Posted On January 20, 2018

How Your Room Colour Affects Your Mood

Room Colour


Colours play an important role in a person’s behaviour, way more than what we are aware of. Certain colours are prone to get a similar reaction from different people. Room colours can influence our mood and thoughts to a great extent. This is why it is so important to choose colours wisely when it comes to decorating your room.


It is important to understand the psychology of colour before implementing it. Choosing a colour based on trends is not the right way. Instead, pick a colour which reflects the person’s preferences and personalities. It is important to have a pleasing colour combination to get the best out of it.


Choose Appropriately


Choose Appropriately


Before implementing, understand your reaction towards each colour, how they influence your emotion, how they help you to make a decision and how appealing it is to you! It is also important to consider your partner’s choice of colours. Hence, the best way is to have a colour combination that compliments the characters of both the people.


Also, not more than three or four colours should be used when trying to get the best colour combination of the choices of everybody in the house. Not only does it upset the look of the room but it can also have an adverse effect on the mood of a person.


Effects of Colours


Effects of Colours


There are three basic ways in which colours act: active, passive and neutral. The key is to match the room’s colour to your taste, desire and more importantly to the room’s purpose. Light colours have a tendency to make the rooms look larger and dark colours on the contrary make them look smaller, in a way more intimate when compared. The technicalities of different colours are different accordingly.






Red attributes to raising energy levels and adrenaline in the room. It is a personal choice where do you want the raise in energy. It could either be in the living room to draw more attention or in the bedroom to stir up excitement.






It is considered to be the colour of joy, sunshine and is believed to communicate happiness. On the contrary, it sometimes also stimulates the nerves, which in chromotherapy finds its application in purifying blood.






Blue is believed to slow down respiration rate and heart beat hence, slowing down the blood pressure. It is recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms for its calming and serene tendencies. It is necessary to balance blues with warm hues for the furnishings.






This hue is considered to be one of the most soothing colours for the eye. It combines the joyous character of yellow and refreshing trait of blue. Green is the most suited colour for any room. It is also believed to help in fertility hence, an apt choice for bedroom.






Orange is one of the most energetic colours. While it may not be very suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, it does play a great role where some pumping is required like the in-house gym or the exercise room. It increases the energy levels and also helps in healing lungs.






It has the ability to make some people feel irritable. It can invoke a feeling of rage and hostility hence it should not be the primary colour of any room. Staring at this colour for a longer time is likely to affect the peace and harmony of one’s state of mind.


Neutrals: Black, Grey, White and Brown


Black, Grey, White and Brown


These are colours that often come in and go out of trend but always remain in a decorator’s tool kit. They act as moderators and can be used to liven or calm things down to the desired extent.


Colour of Accessories


Colour of Accessories


It is not just adequate that you have the colour of the walls according to the desired moods. One should keep the colour of the furniture according to the needs too. The furniture complimentary with the walls’ colours can add to the look or any space and give the desired ambience.


Don’t Forget the Ceiling


Don’t Forget the Ceiling


Though ceilings take up very little space in the house, they shouldn’t be neglected but they usually are. In general, lighter colours make the ceilings look higher while darker colours make it look lower.


These tips are great at choosing the wisest colour for your home décor and ensuring the best mood outcome from every member of the family. Good colour preferences make home a happier place, not just by the eye but also by science.


Posted On January 17, 2018

Enhance the Look of Your Living Room with These Tips



It is always important that you admire the place you live in and feel confident about it. It not only maintains your standard of living but also helps boost your confidence and personality. Having the best of looks for your living room doesn’t always mean spending tons of money with costly furniture. What is truly needed is enhancing the look under a suitable budget and in the most efficient manner.


The complexity and design of the room may vary largely but the basic criteria of decorating the room in the best possible way remains the same. Likewise, the cost of a particular item like furniture may differ but the basic idea of furniture still remains the same. Here are some great tips to enhance the look of your living room.


Do Not Overcrowd


Do Not Overcrowd Living Room



This is the most important tip, since this is usually the first mistake people make while setting up their living space. It is advisable to provide some breathing room to the furniture and enough space to walk and move for yourself and the furniture, just in case.


