Posted On November 9, 2021

Property in Rajarhat, Newtown to Book Your Dream Apartment


A home is so much more than the 4 walls we see. It’s the culmination of dreams and years of struggle. Moreover, it’s the security you need for taking care of your family and the generations to come. Where a residential apartment in Rajarhat will reap great benefits down the line, it may be difficult to choose a certain one if you’re not entirely convinced about your choice.

With that said, here are a few pointers to keep in mind before you make a decision:

  • Location benefits of the flat
  • Standard of facilities offered
  • Builder behind the project
  • Number of units inside
  • Levels of safety and security

These are some of the most crucial factors that go into the selection of a home. While all eyes tend to fall on the location factor, do not disregard the others when it comes to your dream apartment. And to end your quest for nothing but the best in Rajarhat among other properties, Orchard Avaasa deserves your attention.

Here’s why it is the first choice for a home in Kolkata.

Discover Holistic Happiness with Avaasa’s Flats in Rajarhat

Location: There’s no denying the importance of location in regards to a dream apartment. Since this area is loaded with advantages, flats in Rajarhat have always turned heads. However, Orchard Avaasa should definitely be given first preference due to the following:

  • 3 mins away from City Centre 2
  • 512m from St. Stephen’s School
  • 342m from Care & Care Dental Clinic
  • 200m from Derozio College
  • 20 mins from Sector 5
  • 371m from Star Kids Rajarhat

Exclusivity: Many try to live away from the crowds as far as modern housing trends go. Since many residential properties in Rajarhat tend to be cluttered with hundreds of units, Orchard Avaasa reserves only 84 homes inside a single residential tower. This makes it an ideal living space for families.

Amenities: Discover handpicked amenities that are available with any residential apartment in Rajarhat here. Making relaxation an everyday affair, Avaasa houses a great selection that helps you unwind and stay active with your loved ones. Check out what this residential project has to offer:

  • Party lawn
  • Badminton court
  • Kids’ play room
  • Reading zone
  • Sky-deck
  • Swimming pool
  • AC community hall
  • Games room
  • Multi-gym
  • Sky walk

Safety: Another element that cannot be overlooked in a dream home is the level of safety. With Orchard Avaasa, expect your loved ones to be in safe and secure surroundings. Offering 24/7 security with power back-up, now get a taste of the modern life with a residential apartment in Rajarhat here.

Builder: To seal your decision with trust, the choice of builder is as essential as the offerings themselves. Known for punctuality and quality, Oswal Group has provided value to each of its residents through its variety of projects across Kolkata. Hence, you can bank on Orchard Avaasa for your dream home.

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to buy a home here.

Being 3 sides open in nature, any flat here in Rajarhat brings good circulation of air inside. This is also supported by the fact that your home is surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. Orchard Avaasa is also an IGBC certified eco-friendly green building. You’ll find that this G+13 tower offers convenience on all fronts relating to daily life. Distance from necessities, an array of modern amenities and so much more – all bundled up within one wholesome address.

So if you have dreams of a home that has it all, there’s one exceptional place just for you.

Book your new flat at Orchard Avaasa today!

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