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    Facts You Must Know Before Buying Flats in Rajarhat, Newtown


    For those looking to buy a home today, the New Town area easily stands out as one of the best localities today. It is positioned near Sector 5 and enjoys the company of several distinguished universities like Amity and St. Xavier’s. In this regard, it’s only natural that families will look out for the best flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata.

    But the search isn’t as easy as you think. There are several aspects that first-time homebuyers miss when looking for a home in this residential area. To ensure you have made the best possible decision within your budget, you need to know important facts before signing any paper. We’ll go through the top 5 factors every buyer must keep in mind.


    5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing 2/3 BHK Flats in New Town


    Carpet Area is not the Super Built Up Area

    When searching for 3 BHK flats in New Town, interior space matters (perhaps more than you know). This is due to the simple reason that you will be spending many years in the same space. How do you ensure that you make the best choice? It’s simple. Turn your eyes towards the carpet area of a flat.

    Simply put, the carpet area describes the space that can be covered by a carpet. It is the actual liveable space that is provided with flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata. On the other hand, the super built-up area denotes the total saleable area. This considers factors besides the carpet area such as the area of the terrace and balconies as well as the area of staircases and elevators.

    Understand the differences between the two.


    Location Matters, But Only When You See It

    Purchasing a 2 BHK flat in New Town also means that you ‘buy’ the features that surround it. Homes are purchased with a long-term objective in mind, and everything in the immediate neighbourhood becomes a part of your everyday life for a long time.

    However, you can only make the right choice when you actually see it. You may come across advertisements that say “minutes away from the nearest mall.” But it’s only when you physically visit a site that you’ll know the real distance. A project like Orchard Avaasa is only 6 minutes away from City Centre 2 – a huge advantage when one is searching for 3 BHK flats in New Town.

    Here are some of the most common questions that buyers ask:

    • How far are the nearby schools and hospitals?
    • Are there any safety/ security concerns?
    • What are the modes of transportation available?
    • How far is the nearest railway station?

    The Final Cost is Never Truly Final

    A website may offer an appealing final price or a new discounted price. But don’t assume the story ends there. Even if you’re looking for affordable flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata, there are a few hidden costs that you’ll learn about later. These aren’t technically concealed (where the builder is trying to fool you).

    Rather, these are overlooked because one’s budget has already been set beforehand. This is why one must be informed of the additional fees that may be charged for 2, 3 BHK Flats in Newtown. Here are some of the most important ones to be aware of:

    • PLC charges
    • GST charges
    • Registration charges
    • Parking spaces
    • Stamp duty
    • Home loan processing fee
    • Miscellaneous charges
    • Maintenance deposit, etc.

    The Builder Matters More than You Think

    We all have favourite brands. Footwear, appliances, toothpaste – we each have a certain brand that we prefer. This is due to the trust that they have gathered over the years and the quality of each of their products. It’s not very different from the world of real estate. You’ll see that not every brand is a credible one and it’s important to choose reputed names such as Oswal Group in Kolkata.

    This is especially true when looking for flats for sale in New Town, Kolkata. When looking for a new home, perform a thorough background check on the builder. Check out their previous or current work to get a better picture of their history. If you’re still unsure about the builder, go ahead and ask your questions on numerous internet real estate forums. This will guarantee that your hard-earned money (saved over the years) is placed in the right hands.


    Don’t Consider Without the HIRA Number

    The West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Act, or HIRA, has enhanced business transactions and fairness among real estate developers. This is a regulatory agency that establishes norms and resolves real estate disputes. It exists to protect the interests of those looking to buy a flat in Kolkata.

    Consequently, a builder’s HIRA number serves as a symbol of trustworthiness. Before putting pen to paper, ensure that your apartment in Rajarhat, Kolkata, has a HIRA number attached to the website or brochure. Credibility is always worth double-checking – especially for those that buy a home once in their lives.

    Keep these in mind and stay ahead of problems of the future.

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