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    Top Homebuying Myth Busters For Apartment Complex In Kolkata

    The process of buying flats in places like Rajarhat has been a smart move since its recent development into one of Kolkata’s busting townships. However, buying apartments and flats available in top fancy apartment complexes can often involve myths that may deter the buying journey. 


    Myths About Real Estate Decoded


    Myth1: You May Have Missed the Boat

    There is no right or wrong time to buy flats. It is most recommended when you are prepared to take bank loans following all protocols. You may often encounter questions from people from your closed circuit that you ought to plan at least six months ahead which may not be entirely wrong. However, the best is always when you’re prepared to shoulder EMI responsibilities. 


    Myth 2: 20 % Down Payment is Mandatory

    As long as you have a solid credit score that helps you pre-qualify for a home loan, a 20 % downpayment may not be needed. With a sound credit score, you become eligible to bargain about a few things:


    1. About the interest rate
    2. Practical estimation of the downpayment corpus


    Myth 3: Neighbourhood And Location Secondary To The Quality Of The House

    These are perhaps the biggest myths circulating about real estate which influences financial investment decisions. There’s always a mix of people who go to work and those who choose to stay in and take care of the house. Therefore, the neighbour-factor, which almost sounds too trivial, could have more than a relevant impact on home-buying decisions. 


    Myth 4: Buying From a Reputed Builder May Not Be Necessary

    It is rather necessary to buy from reputed real estate builders. Trustworthy builder’s quality of construction materials and inclusion of civic facilities that you can vouch for. Residential projects by them are usually built on better locations that are well-connected, supporting an easy commute for the residents. 


    Myth 5: Take The Maximum Amount For Approved Loans

    Just because you’re eligible higher loan amounts, doesn’t mean you have to take a big loan. It all depends on the purpose. Unnecessarily taking bigger loans etail bigger EMIs which is undesirable for the majority. 

    Top Homebuying Myth Busters For Apartment Complex In Kolkata1

    Real Investments in Real Estate: The Trust of Oswal

    IGBC Gold Certified, Oswal Group’s Orchard Avaasa, comes with both 2 and 3 BHK flats in Rajarhat that come for 61.28 lacs and 73.42 lacs respectively. With amenities like the Skydeck and Skyplex that lets you relax under the open skies do make for a tempting case. In addition, schools such as St. Stephens and hospitals like Dr. Pathlab are nearby. Plus, recreational centers like City Centre and Eco Park are within 4 km-radius. Investing in Avaasa is not only beneficial as soon as you move in, but also in the long run, given the other factors are considered. 


    Arguably, the best apartment complex in Kolkata – Avaasa is not just a home, it’s a modern paradise. 


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