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    2018’s Interior Designing Trends to Watch Out For


    We have left 2017 behind and happily moved on in 2018. A new year does not only bring new energy and vigour, but it also brings along some new trends with it. Each year offers its own trends when it comes to interior designing. If you are buying a residential flat in 2018, you would definitely not want its interiors to look like you are living in 2015, right?  Just like every other year, 2018 has brought on some new trends in interior designing along with it. Let’s have a look.


    Bold Colours will Crawl Back In


    Neutral and Pastel Shades


    Gone are the days of neutral and pastel shades. Interior design experts are concluding that 2018 will see the rise of bold colours back in the frame. People are now opting for more vibrant and bright colours for their homes. Neutral and pastel tones will still continue to exist though, as background colours, or as slight touches here and there, or even to provide a contrast to a bright colour and brighten up the room.


    Vintage Accessories will be Trending like Never Before


    Vintage Accessories


    More and more people these days look for a personal touch to everything around them. Be it an apartment, flat or a house, vintage accessories add a personal touch to everything and that is what interior designers are rooting for. Also, no matter what the theme of the interior is, vintage accessories break the monotony of a particular theme and add fun to it. These make your already existing designs all the more fun.


    One-of-a-kind Aspirational Spaces in the Home


    Spaces in the Home


    More and more people are getting caught up in the hustle bustle of the corporate life. That is why people now want their homes to be the ultimate place for relaxation. People want to feel a certain way when they get back home. And that is the brief interior designers work upon to create a one-of-a-kind space. People have stopped feeling the need to impress guests with their home interiors. People want their homes to look relaxed or energized or even intimate and cozy, depending on how their personalities are. Interior designers are rooting for this trend since it gives them the freedom and creative liberty to design a home the way they want to, and not feel pressured into making it look like a house straight out of a magazine.


    Kitchens will Break all Rules


    Kitchen space


    Kitchens are no longer the spaces where you just cook a meal and leave behind traces of spices everywhere. Kitchen spaces have finally started to gain momentum and in 2018, interior designers are predicting that kitchens will break all rules that have been there for decades. Kitchens in 2018 will be customized and unconventional. They will still be fully functional and will be stylish and very forward thinking at the same time. Colour wise, whites will no longer exist as the major colours. Shades of emerald green or bright violet will don the look of the kitchen. Kitchens will now be the new stars at home!


    Matte Black Finishes will be The New Cool


    Matte Black Finishes


    Just like in 2017 satin brass was trending in kitchen finishes, this year matte black will take over in kitchens and bathrooms. We already told you that kitchen decor will be breaking all barriers, and matte black finish is one of them. The best thing about matte black finishes, apart from being extremely statement-making and contemporary is that it goes with almost any tone. Black is a versatile colour and it will complement the rest of your decor well and will never look out of place.


    Tiles That Look like Wallpapers will be Making a Splash This Year


    Wallpapers will be Making a Splash


    For years people and designers have been rooting for wallpapers for the interiors of a home. They are inexpensive when compared to paints and you can get really quirky and fun with the designs. Not just fun, one could get elegant too with wallpapers. The reason why so many people opt for wallpapers is for the huge variety of designs. But in 2018, many fascinating tiles will take over. There are so many kinds of tiles today, with any kind of finish that you want- wooden, resin, fabric, concrete and even wallpaper like. Interior designers are focusing on these tiles because they offer the elaborately patterned look of a wallpaper, and tiles are any day more durable than wallpapers and easily washable. So win-win!


    Each year brings about new things along with it. 2018 seems to be a bright year for interior design trends. Some trends are bringing back the long-lost trends, while some are new on the block and we cannot wait to watch them!



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