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    Property in Rajarhat, Newtown to Book Your Dream Apartment


    A home is so much more than the 4 walls we see. It’s the culmination of dreams and years of struggle. Moreover, it’s the security you need for taking care of your family and the generations to come. Where a residential apartment in Rajarhat will reap great benefits down the line, it may be difficult to choose a certain one if you’re not entirely convinced about your choice.

    With that said, here are a few pointers to keep in mind before you make a decision:

    • Location benefits of the flat
    • Standard of facilities offered
    • Builder behind the project
    • Number of units inside
    • Levels of safety and security

    These are some of the most crucial factors that go into the selection of a home. While all eyes tend to fall on the location factor, do not disregard the others when it comes to your dream apartment. And to end your quest for nothing but the best in Rajarhat among other properties, Orchard Avaasa deserves your attention.

    Here’s why it is the first choice for a home in Kolkata.

    Discover Holistic Happiness with Avaasa’s Flats in Rajarhat

    Location: There’s no denying the importance of location in regards to a dream apartment. Since this area is loaded with advantages, flats in Rajarhat have always turned heads. However, Orchard Avaasa should definitely be given first preference due to the following:

    • 3 mins away from City Centre 2
    • 512m from St. Stephen’s School
    • 342m from Care & Care Dental Clinic
    • 200m from Derozio College
    • 20 mins from Sector 5
    • 371m from Star Kids Rajarhat

    Exclusivity: Many try to live away from the crowds as far as modern housing trends go. Since many residential properties in Rajarhat tend to be cluttered with hundreds of units, Orchard Avaasa reserves only 84 homes inside a single residential tower. This makes it an ideal living space for families.

    Amenities: Discover handpicked amenities that are available with any residential apartment in Rajarhat here. Making relaxation an everyday affair, Avaasa houses a great selection that helps you unwind and stay active with your loved ones. Check out what this residential project has to offer:

    • Party lawn
    • Badminton court
    • Kids’ play room
    • Reading zone
    • Sky-deck
    • Swimming pool
    • AC community hall
    • Games room
    • Multi-gym
    • Sky walk

    Safety: Another element that cannot be overlooked in a dream home is the level of safety. With Orchard Avaasa, expect your loved ones to be in safe and secure surroundings. Offering 24/7 security with power back-up, now get a taste of the modern life with a residential apartment in Rajarhat here.

    Builder: To seal your decision with trust, the choice of builder is as essential as the offerings themselves. Known for punctuality and quality, Oswal Group has provided value to each of its residents through its variety of projects across Kolkata. Hence, you can bank on Orchard Avaasa for your dream home.

    As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to buy a home here.

    Being 3 sides open in nature, any flat here in Rajarhat brings good circulation of air inside. This is also supported by the fact that your home is surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. Orchard Avaasa is also an IGBC certified eco-friendly green building. You’ll find that this G+13 tower offers convenience on all fronts relating to daily life. Distance from necessities, an array of modern amenities and so much more – all bundled up within one wholesome address.

    So if you have dreams of a home that has it all, there’s one exceptional place just for you.

    Book your new flat at Orchard Avaasa today!

    Flats in Newtown Kolkata Interior Design

    5 Vaastu Tips for Your Future Flat in Newtown with Skydeck Facility



    While buying a home easily counts as one of life’s greatest achievements, there is a lot of thought given before making a decision. And it’s even better when it’s in the right residential area. Location matters – more than any other factor that influences buying a home. In this regard, those looking for flats for sale in Kolkata will find New Town much to their liking. But no matter the unit size or location, buyers are more focused on Vaastu compliant units today.


    Why is that?


    In recent times, Vaastu considerations have become at par with other aspects such as facilities and connectivity. Many are under the impression that it is just a marketing term and something used to boost demand. However, there are many benefits linked with Vaastu homes. Be it Vaastu for the wardrobe in the master bedroom or living room, it is typically associated with the flow of energies and the ‘science of architecture’.

    Its basic premise lies in the study of natural elements and how they are balanced and harmonized. There are 5 in total – earth, fire, wind, water and space. These natural energies reflect the following:

    • Earth: Geomagnetic energy
    • Water: Gravitational energy
    • Wind: Wind energy
    • Fire: Solar energy
    • Space: Cosmic radiation

    Through its principles combined with the science of directions, homes are specifically designed to ensure peaceful living for dwellers. These range from placements of rooms and entrances to even objects and shapes. But for a comprehensive look, here are the top 5 Vaastu tips for those in Kolkata that have purchased a new flat for sale in New Town.


