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    Flats in Newtown Flats in Rajarhat Real Estate

    How Rajarhat is Changing the Homebuyer’s World in Kolkata

    Rajarhat is one of the top places at the moment in Kolkata to buy affordable housing in Newtown, Kolkata. Located on the northern fringes of the city, the Newtown area at Rajarhat features some of the most stunning affordable flats in Kolkata. It is set in a milieu that encompasses all the commute, essential and recreational benefits needed for settling down comfortably in a place.

    Why Should We Buy Property in Rajarhat?

    People from different walks of life and regions of the country reside in Kolkata. Because of its reputable medical facilities, educational institutions, and general lifestyle shift, it is also known as a melting pot of cultures and welcomes visitors. However, some parts of the city have recently experienced a surge in appeal, with Rajarhat real estate leading the way. So, what precisely justifies living in this neighbourhood?

    How Rajarhat is Changing the Homebuyer's World in Kolkata

    Rajarhat’s Flats in Newtown Brings Many Benefits

    Abundant Options

    Rajarhat has developed over time into a highly sought-after location for real estate. Apartment buildings, high skyscrapers, and mini-townships are throughout this area. Since there are various options available for all types of buyers, you’ll undoubtedly discover what you’re looking for. Properties in Rajarhat come in a variety of possibilities for purchasers and have perks of their own, whether they are affordable housing or opulent apartments in Newtown, Kolkata. Known builders like Oswal Group have also picked this location in Kolkata.

    Smooth Connectivity

    Choosing flats near Rajarhat, Newtown requires consideration of how one will travel. Fortunately, Rajarhat’s residential developments provide worry-free access to the entire city. Since location frequently serves as the basis for real estate purchases, you should be well familiar with the neighborhood. In light of this, the following is a brief explanation of how someone living in these affordable yet luxurious housing in Rajarhat, Kolkata, can get to a number of locations:

    • ·        Ample bus routes and AC buses
    • ·        Railway station at 14 kms
    • ·        Airport at 11 kms
    • ·        Linked by several 6-lane roads
    • ·        Upcoming metro facility

    Infrastructural Advantage

    Over the years, Rajarhat has experienced a great deal of development. Rajarhat is without a doubt one of Kolkata’s best-planned townships today, there is no denying it. It is extremely well-liked and displays a social framework that is well-coordinated and contains everything required to maintain daily living. The demand for homes in Rajarhat is rising for the following reasons:

    • ·        Planned as an extension for Sector 5
    • ·        Also known as an education hub
    • ·        Multi-speciality hospitals can be found
    • ·        Carries the status of a smart green city
    • ·        Intelligent power-saving LED streetlights

    Recreational Center

    After a long day at work, we all need some time to relax. But obstacles like time and distance have always existed. After all, there is no reason to go great distances for enjoyment. Residential developments in Rajarhat offer plenty of advantages without the need to travel, whether it be for shopping or pure pleasure. Here are some local amenities you might anticipate when you rent a home in Rajarhat:

    • ·        City Centre 2
    • ·        Eco Park
    • ·        Aquatica
    • ·        Axis Mall
    • ·        Wax Museum

    Orchard Avaasa: Oswal’s Stamp of Trust

    Oswal Group has effectively positioned itself in the real estate market as one of Kolkata’s top builders. Although it expanded into real estate in 2000, it has remained true to its founding principles of prioritizing quality while also upholding dedication and openness. Due to its well-known projects like Orchard 126, Orchard County, and Orchard Residency, it has emerged as the top choice for affordable housing in Newtown, Kolkata.

    Living in congested areas and complexes may not be ideal. Many affordable housing complexes are completely full, which may cause problems later. There is only one tower and 84 flats in this brand-new development in Kolkata. This apartment building is a G+13 apartment skyscraper. So instead of settling and residing among crowds, consider a luxurious home that is furnished with all the latest necessities you desire.


    Orchard Avaasa is a larger development than just a housing complex.

    It is a perfect illustration of what a house is and what actual comfort looks like in real life.

    So don’t compromise when it comes to your family and reserve your Orchard Avaasa apartment right away!