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    Enhance the Look of Your Living Room with These Tips


    It is always important that you admire the place you live in and feel confident about it. It not only maintains your standard of living but also helps boost your confidence and personality. Having the best of looks for your living room doesn’t always mean spending tons of money with costly furniture. What is truly needed is enhancing the look under a suitable budget and in the most efficient manner.


    The complexity and design of the room may vary largely but the basic criteria of decorating the room in the best possible way remains the same. Likewise, the cost of a particular item like furniture may differ but the basic idea of furniture still remains the same. Here are some great tips to enhance the look of your living room.


    Do Not Overcrowd


    Do Not Overcrowd Living Room



    This is the most important tip, since this is usually the first mistake people make while setting up their living space. It is advisable to provide some breathing room to the furniture and enough space to walk and move for yourself and the furniture, just in case.


    Pick Appropriate Wall Colour or Wallpaper


    Wall Colour or Wallpaper


    People often choose the wall paint or the wallpaper before even moving into the house. That might just not be the right thing to do. It is better to choose the paint colour after you have decided the colour of the furniture and other accessories fitted in the room.


    Placement of Rug and Furniture


    Rug and Furniture


    The living room has to have a rug, generally termed as carpet. It needs to go along with the furniture and especially with the fan. There are many ways to place furniture on top of the rug and it is more of a personal choice. You can either have all the furniture over or outside the rug or partially on top and the rest outside. It is advisable to not have only a few pieces of furniture on top and the rest outside. Uniformity is crucial for elegance.


    Don’t Be Too Theme Centric


    theme centric living room


    Elegance and class is more important than mere attraction. A very theme centric living room may look nice for a few moments, but not for long.  It is a house not a museum, so keep the themes minimal and add some casual upholstery and home décor fixtures to give it a classier yet homely look.


    Hang the Art and Photo Frames at the Right Height


    Art and Photo Frames


    It is important to place the art work at appropriate heights where it is better visible to the human eye. The beautiful pieces of art are meant for people to see and marvel at their beauty. The frames should be hung at the appropriate height and not placed according to the structure’s size. Also, do not fill up the wall with very large art works and photo frames. Instead, keep it proportionate to the wall. The wall colour you chose, also has a role to play.


    Don’t Cling on to Collectibles


    Don’t Cling on to Collectibles


    A few off-track collectibles which hold a story of their own and are close to your heart can find place in your living room, but cluttering the space with too many might just spoil the complete attire of it. Somethings that don’t find place or do not compliment the look of your living room needs to be put somewhere else or it risks the elegance of the whole living room.


    Keep the Sizes Varied According to Scale


    Varied According to Scale


    A lot of things may look amazing while shopping online or in a store, but that’s what marketing is meant to do. It is meant to appeal to you. What is important while selecting such things is their relative size with the size of your room. Do not choose things that might be just too big for the room. Neither it should be very small and insignificant. The right size of home décor pieces can magnify the beauty of your living space much more than you can imagine.


    Take Care of the Centrepiece


    Take Care of the Centrepiece


    This is one of the first thing people notice when they enter a living room. Hence a centrepiece plays a crucial role in adding the right mood to the living space. The centrepiece should be simple and minimalistic, this gives the classy touch. But a simple and minimalistic one does not mean that you should compromise on your style. Add a centrepiece that defines you and the people living in the house. Be it a big centrepiece or a smaller one, it should be the highlight of your living room. Also keep in mind that the room is a part of your home and not a hotel, neither should it resemble like one because of the over-the-top centrepiece that you just bought.


    Be Creative, Be Bold


    Be Creative, Be Bold


    There is no harm in trying new and creative things. It is just a living room setting which can be changed later and it is important that you enjoy living in it and are comfortable in it. Hence, let that creativity flow and be bold enough to try it.


    These tips are present in almost every find but are often forgotten amidst the hustle bustle of setting up a new room. Home is where the heart lies so it should definitely feel like home and it is in your hands to make it as homely and elegant as you fancy.


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