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    How to Make The Kids’ Room Livelier Than Ever


    Decorating a kid’s room is the biggest challenge of all. Kids do not really spend a lot of time in their rooms but the time that they do, it really affects their growth. Decorating the kid’s room according to the child’s uniqueness is quite a challenge, but nevertheless, it is fun too. There are so many ways in which you can make your kids room lively so that they would love to spend time in their rooms. Even if you do not have an independent house and are buying 3 / 4 BHK Flat in Kolkata, you can still decorate your kid’s room. Let us have a look at some of the ways.


    1. Choose a Theme for the Room


    Theme for the Room


    The first basic task that you have to do while decorating your kid’s room if that you have to keep in mind what theme you would want for the room. The most common theme is cartoons, of course. But there is so much more to your kid than just watching cartoons. Your kid has a favourite sport, a favourite sportsman, a favourite fictional character, or a superhero that he fancies, or just a favourite colour in general.  Try to observe what all your kids love, and then zero in on one theme that would work as the backdrop for your kid’s room.


    2. Build a Bookshelf with Bright Coloured Books


    Bookshelf with Bright Coloured Books


    Now we do not have to tell you how important reading is for your kid’s mental development. That is why you would want to keep a book corner in your child’s room. This is where you can get very creative. Buy your kid all kinds of books but in different colours. When you have decided where to place the bookshelf, decorate it with different colours of books and colourful stationeries. This is so much more fun than boring reading tables stacked with books.


    3. Quirky Should be the Word When it Comes to Accessories and Furniture


    Accessories and Furniture


    Now you would not really want just plain brown wooden furniture in your kid’s room, right? Furniture and accessories are that space where you have to put in a lot of time. Pick up whatever catches your eye and whatever you think will interest your kid. Let the kid’s room be as funky as it can get. The immediate feeling that a kid should have after coming into his room is that of energy and vigour and wanting to do something new.


    4. Let the Storage Spaces be Creative


    Storage Spaces be Creative


    Storage spaces are not necessarily just almirahs and cupboards. Even a small pencil box can be treated as a storage space. A kid’s room needs a lot of self-storage spaces because they have so many stationeries and toys to accommodate. So make sure that the storage space is really creative and fun and full of colours.


    5. Decorative Cushions add Colour to a Room


    Cushions add Colour to a Room


    Who doesn’t love to play with cushions and pillows? Especially kids. A kid’s room should have lots of pillows and cushions, and you cannot really keep worrying about those pillows because ultimately you have to replace them. But for as long as they are there, make sure the covers that you put on these pillows and cushions are really colourful. The ideal pattern or design of a pillow cover or cushion cover would be something that your kid loves, like his favourite character, or his favourite cartoon etc.


    6. Shape up the Room


    Shape up the Room


    When we say shape up, we mean adding different shapes to the room. Now the room is going to look like any other room with four walls and a ceiling. But to make it fun and add a twist to it, you can accessorize the room with stuff in different shapes. Triangles and circles add the fun touch to a room that your kids need. For example, you can get a bed bunk, a funky study table, and round storage spaces and so on. There is so much to experiment.


    7. Add a Touch of Nature to the Room


    Nature to the Room


    Now it is really not possible to keep plants in a kid’s room. The kid will end up tearing away all the leaves and spill the soil in the entire room. So the best way to add a touch of nature to the room is to give it a beachy, or hilly feel to the room, whichever your child likes more. This can also work as the theme of the room. You can make the entire room look like a beachside or a hill station, with proper colours and accessories.


    The size of your kid’s room doesn’t really matter. you can get creative even in the smallest room without making it look too congested. A kid’s room should reflect the personality of the kid. If your kid is a little quiet and introvert, he won’t like very bright colours in his room. So, put in the time and make your kid’s room exactly the way he would want.


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