    Top Vaastu Considerations When Buying Flats in Newtown, Kolkata

    Let’s break these down based on the rooms inside each home.


    Vaastu Living Rooms

    Whether social gatherings or family time, the living room is where most of the activity in a home takes place. This room should face the North, East or North-East direction. Electronic appliances (which include the TV) must be kept in the South-East section. But avoid putting an air-cooler/ air-purifier in the South-East position and also avoid red or black for the walls of this room.


    Vaastu for Bedrooms

    Vaastu for bedrooms is important since it influences the quality of sleep and the health of the family. Hence, it is important to use these Vaastu tips before opting for flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata. It should be in the South-West direction and so should your bed. Square or rectangular rooms should be prioritized while irregular shaped rooms should be avoided altogether.

    Correct placement of furniture also matters. For instance, if you’re wondering which direction your master bedroom wardrobe should be, Vastu suggests that the South, South-West or West directions are most suitable. However, placing mirrors on its doors and sleeping with your head in the North or South direction is not advised.


    Vaastu for Main Entrances

    The main entrance to your home is believed to be the place where energies enter and exit. As per the set principles laid down by Vaastu, the entrance should be in the North, East or North-East direction of a home. In practical terms, this placement has a direct impact on the presence of natural light and ventilation. Here are other key considerations that must be kept in mind:

    • Doors should open inwards and in a clockwise manner
    • Avoid painting the main door in the colour black
    • Do not place a shoe rack or dustbin near the main door
    • You should face the North, East or North-East direction when stepping out
    • No bathroom or water-centric element should be near the main door


    Vaastu for Kitchens

    When choosing flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata, the kitchen should be placed in the South-East corner as per Vaastu. While the North-West direction is also a good option, this room should not face a washroom or share a common wall with it. Food should be prepared in the East direction while your fridge should be kept in the South-West direction. Strictly avoid an apartment with a kitchen located in the North corner.


    Vaastu for Bathrooms

    Another vital area in a home, always ensure that a bathroom is positioned in the North-West or South-East corner of the flat. It is recommended to keep the bathroom door closed at all times. Avoid black and blue colours for the interiors of the toilet. As mentioned for the kitchen, the toilet should not share a wall with several rooms like bedrooms or the puja room among others.

    Now pave the way for better living experiences and positivity with these highly effective tips!

    And for a modern home with a Skydeck facility, Orchard Avaasa is the place to be.

    Flats in Newtown Flats in Rajarhat

    Residential Complex by Oswal Group to Book 3 BHK in Rajarhat


    Whether we know it or not, we rely on brands in almost every aspect of our lives. Right from the toothpaste we use to the phones we have, each purchasing decision was made keeping the brand in mind. The same situation applies in the world of real estate. So before choosing a residential complex in Rajarhat, looking at the real estate brand will definitely help you make the right choice.

    And with Oswal Group, it’s impossible to go wrong! This builder is best known for its emphasis on quality living as well as modern housing solutions. By keeping the comfort of residents at the core of its creations, it has carved a niche for itself and won the trust of many while doing so. Orchard 126, Orchard Country and Orchard Residency are superb projects created by this brand.

    But if you’re in search of a 3 BHK flat in Rajarhat, Orchard Avaasa is definitely the one for you!

    Here is a short yet comprehensive look at this project by Oswal Group.

    What Makes Orchard Avaasa a Top Choice for Flats in Kolkata?

    Oswal Group has been active in the real estate scenario since the year 2000. It has clearly identified the key traits that families look for in a good 3 BHK flat in New Town and has delivered accordingly. Every essential consideration falls under its broad radar. By putting quality and comfort first, it has been committed to uplifting living standards while making dreams of homeownership come true.

    Such is the case with Orchard Avaasa – a highly sought after housing complex in Rajarhat. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that it houses 84 exclusive homes. These are housed in a single G + 13 block with superb amenities that transcend the ordinary.

    Can you imagine having a Skywalk within your comfort zone? With this residential complex in Rajarhat, you can expect to live the effortless lifestyle you have always wanted with the ones that you hold dear. Here a few solid reasons to buy a home at Avaasa. 