Pick Appropriate Wall Colour or Wallpaper


Wall Colour or Wallpaper


People often choose the wall paint or the wallpaper before even moving into the house. That might just not be the right thing to do. It is better to choose the paint colour after you have decided the colour of the furniture and other accessories fitted in the room.


Placement of Rug and Furniture


Rug and Furniture


The living room has to have a rug, generally termed as carpet. It needs to go along with the furniture and especially with the fan. There are many ways to place furniture on top of the rug and it is more of a personal choice. You can either have all the furniture over or outside the rug or partially on top and the rest outside. It is advisable to not have only a few pieces of furniture on top and the rest outside. Uniformity is crucial for elegance.


Don’t Be Too Theme Centric


theme centric living room


Elegance and class is more important than mere attraction. A very theme centric living room may look nice for a few moments, but not for long.  It is a house not a museum, so keep the themes minimal and add some casual upholstery and home décor fixtures to give it a classier yet homely look.


Hang the Art and Photo Frames at the Right Height


Art and Photo Frames


It is important to place the art work at appropriate heights where it is better visible to the human eye. The beautiful pieces of art are meant for people to see and marvel at their beauty. The frames should be hung at the appropriate height and not placed according to the structure’s size. Also, do not fill up the wall with very large art works and photo frames. Instead, keep it proportionate to the wall. The wall colour you chose, also has a role to play.


Don’t Cling on to Collectibles


Don’t Cling on to Collectibles


A few off-track collectibles which hold a story of their own and are close to your heart can find place in your living room, but cluttering the space with too many might just spoil the complete attire of it. Somethings that don’t find place or do not compliment the look of your living room needs to be put somewhere else or it risks the elegance of the whole living room.


Keep the Sizes Varied According to Scale


Varied According to Scale


A lot of things may look amazing while shopping online or in a store, but that’s what marketing is meant to do. It is meant to appeal to you. What is important while selecting such things is their relative size with the size of your room. Do not choose things that might be just too big for the room. Neither it should be very small and insignificant. The right size of home décor pieces can magnify the beauty of your living space much more than you can imagine.


Take Care of the Centrepiece


Take Care of the Centrepiece


This is one of the first thing people notice when they enter a living room. Hence a centrepiece plays a crucial role in adding the right mood to the living space. The centrepiece should be simple and minimalistic, this gives the classy touch. But a simple and minimalistic one does not mean that you should compromise on your style. Add a centrepiece that defines you and the people living in the house. Be it a big centrepiece or a smaller one, it should be the highlight of your living room. Also keep in mind that the room is a part of your home and not a hotel, neither should it resemble like one because of the over-the-top centrepiece that you just bought.


Be Creative, Be Bold


Be Creative, Be Bold


There is no harm in trying new and creative things. It is just a living room setting which can be changed later and it is important that you enjoy living in it and are comfortable in it. Hence, let that creativity flow and be bold enough to try it.


These tips are present in almost every find but are often forgotten amidst the hustle bustle of setting up a new room. Home is where the heart lies so it should definitely feel like home and it is in your hands to make it as homely and elegant as you fancy.


Posted On January 13, 2018

Benefits Of Outdoor Play Area in a Residential Complex


The rise in nuclear families has led to busy working parents. The work schedule leaves no option for parents but to leave young children at home with gadgets as pacifiers. This has led to rise in obesity among children at a very young age, a sign of unhealthy lifestyle. Outdoor sports have lots of advantages especially when children are growing up.Due to lack of good parks and outdoor spaces for kids to play, most parents are forced to keep their litten ones confined at home.


By choosing the right residential complex which has an outdoor play area, all these issues can be taken care of. A safe place close to home, where children can freely play outside, is the answer to all the parents’ worries.


We have noted some benefits of having an outdoor play area in a residential complex that you can go through to understand the reasoning better.


Physical Exercise


Physical Exercise


The biggest advantage of playing outside is getting good amount of physical activity to do. From running, jumping, rolling, twisting and turning, all can be done without any space contraints. During an early age, getting good exercise is extremely important as it has major impact on the physical and mental health of a child.


