Posted On December 20, 2017

Step By Step Guide How To Make Your Bed Look Elegant


Home is the place we come back to at the end of a hectic day, looking for positive energy, and wake up to every morning, ready to take on the world. The bedroom is the place of comfort for all of us. The most important feature that makes or destroys a bedroom is the bed itself. It is a place we cannot wait to get back to when we get home. And how many hours do we spend looking at beautiful magazines and how the bedrooms look straight out of royal houses on those pages? Don’t we all want such beds in our bedrooms?


Needless to say, the bed always has to be the point of focus while we are creating our homes out of bricked houses. And who doesn’t want their beds to be fancy like the ones designed by interior decorators? But obviously, it is possibly not feasible to have our homes designed like the ones we see in magazines.


Also, we cannot afford a designer all the time. So this article is a boon to all of us who want our beds to be made fancy like we see in high-end hotels. Here’s how you can make your own bed like an interior designer.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Headboard


Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Headboard


The first step of making your bed fancy is to get a bed with a high headrest or headboard. Not only does a headboard offer an aesthetic look to the entire room, it also is the perfect safety net for you to lean on after a hectic day at work.


The headboard changes the entire look of the room and that is the first step of making a great bed, like the ones you find in hotels. But getting a headboard might hurt your pocket a little because good things always come at a price.


In such cases, you can trust the internet for cool DIY headboards. And needless to say, they save a lot of costs and look amazing as well. All you need to do is have a little patience.


A Good Mattress is the key to a Better-looking Bed


A Good Mattress



A mattress is a key element while making your bed. And while you are looking for ways to make your bed look grand, the mattress comes as the game changer. Whether you want one fluffy mattress or want to stack up several mattresses; it is your call.


In either case, the motive is to make your bed fluffy and soft and make it look lush at the same time. You can also get your mattress padded to add to the comfort factor. The best part is that the pads won’t show but once you are on the bed, you will feel all the difference. If you want a bed that will engulf you in its comfort once you are on it, choose your mattresses wisely.


A Clean, White Base is all you Need to Get Started


Clean Bedsheet



The first step of making your bed after you have stacked it with mattress properly is to cover it with a clean bedsheet. Most interior designers opt for white sheets as white gives the perfect backdrop for vibrant colors that you might want to put in.


Tuck in the sheet properly at the ends so that there are no creases. A clean bed without creases and folds is like half the battle won.


Layers are the Secret to your Fancy Bed


start layering up the bed


Once you are done with tucking the sheet in, start layering up the bed. The more layers you throw in, the grander it looks. Get nice comforters or blankets that are in tune with the color of the bedroom. Tuck in the comforters under the mattress tightly just like the bed sheet.


Top it up with a duvet or a bedcover, as you want to set the mood of the room. When you top it up with something, do not cover up the entire bed. Keep a little space towards the top of the bed and tuck in the rest of the ‘topper’. This is how it is done in pictures and magazines that you are blindly into.


Throw in the Pillows to Pop up Some Colour


The pillow game is the most interesting part of making your bed


The pillow game is the most interesting part of making your bed. Select pillows of different sizes, from oversized ones to the tiny cushions and place them strategically on your bed. Pick up the covers in fun colors patterns, and prints or you can even make your own covers, the way you like it- quirky or classy.


Get some faux furry or some soft velvet covers for the pillows. It will add to the lush factor of the entire bed. It will look great if you can get pillows of different shapes. Ditch the regular rectangular pillows, opt for square and round ones and see the difference yourself. Up your pillow game and the entire outlook of the bed will change.


Wrap it up with a Colour Co-ordinated throw Blanket


Throws give that comfortable appeal to your bed


Throws are the best way to top up the bed and give the bed the style you are looking for. Throws give that comfortable appeal to your bed and increase its charm tenfold. More importantly, they look like another layer on your bed, which is why the comfort factor increases. They are actually comfortable too to snuggle up and sleep.


Making things look fancy always does not mean you have to spend a fortune on them. These genius hacks and a little creativity are all you need to have that near-perfect bedroom you dreamt of. With these hacks, your bed will be the topic of envy among your friends. And as for you, can you really wait to get back home and sleep on this bed? We are sure you want to dive into your bed when you reach home after a heavy day.



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