Posted On May 17, 2022

Affordable Housing Project in Rajarhat to Lead Your Dream Life


When it comes to investing in beautiful apartments in Rajarhat, Kolkata, affordability is perhaps the main factor that crosses our minds.

With rising commercial and infrastructural growth, Rajarhat is quickly becoming a desirable location for affordable housing in Kolkata. Located on the outskirts of New Town, the Rajarhat we see today is a fresh invention, born out of cutting-edge technology and containing several residential projects that bear no resemblance to the formerly rural area.

Given the recent development of this region, it’s no surprise that investors and influential real estate brands are choosing this location to build their luxurious yet affordable flats. Naturally, luxury apartments have become more affordable due to the rise of such residential projects. Properties in Rajarhat are worth your consideration as a result of these significant changes.

The following elements have altered the dynamics of what was formerly Rajarhat and are now a well-planned satellite metropolis –

Location Where Nature And Essentials Align

Even when it comes to the exteriors of the housing complex, affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, provide comfort. In addition, closeness to fundamental necessities such as medical facilities, educational institutions, business organisations, and entertainment hotspots becomes very beneficial.

Rajarhat provides all of this and much more. This region, surrounded by peaceful nature, is home to prestigious corporations, 5-star hotels, and other businesses. Such a concoction offers the best of both worlds. Hence, not only does it capture the sense of nature, but also meets your needs in the city.

Connectivity That Facilitates Seamless Traveling

Affordable flats in Kolkata has left no stone unturned in providing us with a sound commute system. Moreover, being well connected to the airport, other transportation options, and even shuttle services make travelling relatively smooth.

Here’s the complete list of location perks:

  •       342m from Care & Care Dental Clinic
  •       The airport is about 8.7 miles away.
  •       Dr. Lal Path Labs is 609m away.
  •       Derozio College is around 200m away.
  •       Sector 5 is 20 minutes away.

Two Reasons to Choose Avaasa in Rajarhat For Your Dream Home


Amenities Par Excellence

Security is one of the essential functions of a house. But that isn’t enough anymore; your home must be the one place where you can relax and unwind. So to relax with your family, you won’t have to leave your affordable flats in Kolkata. Instead, you will find landscaped gardens, a multigym, a badminton court, and a swimming pool within your comfort zone!


Interiors Par Excellence

The rooms here ensure good ventilation and airflow, understanding the need for spacious living. These affordable housing in Rajarhat are open on three sides and surrounded by greenery. The living experience of our residents is given top priority in this project. You can be certain that your loved ones are in good hands with your home here.

Kolkata’s Most Exclusive Affordable Apartments in Rajarhat

A house is also a refuge. We all want to live in a peaceful environment away from the crowds. This is made possible by these low-cost affordable housing in Kolkata. This G+13 block, as a single residential tower, provides you and your family with much-needed respite! This is especially true given the exclusive amenities in this residential project, such as a Skywalk and Skydeck.

Quality does not have to break your bank! Trust Orchard Avaasa to return your trust with immense value, ensuring that your first decision is the best. With these affordable flats in Rajarhat, Kolkata, make the right choice today and reap the benefits of lifelong happiness.

Your dream home becomes a reality today!

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