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    Budget Decoration Ideas for Christmas


    Its Christmas, it’s that time of the year when you shop, decorate your home and eat good food. With so many things to purchase, all of us are really running on a tight budget. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew some simple decoration tips that can jazz up your place and save you money too?


    This article will give you ideas that are simple to do, with minimum items. Let’s see few ideas mentioned below:


    Use twigs and branches


    Use twigs and beautiful branches


    Take a look around and look for some beautiful branches; they will be in hues of brown and green. Pick some branches with beautiful leaves and tie them together. It will be an excellent piece on your center table or decorate them near the fireplace.


    Twig lights


    Decorate your room with Twig lights


    Pick some dry twigs if you have time, you can paint them in red and white or color of your choice. Blow a balloon and stick these twigs in random manner. Keep this aside for couple of hours and blow away the balloon with the help of a tooth pick.


    You can observe that the twigs’ shape remain the same and you can use this as twig light hanger. Hang some lights in it, this will illuminate the place and give a festive look to your room. The good thing about this is that you only have to spend on lights.


    Scented candles


    Scented candles


    Candles can be costly in this time of the season, if you are looking for scented candles. You may have cinnamon sticks lying in the kitchen. Grab a candle and wrap some cinnamon sticks around it with a fancy ribbon. Keep these sticks in a cozy corner and your cheap scented candles are ready. It will not only give a rusty look but it goes easy on your pockets too.


    Getting creative with ribbons


    decorate your staircase with some colorful ribbons



    You can decorate your staircase with some green colored jewels or stick green leaves all the way. Tie around some colorful ribbons to give a fairy tale look. The combination of green and colorful ribbons will be enticing and welcoming for the guests.


    Paper snowflakes of different sizes


    Decorated the whole house with paper snowflakes


    Decorated the whole house but still feel that your walls are empty? Do not fret, just look for some YouTube tutorials for making paper snowflakes. Make sure you make them in different sizes and stick them on the wall artistically.


    Hang around holiday cards


    tie a rope around your room and hang holiday cards


    Simply tie a rope around your room and hang holiday cards with the help of cloth pin. If you wish to take up more efforts, you can wrap around some lights around the rope as well.


    Hang candies


     Hang some of your candies with small ribbons.


    Don’t spend on candies as well as decorations. Kids love candies in general. So think of making this more interesting for your kiddie guests. Playfully arrange the candies as a part of your decoration, and see the magic it brings to the look of your home.


    Kids will love to grab that decoration and eat them. Hang some of your candies with small ribbons. It saves money and kids would love to have their little games around it while eating them.


    Recycle last year’s ornaments


    recycle last year’s ornaments for Christmas decoration


    You may have some previous year’s damaged ornaments in your home which can’t take their place on X-mas tree. Make a wreath from leftover ornaments by gluing them together. More the colors, the more it will look festive.


    Invest in ribbons


    Jazz up your space with ribbons


    Jazz up your space with ribbons as most of them comes in cheap. Buy ribbons of different colors and sizes, just a simple bow of ribbons on a candle or a utensil can help you decorate in least fuss.


    Nuts in a jar


    Jar filled with different colors of fruits and nuts


    Nuts and berries are beautiful. Imagine a jar filled with different colors of fruits and nuts. Make a mixture of some walnuts, red berries and grapes, the complimentary colors when mixed together will give a beautiful look. Make sure to place this jar on your dining table to catch the visitor’s eye.


    Make a still life


    Collect some vases and pots of your house


    Collect some vases and pots of your house and arrange them on a corner table. Paint them using neon colors in different shapes. Once they are dried, place them at different places and see your room come to life.


    Decorate with tassels


    Decorate your room with tassels


    Tassels are available widely and are cheap. You can hang around those tassels in corners of your décor and decorate the place.


    Line up with some faux tiny Christmas trees


    Line up with some faux tiny Christmas trees


    Faux tiny trees are available readily. Arrange few of them around the house to give a cute look.


    With mix and match of the above mentioned tips, you can surely make your Christmas decorations on a budget. It’s not necessary to spend loads of money to decorate your house. Just a bit of creativity can help you save money and enjoy the season of joy to the fullest.



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