Best Source of Vitamin-D



Sunlight is a major source of vitamin D, which is essential for development and strengthening of the bones. Playing outside gives ample amount of direct sunlight and natural access to vitamin D. The lack of vitamin D leads to several illnesses from weak bones, diabetes or even heart diseases early in life. This can be taken care of, by ensuring that the kids get enough playtime early during morning hours.


Developing Social Skills


Developing Social Skills


Living in a structured society, it is an important element to develop good social skills. Developing and enhancing social skills boosts the esteem of children and gives them confidence to move ahead in life. Playing outside encourages children to interact with other young kids, make new friends and ensures overall growth in their personality. As an adult, this skill is good for them to grow in personal and professional front.


Better Mind and Body Coordination


Better Mind and Body Coordination


Another important aspect of physical development is to build a good mind and body coordination. Playing outside provides young children ample opportunity to develop better coordination of mind and body. Good physical balance is essential for children as it prevents injuries.Also, it is highly beneficial for a healthy mind, which is of utmost importance to move ahead in academics.


Reducing Stress



The lives of young children for present generation has become more competitive than ever. They have to deal with the pressure of achieving better grades at school or learning new skills.


With so much going on, these young minds have started experiencing stress at an early age. Playing outside is an important mind diversion for kids to interact with friends and relax. Healthy children are happy and perform better at school.


Increases Learning Capability


Increases Learning Capability


Playing outside provides huge resources for children to explore. They can play with friends, on the slides, or with games or toys they bring along. With such exploration to do around them, children develop their own innovative games too. This helps to develop their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills. By exploring their surroundings, children get to learn more from nature.


Learning a New Sport


Learning a New Sport


Be it cricket, badminton or football, every kid should know how to play at least one sport. In a residential complex one can find a lot of kids his age. All, he needs to do is make a move. Gather around boys and girls, make teams and start playing. These days, be it a boy or girl, anybody can play the sport they like. Cricket or football is no longer restricted to boys. Badminton is not termed as a girl’s game anymore. The list of games is endless, the only thing a kid needs is the zeal to play and learn a new sport.


Humans are designed to work physically and this is a habit which is required to be developed in children from a young age. Encouraging them to go out and play beyond video games provides immense health benefits which are highly needed in their growing age. A good play area with greenery and swings is an added benefit to have in a residential complex. A healthy child is a happy child who goes ahead to be successful in all spheres of life too.


Posted On January 8, 2018

6 Benefits of living in a Residential Complex

Interior Design - Oswal Group


Deciding whether to stay in an independent house or a residential complex is a daunting task. One needs to consider various factors involved in it, depending on their requirements and needs. Both the styles of living have their own advantages and disadvantages, but staying in a secured complex adds more value and benefit than the other.


Listed below are the 6 benefits of living in a residential complex:


1. Focus on Safety


Focus on Safety


Whether one chooses to live in a complex or in an independent house, the concern for safety is the first thing that one looks into. A gated complex assures better safety as they have everything in order and place, from trained security guards who can deal with any critical situation to having the entire complex under surveillance system with firefighting equipment available at ease and much more, makes for a safer living in a complex. Especially as a family with young children, safety becomes the primary focus while choosing a place to live in.


2. Amenities Offered


Amenities Offered


Another advantage that comes with a residential complex is the assortment of amenities available. From play area for children, swimming pool, sports centre, community centre, landscaped gardens and much more. These amenities are good for one and all. People can choose their own recreational activities and children can develop in all aspects. The facility of numerous amenities, all in one complex adds value for a good living experience without travelling for the same to the different parts of the city. This not only saves time but also offers its dwellers and opportunity to meet and engage themselves with like-minded people.


3. Benefits of Maintenance


Benefits of Maintenance


Maintaining a house is one of the biggest challenges that one comes across. It can range from plumbing issue to electric concerns or getting something else fixed, these problems have no end. When one issue is fixed, the other comes up. Maintenance is one of the biggest benefits of a residential housing complex. With a monthly or yearly charge these issues can be resolved with just a phone call. Cleanliness, hygiene and all other concerns are taken care of by the management.


4. Benefits of a Community


Benefits of a Community


Another beauty that adds to a complex is a well-functioning community, where people can meet one another and develop healthy interactive relationships. This is essential for living in a functioning society. Within these communities, various functions, events, and festivals are celebrated collectively, where one can contribute as a planner or a participant, which in turn develops one on the personal front. Living in a community, the need of every age group is fulfilled too. One can find the kids mingling with one another in the play area, the young adults in the recreational zone, and adults in the gym and the seniors in the garden.


