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    Easy Ways to Deck-up Your Balcony


    Balcony is the section of the house where we hang out, have a tea and relax with our loved ones. But these days mostly all are so busy that they hardly have time to sit and relax, let alone decorating a place in leisure.


    In most of the apartments people use balconies as storage or a place where they dump unnecessary things. Just imagine sitting in a balcony with your partner and sipping coffee while on looking the nature. It would be the best way to relieve your day’s stress and feel refreshed.


    No matter how large or small your balcony is, the below mentioned tricks can make your balcony prettier and a fancy corner of your home. Simple tips to begin with :


    Deck-up Your Balcony


    1) Plan the look of your balcony. Remember that balcony should always be in sync with the look of your house, as you want your balcony as an extension to your space. If your home décor is modern, stick to modern designs and furniture for balcony. Distinct décor ideas may not match so well.


    2) Look for durable items, as they may be exposed to all kinds of weather.


    3) Do not opt for furniture with intricate designs, as dust will get trapped in it and cleaning the balcony will be more of a hassle later.


    4) If you live in a rented place, make sure you are not drilling too many holes in the wall while decorating your balcony. Always plan for things that are easily movable.


    5) Have a clear plan and budget in mind before you let the decorator within takeover.


    6) If you are on tight budget and want to do things on your own, make sure you do manageable stuff and have a realistic plan. Don’t end up biting more than you can chew.


    7) Have measurements noted down before you go for furniture shopping. Keep in mind that balcony has a limited place. If you make it cluttered with too many things, then you will not have any space to move freely.


    8) If you have been using your balcony for storage, make sure you scrape off the unnecessary things. No one will obviously want to end up with a pretty balcony and a messy house.


    9) Shop from thrift shops and local markets to get stuff at low cost. You can reuse and recycle stuff lying around in your house.


    Step by step guide to glam up your balcony


    To decorate a small space your balcony


    To decorate a small space we need to focus on the following six things:


    • Creating privacy

    • Flooring

    • Wall

    • Furniture

    • Plants

    • Decorative items


    Ways to create privacy in your balcony


    Art and light it also gives you privacy your balcony


    To avoid peeping neighbors, you need to create some barrier that does not construct the art and light but it also gives you privacy. You can opt for any one of the following:


    1) Bamboo blinds – Affordable, easy to install and adds to the rustic look.


    2) Wooden screens- if you are looking for something permanent and are ready to shell out some cash for carpenter, wooden screens can give a sturdy barrier from nearby spies too.


    3) Place a large umbrella inside your balcony and plan for a sit-out for 3–4 members under it.


    4) Cover railings with fabric – look for fabric in neutral color and which is thick enough to give you privacy.


    5) Sliding windows – although this may be a costly option, you can consider it, only if your budget permits.


    6) Creepers – this may require a little time, but you can create a barrier by creepers hanging around your balcony.


    7) Install an awning for adding the chique look.


    Improve the balcony flooring


    You can paint your floor with the color your balcony


    Plain flooring is boring, if you want to lift the look of you balcony, you need to invest on changing the look of the floor.


    1) Use fake grass – this is readily available and looks awesome. Although the grass is fake, the lush green color soothes sore eyes.


    2) Decking – you can use wooden stripes to cover up the floor, it is easy to do, and can be glued with adhesive.


    3) Paint – You can paint your floor with the color of your choice.


    4) Outdoor Rugs – Use rugs which are temperature resistant and easy to clean.


    Jazz up the balcony walls


    Colour or paint the balcony walls


    1) Paint – Use spray paint, its cheap and easy to use.


    2) Hang Paintings – Hang some small paintings or if you have space you can hang one large painting.


    Creating sitting area


    Creating sitting area in your Balcony


    Opt for furniture which is durable and reusable. Few sitting area options are


    1) Bench – you can use a bench leaning right against the side wall and have a side table besides it.


    2) Hammock or swing – You can also use a hammock or a swing to create sitting area. It’s a fun way for sitting and relaxing.


    3) Use thick mattress – it’s not necessary to invest in furniture, you can also add thick mattress and some pillows.


    Adding greenery to your balcony


    Adding greenery to your balcony for beautify the space


    1) Create a hanging garden – to save space you can hang plants around your balcony; it saves the floor space and gives you scope to add more stuff.


    2) Use old shelf – you can add many pots and plants by adding a shelf in the corner.


    3) Use colored pots – Colored pots will give a pop of color and beautify the space.


    4) Fragrant flowers – Plant some flowers which bloom in all seasons; it will make your space pretty and fragrant.


    Decorating your space


    Decorating your space for balcony


    We covered the basics of a balcony setup, decorating is an art and cannot be explained precisely. Yet some tips that can be helpful to you are as follows


    1) Use lights – a string of lights alongside your railings will make your balcony look like a fairy land.


    2) Use scented candles.


    3) Add a fancy lamp.


    4) Add idols and antique items of your choice.


    5) Add a shelf and place some books and magazines.


    6) Add a wind chime.


    7) Add a fountain in a corner, small fountains are easily available online at low cost.


    8) If you cannot take dedicate much time in taking care of plants, then add succulents. They are very low in maintenance and can be potted in tiny pots.


    9) Hang lanterns.


    10) Place colored glass bottles in a corner which can act as a show piece.


    Hope this extensive list of ideas was helpful to you; share your decorated balcony pictures with us. Till then, Happy Decorating!


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