    3 Reasons to Book 3 BHK Flats in Rajarhat at Orchard Avaasa

    Enviable Location Advantages

    Everyone already knows just how important it is to live in a good residential area. Luckily, the major highlight of this project is its smart and meticulous positioning. With any 3 BHK flat in New Town here, you can expect to be easily linked to your essentials with zero hassles and headaches. This paves the way for a comfortable lifestyle where everything you need and more is within your reach.

    And it’s not just about grocery stores and pharmacies. Did you know that City Centre 2 is just 3 minutes away? This residential complex in Rajarhat offers the following location advantages:

    • 13 mins away from the Airport
    • 18 mins from St Xaviers University
    • 20 mins from Sector 5
    • 14 mins from Tata Medical Centre
    • 3 mins from City Centre 2
    • 2 mins from Star Kids Rajarhat
    • 15 mins from DPS Megacity

    Stunning Set of Amenities

    We do not just buy an apartment for the sake of owning a permanent home. We buy it to fulfil our needs for a better and upgraded lifestyle. With Avaasa’s 3 BHK flats in New Town, this comes as a guarantee! This project puts forward the best of facilities to ensure relaxation and leisure for every member of the family. Or in other words, each day is sure to seem like a vacation.

    You will find several amenities ranging from a swimming pool to a gymnasium and yoga room. Additionally, these 3 BHK flats in Rajarhat also house exclusive ones like a Skywalk and a Skyplex! Besides that, there are a variety of spaces to unwind and spend time with your loved ones. An adda zone, games room and landscaped gardens are among the variety that you will find here.

    Spacious, Well-crafted Homes

    This project’s exclusive 84 homes seek to unite like-minded families with the aim of living as one big happy family. The project is surrounded by greenery on all sides. This housing complex in Rajarhat is also an IGBC certified green building – a fact that carries an assurance of a healthier way of life that enhances the wellbeing of residents.

    This residential project in Rajarhat offers 2 and 3 BHK residences that are 3 sides open. This brings in the maximum entry of air and natural light inside. It also ensures good ventilation as well. Spaces are designed so as to facilitate easy movement among family member with ample space in each room. Hence, it becomes clear that Orchard Avaasa is an option worth putting at the top of your list!

    Being a creation of the esteemed Oswal Group, you can definitely bank on this project for a bright future. After all, a trusted real estate brand will surely reciprocate your faith with value and fulfilment. So if you wish to make the most of your hard-earned money, Orchard Avaasa will replace your dreams and give your loved ones the life they deserve.

    So take the first step and book your 3 BHK flats today!

    Finance Flats in Newtown Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat Interior Design

    5 Interior Design Ideas to Turn an Apartment into Your Dream Home



    Buying a home is the ultimate dream for families in Kolkata. But does it end just by choosing one of the best residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town? Absolutely not! Creating a strong first impression is a priority and beautiful spaces tend to speak for themselves.

    However, designing it accordingly may not seem as easy.

    That’s why we’re sharing the top interior design ideas just for you!

    Here are a few simple ways to give your home the best look it deserves.


    Add the Impression of Space

    If there’s something that everyone is trying to achieve, it’s the struggle to create maximum space inside. Of course, choosing 2 BHK affordable housing in New Town comes with a fixed carpet area. But did you know that you can make your home appear more spacious than it actually is? This is done through careful interior design and placement of items and furniture.

    Moreover, it also means getting rid of clutter. Discard the unnecessary and find multipurpose objects that can store the important things that may not add to visual beauty. Opting for tools like floating shelves provide a fine impression while saving tremendous space. And lastly, clean as often as you can while using natural light to the fullest. That’s how you will add more space to your interiors.


    Explore the Wonders of Colour

    The first thing that guests tend to notice is the colour of the spaces inside. So when trying to upgrade the interior design of a home, choosing the appropriate paint and colour palette is the right way to go. And no, choosing a neutral shade is not the ideal solution as most think. There are three basic hues: dominant, secondary, and tertiary. Use these in fixed proportions to add more depth, but the ratio can be changed based on your aesthetics.

