Posted On September 18, 2019

Do’s and Don’ts you need to remember while renovating your flat

Do's and Don'ts you need to remember while renovating your flat



Everyone gets fancy once in a while and thinks of renovating their living space. We even devise new ideas to increase the living space by taking in the balcony area inside or curbing the kitchen, adding mezzanine floors, mini staircase, etc. Not to forget the new trends on social media give us that extra push with their ‘Home transformation feed’. But some of these house grooming fantasies of yours might never come true for real because of restrictions implied by your society.

It is always recommended that you purchase your apartment from a reputed builder in Kolkata where every residential colony is governed by a registered society that forms rules and regulations for the people owning flats there. The Co-operative Housing Society or Apartment Owners Association compels you to follow specific rules as the ‘owner’ of that property. An Apartment Owners Association is registered under – the Societies Registration Act. The laws vary from society to society and are formulated based on the framework of the Society Act, for the state concerned. They are agreed upon by all the residents in unity. These laws are also amended as per the conditions or happenings around the years. No alterations of any kind are allowed without the consent of these governing bodies. Renovations without permission are considered to be illegal and strict actions are taken if these laws are not abided. So, if you are dreaming of any such home makeover plans, thoroughly consider the set by-laws to avoid spending heaps of money not just for the renovation; but for the penalty! Let’s take a look at the Do’s and Don’ts for the same through the below-mentioned list:

Do’s –

  • Do write an application for the Secretary of your society mentioning the changes, list of particulars, the duration of the planned changes, etc. Ask about his permission for the same. Make sure you do not miss out on any detail that might bite you up later. Take adequate time to draft a proper letter to the concerned.
  • Do get the acknowledgment from the Society’s Secretary for all the mentioned particulars of the letter. Keep an extra copy of it as proof. Get all other necessary permissions if need be.
  • Do get everything in writing terms from the Secretary if your request is approved. Make sure the communication is crystal clear and crisp. Get a No Objection Certificate for starting the renovation work.
  • Do make sure that you are abiding by the general rules of the society while your renovations work. Strictly follow the working hours to avoid disturbing or creating a nuisance to other owners.
  • Ensure the regular maintenance of sanitary pipes, water pipes, and other fixtures. Repair, replace them if broken or damaged while the renovation is on.
  • To dispose of the debris and waste in an approved plot.
  • To install a proper fire fighting kit for unforeseen circumstances. Get it installed through qualified agencies.
  • Do get approvals for specific changes and alterations of your flat from the respective local authorities beforehand.
  • To ensure the safety of your neighbours and other fellow society members who moving pieces of furniture or construction material in and out of the flat or during carpentry work involving sharp tools.
  • To maintain cleanliness throughout your renovation process. Keep your apartment and premises tidy to avoid accidents, injuries, or nuisance to others and self.

Don’ts –

  • Do not start the renovation work before getting a green signal from the society’s authorities in written terms.
  • Do not try to take off or replace any structure that acts as a supportive wall.
  • Don’t try to change the horizontal and vertical dimensions of your flat.
  • Do not change the location of your washbasins, kitchen sinks or bathrooms as it may cause leakage through the floors and can trouble the residents staying below.
  • Do not remove or overwork on any structures attached to the walls.
  • Do not add-on illegal alterations or elements that might lead the authorities to question or object you.
  • Do not carry any work that might endanger the safety of the building and the residents.
  • Do not place bins, trash, and debris on the pathway where people might get hurt or injured.
  • Do not accumulate waste materials borne from the renovation process in public or common areas.
  • Do not merge with any tenancies by merging flats or rooms with them. Do not create an opening by breaking off the main walls of your apartment.

We hope this list was clear enough to consider certain points before your renovation process. Take proper precautionary measures while the entire process is going on.

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1 year ago

found this article useful at an exactly time when we are suffering as a neighbouring apartment where renovation work has started without following any of DOs and DON’Ts mentioned above. Can we file criminal case against the owner of the flat ?

Praveen Kumar
1 year ago

Informative and insightful post on dos and don’t on flat renovation. Thanks for writing and sharing this post with us.

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