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    Tips & Tricks for an Elegant Looking Dining Room


    The one space that exhibits the entire feel of your house is the dining space. This is generally the central portion of the house and thus should portray the feel of your home. This is the space where everyone gathers at the end of the day to have a nice meal together. Hence, the dining space should be calm and elegant, a place you would want to come back to at the end of the day. Even if you do not own a house, you can still buy a residential apartment in Kolkata or any other major city and do your dining room in an elegant manner. To make your dining room look elegant, there is so much you can do. Let’s have a look at some of them.


    1. Brightness should be the Key


    Dining Room Looks Brights


    The place where you come home to have a meal with your family should not be dull, right? Make sure the dining space is bright and has a lot of windows to let the light and wind flow in. If you cannot have windows all over, make sure there is a corner where sunlight enters and brightens up the whole room. The lighting should be bright too.


    2. Make Sure there is Every Kind of Lighting


    Every Kind of Lighting


    There are so many occasions and special days in a year. You would not want the same kind of lights every day. That would get monotonous. So make sure there are different kinds of lighting, for different moods. That would add the personal touch that sets a dining room apart from a restaurant.


    3. Go for a Statement Dining Table


    Statement Dining Table


    The dining table is like the center of attraction of the dining room. When you want to make your dining room look elegant, you have to pay extra attention to the table that sits in the room. Make sure that the dining table stands out among everything else. You can go in for an unusual shape, or some beautiful material. Keep the dining table unique and classy.


    4. Mismatched Chairs in Neutral Colours Add to the Beauty


    Mismatched Chairs


    After dining tables, the next most important element is the chairs. While the dining table is a statement piece, you can go in a little easy on the chairs. While the chairs are very important, they do not always have to be a part of the dining set. You can get the chairs separately, and they do not even have to match. In fact, matching chairs can bring in monotony after a point of time. Get some mismatched chairs in neutral colours, which go with the tone of the dining table. This combination will speak elegance like nothing else.


    5. Let White be the Central Colour


    White Dining Room


    Nothing speaks elegance like the colour white. If you love colours and want to make your dining room look bright, you can go for fun options. But if you want elegance, there’s nothing like white. If you are a colours person, we have just the answer for you. Pick any bright colour of your choice, and add pops and dashes of it everywhere, while keeping white as the base hue. This will keep the elegance of the dining room intact and add a dash of colour to it too, without making it look too loud or bright.


    6. Try to Stay Away from too Much Wood



    Wooden furniture is surely elegant and do look good. But imagine this- wooden table, wooden chairs, wooden storage spaces, wooden flooring. Isn’t it too overwhelming? You do not want your dining room to look like a place that is straight out of a forest. So go easy on the furniture and experiment with materials other than wood.


    7. Do Not Undermine The Importance of Lighting


    Importance of Lighting


    As we have mentioned above, the lighting can make or break the feel of a dining room. If you want elegance, you can either go in for a huge chandelier that hangs like a royalty at the middle of the room. However, if you want to go for a statement chandelier, make sure the ceiling is high enough. Else, it will look scary. But what if your ceiling is low? You can still go for bright lights. In that case, go for a number of statement hanging lights that will make it look like a canopy of lights.


    In the end, accessorize your dining space properly with cutlery, pots and whatever you need. The daily essentials that a dining space needs, get fun and experimental with them. An elegant dining room is not only loved by the family members, but also by guests who come over when you organize a party.


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