    Also, it doesn’t have to be solely about colour. Wallpaper can prove to be a superb choice for interiors within residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town. This is because you can make modifications based on patterns and designs for a better appeal. Whether painted walls or wallpaper, ensure that they work well with natural light as well as after sunsets. And lastly, remember that the remaining décor will be based on the colour scheme you choose.


    Keep an Eye on Visual Elements

    Some pieces in a home function to make a statement. A vintage piece of furniture. An antique mirror. Modern artwork. They could be anything that could help increase the appeal of affordable housing in New Town, Kolkata. These can also take the shape of lampshades, lights, bookcases, tables and anything that captures attention.

    Plants are also used owning to their budget-friendliness as well as their ability to breathe life into spaces. Identify your focal point and set up spaces around that. Don’t forget that the bespoke piece you select has the power to leave your guests in a state of awe!


    Personalize it to Perfection

    A good home is not just the result of choosing one of the best residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town. Rather, it is a personal space where we enjoy the company of our loved ones and relax after a long day’s work. So ask yourself, what’s a home without a personal touch?

    Artwork by your children, trophies and achievements, souvenirs collected on family trips – you can keep these memories alive by putting them on display. In fact, showcasing your personal collections also reflect the hobbies and talents of each member. Hence, keep these treasures arranged to draw attention and add a personal touch to light up your home.

    Affordable Flats in Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    Buying Guide Before Booking Your Dream Flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata



    Buying a home definitely takes first place in terms of a family’s biggest financial commitment. While it is a dream come true for many, it will be a disaster if not done right. Families save up their hard-earned money for years and finally decide to get a home for themselves – it becomes a necessity to be aware of every major detail involved in buying one.

    Whether a housing complex in Rajarhat or anywhere else, your decision to buy a property will definitely affect the future of your family. Hence, more research and precaution today lead to a brighter tomorrow. And how exactly do you know what to keep an eye out for?

    Here’s listing the essentials required before buying affordable flats in Kolkata.

    Buying a Flat in Rajarhat? Read this Comprehensive List of Requirements


    Focus on the Carpet Area

    More often than not, buyers are led to believe that the super built-up area of a residential property is everything. On the contrary, it is the carpet area that actually makes a difference. This is the usable area within the walls of a home while the super built-up area denotes the total built-up area plus the space taken up by common areas (like elevators, gardens or even clubhouses). The difference between both needs to be clearly understood before opting for a housing complex in Rajarhat.


    Verify the Real Estate Builder

    Not every builder is a verified one with a good track record to its name. The first way is to find out if they are registered – there should be a HIRA number attached to the project and if there’s not, it lays grounds for doubt. Also, verify the past experiences with projects – Were there any delays in possession? Was there an issue regarding quality? Of course, you’ll get an idea about the best builders behind popular flats in New Town, Kolkata, once you start digging deeper but it’s always wise to validate the same through ratings and reviews.


    Examine the Status of Security

    One of the main elements behind getting the best housing complex in Rajarhat is to check out the levels of security within the project. Here is a list of questions you should consider asking:

    • Is there a 24/7 power back up?
    • Are there measures in case of fire-related emergencies?
    • Is the project located in safe surroundings?
    • What is the status of personnel inside?
    • Is there adequate lighting outside the project?
    • Is there CCTV surveillance available?

    Security comes as one of the most basic requirements when buying a home. When you ask the right questions such as these, you definitely get an apartment that serves its primary purpose – keeping your loved ones safe and secure. Do look thoroughly into this and ensure that all boxes are ticked regarding safety and security inside.


    Don’t Overlook Hidden Costs

    Many are familiar with the down payment and monthly EMIs involved with any type of housing unit, be it expensive or affordable flats in Kolkata. Then comes the additional charges such as PLC (costs based on the location of the property) and GST. But there are some costs that don’t clearly fall under the radar. Some of these are listed below:

    • Parking charges
    • Maintenance costs
    • Stamp duty
    • Registration costs
    • Interior design cost, etc.


    Identify the Vital Documents 

    It is almost a compulsory requirement to verify and determine that the project is legitimate in regards to the land it was built on and has the necessary approvals from various NOC’s. Besides these, you should also verify the occupancy certificate, title deed, building plan, completion certificate, sale deed, encumbrance certificate, etc. There is a tremendous amount of legal issues involved in the process so it is also advisable to carry a list of documents to cross-check when finalizing on flats in New Town, Kolkata.


