    Orchard Avaasa apartments are crafted by Oswal Group, keeping in mind the health and wellness of our residents. This is why sedulous attention was paid to making these flats Vastu-compliant for taking care of the long-term peace and prosperity of our clients.

    Understanding these guidelines is essential because they improve quality of life, support building a home’s design, and help absorb negative energy. Overall, it contributes to a happy and healthy way of life. Using the right Vastu principles can open the door to a happy and healthy life!

    Therefore, keep these Vastu suggestions in mind as you continue scouting the best affordable flats in Rajarhat, New Town.

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