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    Use These Tips and Tricks to Make Your Place Look Bigger


    The idea of adding extensions to your home sounds great. It seems an efficient way to enlarge the square foot area without actually breaking the walls. But it can be time-consuming and expensive, and most of the times, impossible. If you find worldly possessions are closing in on you and your home walls are taking over, then this can be just because of a poor design.


    As for the rest, here we bring some easy and exciting solutions to make your place look more bright and spacious, even if it is by tricking the visual perception.


    Open Shelves from Floor to Ceiling



    Open shelves from floor to ceiling offers you enough space to clear floor clutter and make optimum use of wall space. A bottom of the top unit will work perfectly well in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, drawing the eye upwards and hence making ceilings appear little higher.


    Using Mirrors



    Anything that reflects light is a way to add dimensions to limited space, and mirrors do a fabulous job at this. A tabletop or large floor area mirrored opposite to a window can instantly give your room a more significant appearance and scope. Just make sure that the mirror does not reflect any cornered or cluttered space as your purpose to add space will be defeated.


    Bringing Light Paint Colors into Action



    Dark wall colors can make a room appear smaller. It is because the light is not able to reflect and make the walls appear reduced in size. To give your room an open up look, use monochromatic palettes of grey, yellows, creams, and whites. These are the best when it comes to light bouncing and hence can make your space appear larger.


    Declutter Your House



    The minimalist approach to have a sound décor in your home is to create an airy and seamless space. The most elegant way to avail this is to remove all barely used items that would just make your room appear too crowded and busy. All you need to do is edit the stuff and declutter it from things that you are not using since months.


    Introduce Smart Furniture Elements



    From a bed frame with sliding drawers to multi-functional furniture pieces like a drop-leaf table, introducing them in your space is a great idea to maximize the space. At the same time, it would serve you with the extra area to store in your stuff. So, think about such smart furniture items and introduce them at various places of your house for a bigger and better-looking home.


    Plan Over-the-Door Storage



    Be it your bedroom or bathroom if a thing in your home makes space look dull and small then it is time to think about serious revamping. Introduce over the door storage for such areas where the over the door hooks can be used to store bags, accessories, and other daily beauty stuff. This will not just add more convenience but will also make your floor and counter clutter free.





    Windows that are left uncovered offer a path to natural lighting. Even you can go for sheer coverings to lighten and brighten up the room with natural light and draw eyes outdoors. If you wish to drape the windows then give it a second thought and let the drapes go past the windows, whether horizontally or vertically. This will not just offer an illusion of bigger windows, but would also make your house look larger and brighter than ever.


    Look for Scaled Furniture



    Since you have a small space so this does not mean that you need to constrain yourself about the selection and avoid buying larger pieces. A great idea is to have a polished space styled with single oversized furniture than a couple of smaller ones. Also, try to pick scaled furniture pieces that do not block pathway or natural light source and must blend perfectly well with the uniformity of wall color.





    When you wish to open up a small space, recessed lighting is an excellent option. This form of illumination is visually appealing and bounces back to the place where you need. If you have ceilings on higher side then you can use hanging lights rather than recessed lighting to have a more inviting and bigger space.


    Wall Art



    Hanging a big painting against to numerous small items can make your walls appear bigger than they are. You can plan to put a wall art at the average height level, so there is enough space left above it. This will make your room appear taller and bigger.


    Follow these tips and tricks to decorate your small space and make it look bigger rather than cramped and crowded.


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