    Pay a Visit to the Project

    What you may see in brochures may not necessarily be a reality. For example, all apartments may not have the same view. Or, it may also happen that the nearest grocery store could be located further than your ideal housing complex in Rajarhat. Visit the site first-hand to get a better idea on matters such as actual transportation options, the progress of construction, the standard of amenities, changes in the vicinity, etc. Seeing is believing after all, and a site visit definitely has the power to make or break a deal.

    A milestone.

    An achievement.

    A huge turning point in life.

    Buying a new home is so much more than what it seems like on the surface. Being a once in a lifetime occurrence, deciding to purchase affordable flats in Kolkata is a decision that involves no room for error. These aforementioned tips will be of great help along with your search for the best home, keeping every important aspect in mind as well as your future.

    Flats in Newtown Kolkata Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    6 Reasons to Book Your Flats in Rajarhat, Newtown


    If there’s one thing that Kolkata is famous for, it’s definitely the inviting nature of the city. Whether flats in Rajarhat or anywhere else, the City of Joy welcomes people from all walks of life. This is due to its impressive education institutions, superb standards of healthcare alongside its status as a popular cultural hub. Hence, it’s only natural that families would flock to this city due to the wonders it brings to daily life.

    With more population comes more growth in opportunities and one such remarkable result is the development of the regions situated by the fringes of Kolkata – namely flats for sale in New Town Kolkata. These have actually been chosen as a top priority among homebuyers today. Being an upcoming IT hub, it largely benefits from its seamless connectivity to the central regions along with a variety of entertainment zones close by.

    So, if you’re in search of affordable flats in Kolkata, here’s why you must consider Rajarhat.

    Why Choose Flats in Rajarhat for a New Residence in Kolkata?



    Planned to perfection

    Unknown to many, this region stands as one of Kolkata’s best-planned townships. Especially beneficial for those working in the IT sector, workplaces are definitely within easy reach. And it’s not about easy access to this alone. Rajarhat actually houses a few premier educational institutions such as Presidency University among others. Hence, it’s no secret that homebuyers looking for affordable flats in Kolkata are targeting Rajarhat for modern housing complexes today.

    Effective commute, guaranteed

    As always, location is everything in real estate and you’ll find that flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata, will not disappoint. Providing a good set of options over rail and road, there are popular expressways connecting one to the main city. Another strong reason is the soon-to-be metro facility that will make this gap even smaller. Even better, the Airport is about 12 kms from Rajarhat – an advantage that is useful for those that frequently fly.

    Ease to employment centers

    Work is an essential part of life. But with flats in Rajarhat, employment hubs like Sector 5 only 15 minutes away! Offices such as TCS, Wipro, Genpact and DLF are close to flats in Rajarhat. This is a huge benefit when it comes to saving time each day on commute. In a life where we are caught in deadlines, spending less time in transportation and more with family is definitely worthwhile.

    High standard of amenities

    For those wondering if this residential area is the perfect fit for your family, you’ll be glad to know that many homes here are equipped with the essentials of a modern lifestyle. With flats in Rajarhat, you can expect amenities like multi gyms, swimming pools, games rooms and many more. Of course, basic amenities such as 24/7 power and CCTV come as a promise while open space and greenery also come in one super packaged deal. Homes here definitely have it all – a strong reason to buy an apartment in Rajarhat.

    Presence of reputed builders

    Rajarhat has now emerged as a lucrative option for popular real estate builders looking for the next best site in Kolkata. Owing to the combined benefits that this region presents, flats in New Town, Kolkata, provide great returns in value. That’s precisely why big names in real estate like Oswal Group have taken this opportunity to provide families nothing but the best when searching for a home.

    Status as an educational hub

    New Town School, Delhi Public School, Techno India University, St. Xavier’s University – these are just some of the names that can be found with flats in Rajarhat. Since education is something that cannot be compromised, a home here definitely gives you the easy access you need. School districts have always been preferred and with an apartment here, you’ve surely made the right choice for the future.

    Everybody knows that Rajarhat is a residential area that is developing at a fast pace. And with time, it may prove to be the best option for those looking for affordable flats in Kolkata. With the presence of more developmental activities and real estate builders, it is definitely an ideal location for families.

    So, explore projects in Rajarhat and you’ll find nothing but happiness in the long run!