Posted On June 29, 2020

Thanks to COVID-19, It’s Time to Review Your Home’s Interior Design

Home Interior Design

For the longest time, the home has been where the heart is. But, this saying has never been truer than the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsequent lockdown. With the home being the epicenter for not only leisure and the usual meals, but also exercise, full-time work, exercise, and more, everyone is looking at their homes differently. People no longer want their homes to be just beautiful spaces, but healthy and functional, as well. So, whether you are thinking of undergoing a complete makeover, a few upgrades, or starting from scratch, these are some of the interior design trends that you should pay attention to.

Decluttering and Opening Up Spaces Will Reign Superior

Organizing Tips for Bedroom

The coronavirus lockdown has had a major impact on everyone and being confined within the four walls of the home has made people reconfigure their living spaces. The first step is decluttering, but it goes beyond this. The trend is spatial reconfiguration so that the residents of the house have much more space for themselves. Since you cannot go out and engage in your regular activities, it is your home that has to cater to all your needs – work, exercise, leisure, and so on. This is why you need to start by getting rid of the things in your 2BHK apartment that you don’t need so that you get open space to do yoga or work out. Also, as work-from-home is the new norm, you have to figure out a way to accommodate your space where you will have all your work essentials.

Focus On the Installation of Storage Solutions

Bedroom Storage

Keeping in tandem with the above point, quarantine has made people realize the importance of space. With all the members of the family inside the home at all times, it has given rise to the need of making room so that everyone can stay comfortably. This has led to a huge demand for storage solutions including cupboards, cabinets and so on. The need of the hour is a clutter-free, beautifully organized space and that is possible to achieve by fitting several storage options in the house. You can get a full-length wardrobe so that all your clothes can be neatly tucked away and to conceal all your stuff, you can opt for shutters and cabinets.

Growing One’s Own Home Garden Plants

Indoor House Plants

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of fear among everyone. People are freaked out even if they have to run errands or go grocery shopping. Many people are having a hard time trusting the produce that is available at the local supermarkets. So, the perfect solution to this is to start planting some home garden plants. If you are afraid to go out, you can simply grow your own inside your home. If you own a bungalow, you can consider a terrace garden. But, if you live in a luxury 3BHK flat and wish to maintain distance from other people in your complex, you can make use of your window sill. You could start by planting aromatic herbs like, mint and basil. Besides, giving you cooking ingredients, a home garden will also aid in healthier air.

However, not everyone is inclined toward maintaining a home garden. Some people are simply adding home plants to the interior décor so that they can look at something green and fresh. It gets tiring staring at the walls and the plants are a good distraction. Moreover, plants add a touch of freshness to the décor.

Use of Low-Maintenance Finishes and upcycled Materials

benefits of upcycling Materials

The coronavirus crisis has instilled a fear of touching surfaces in everyone. Also, people are keen on maintaining social distancing rules. This is going to be the new normal. Your home is the safest spot right now and for many months to come and the answer to making your home free of the virus is sanitizing all of your furniture pieces on a daily basis. But, the problem is not every finish and material is water-resistant. So, all furniture pieces might not be able to handle the sanitizers. This is why the interior design trends are seeing a massive surge in the demand for furniture pieces that are made of upcycled materials. The focus is on anti-bacterial fabrics and surfaces so that they can be cleaned properly and easily. Another significant change has been seen in terms of finishes. It is recommended that people make use of finishes that do not require a lot of maintenance and can withstand regular cleaning. Acrylic, laminate, and lacquer are some of those low-maintenance finishes that can be sanitized and cleaned regularly.

A Dedicated Space For Home Office

Workspace at Home

Today, creating a comfortable and ergonomic home office has become more of a necessity than just a desire. When you bought your dream home, your property developer might not have considered the home office to be mandatory for all, but future builders are sure to take this under consideration. For now, you need to pick a room or a corner and set-up your home office so that you can work in peace and don’t give your boss any chance to complain. Make sure that the space has enough lighting and get comfortable seating since you will have to sit there for hours.

In addition to these, multipurpose rooms are also trending. This is basically making use of a single room and making it work for various purposes. For example, you can use your bedroom for sleeping, as well as, for reading. You can also designate a place for drinking your morning tea or evening coffee.

Nobody knows when things will become normal as before or if it ever will be. The worst-case scenario is embracing social distancing and staying home as the “new normal”. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot make your home a paradise and a place that takes care of your every need. Keep in mind the above-mentioned interior design trends to restructure your home.

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