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    Property Guide Before Buying Flats in Rajarhat, Newtown Area


    The outskirts of Kolkata to the north are gradually becoming thriving townships with access to the best residences offering even better amenities. Rajarhat’s Newtown exemplifies such a type of development growth. Given Rajarhat’s recent development, it is understandable that prestigious real estate companies and investors are selecting this area to develop opulent, reasonably priced homes. Additionally, luxury apartments have become more accessible as the development of these apartment buildings has risen. This is why 2/3 BHK flats in Rajarhat are constantly being considered for purchase.

    However, before attempting to buy flats that are for sale in Newtown, let’s look at the following factors before locking in on an apartment in Kolkata –

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    Things To Consider Before Deciding on Rajarhat’s 2/3 BHK Flats

    Infrastructure & Location

    Carefully investigate the apartment’s location before going on to purchase. Generally speaking, the location of your apartment should have good access to the city’s heart. In addition, there should be a wide variety of infrastructure, including markets, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.

    Then it would help if you considered the connectivity options — metro, bus, and local train—and the separation from railway and airport terminals.

    Carpet Area of the Apartment

    A property’s area, or the super-build figure of the site, is typically listed as the entire area, including elevator space, stair space, wall thickness, and other factors. However, the actual area is the carpeted area inside the flat walls. This area is perhaps 30% smaller than the area used to evaluate the total space of the room. Therefore, it is wise first to inspect the actual carpet area enclosed within the walls.

    Builder-Buyer Agreement

     You can reserve the apartment or house of your choice by paying a nominal fee; in exchange, you will receive an allotment letter. The balance is then agreed upon in a three-party agreement between the buyer, the bank, and the builder. Before signing, the agreement must be carefully read and comprehended. Each clause must be fully understood, and any ambiguities should be clarified.

    Although purchasing a home is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make, you should keep in mind these guidelines before buying 2/3 BHK flats in Rajarhat.

    Check the Property’s Legal Status

    Ensure that the apartment can legitimately be built on the land on which it is situated. The Area Development Authority, Water Supply and Sewage Board, Electricity Board, and Municipal Corporation must all approve through a No Objection Certificate (NOC). However, the bank in question will verify your property documents if you are applying for a home loan before approving the loan.

    Project Amenities

    Before purchasing a Newtown apartment, it is important to consider the project’s amenities carefully.

    Better home automation and security systems, comfortable clubs, Wi-Fi, health clubs, meditation centers, ATMs, shopping malls, banquet halls, restaurants, and skywalks are all modern-day features of numerous new residential projects.

    The flats for sale in Newtown are a different aspect that many buyers value. Apartments with a view of the central greens or pool are ideally preferable as relaxation or recreational zones.


    Avaasa: The Guiding Light to Your Property Buying Goals

    Living conditions in Orchard Avaasa are still superior to those in some other parts of the city. It is the perfect location for accessibility to transportation, proximity to entertainment venues, and first-rate amenities. Avaasa also developed the Skydeck and Skyplex in a world where every second housing development in Kolkata seeks to offer not only better but bigger amenities in terms of space and quantity. They did so because they recognized the value of unwinding after a long day. Even something as simple as relaxing outdoors under the stars might not be the most opulent idea. However, it remains compelling beyond measure.

    Even Oswal provides some other ostentatious features in their 2/3 BHK flats in Rajarhat with the utmost ease in and around Kolkata, but Avaasa offers so much more.

    Avaasa offers so much while keeping prices within reach. This is why they’ve been at the top of the real estate pyramid for so long.

    Rajarhat, Kolkata’s Orchard Avaasa is more than just an apartment building.

    It’s a paradise in the modern city.

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