5. Financial Benefits


Financial Benefits


The major advantage of living in an apartment is the financial viability that comes with them. These apartments are much more economical than independent flats and houses, not only from the aspect of purchasing or renting the place, but the maintenance costs are quite reasonable as compared to managing an independent house. Since apartments are smaller in size hence managing their resources are much easier and feasible. As modern apartments are becoming eco-friendly by using water harvesting resources or solar energy, this adds another benefit to the list.


6. Manageable Size of the Space


Manageable Size of the Space


Since apartments are smaller in size, hence, for nuclear families or newly married couples, residential apartments are an apt choice, as their space requirements are not huge. The beauty of these spaces is that they are extremely safe and convenient rather than being extravagant.


With so many advantages in hand, living in a residential complex is good, especially for those who are looking for convenient options to live in. From getting an opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultural background to having safer living options as an individual or as a family, housing complexes provide it all.


Posted On December 21, 2017

Budget Decoration Ideas for Christmas


Its Christmas, it’s that time of the year when you shop, decorate your home and eat good food. With so many things to purchase, all of us are really running on a tight budget. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew some simple decoration tips that can jazz up your place and save you money too?


This article will give you ideas that are simple to do, with minimum items. Let’s see few ideas mentioned below:


Use twigs and branches


Use twigs and beautiful branches


Take a look around and look for some beautiful branches; they will be in hues of brown and green. Pick some branches with beautiful leaves and tie them together. It will be an excellent piece on your center table or decorate them near the fireplace.


Twig lights


Decorate your room with Twig lights


Pick some dry twigs if you have time, you can paint them in red and white or color of your choice. Blow a balloon and stick these twigs in random manner. Keep this aside for couple of hours and blow away the balloon with the help of a tooth pick.


You can observe that the twigs’ shape remain the same and you can use this as twig light hanger. Hang some lights in it, this will illuminate the place and give a festive look to your room. The good thing about this is that you only have to spend on lights.


Scented candles


Scented candles


Candles can be costly in this time of the season, if you are looking for scented candles. You may have cinnamon sticks lying in the kitchen. Grab a candle and wrap some cinnamon sticks around it with a fancy ribbon. Keep these sticks in a cozy corner and your cheap scented candles are ready. It will not only give a rusty look but it goes easy on your pockets too.


Getting creative with ribbons


decorate your staircase with some colorful ribbons



You can decorate your staircase with some green colored jewels or stick green leaves all the way. Tie around some colorful ribbons to give a fairy tale look. The combination of green and colorful ribbons will be enticing and welcoming for the guests.


Paper snowflakes of different sizes


Decorated the whole house with paper snowflakes


Decorated the whole house but still feel that your walls are empty? Do not fret, just look for some YouTube tutorials for making paper snowflakes. Make sure you make them in different sizes and stick them on the wall artistically.


Hang around holiday cards


tie a rope around your room and hang holiday cards


Simply tie a rope around your room and hang holiday cards with the help of cloth pin. If you wish to take up more efforts, you can wrap around some lights around the rope as well.


Hang candies


 Hang some of your candies with small ribbons.


Don’t spend on candies as well as decorations. Kids love candies in general. So think of making this more interesting for your kiddie guests. Playfully arrange the candies as a part of your decoration, and see the magic it brings to the look of your home.


Kids will love to grab that decoration and eat them. Hang some of your candies with small ribbons. It saves money and kids would love to have their little games around it while eating them.


Recycle last year’s ornaments


recycle last year’s ornaments for Christmas decoration


You may have some previous year’s damaged ornaments in your home which can’t take their place on X-mas tree. Make a wreath from leftover ornaments by gluing them together. More the colors, the more it will look festive.


Invest in ribbons


Jazz up your space with ribbons


Jazz up your space with ribbons as most of them comes in cheap. Buy ribbons of different colors and sizes, just a simple bow of ribbons on a candle or a utensil can help you decorate in least fuss.


Nuts in a jar


Jar filled with different colors of fruits and nuts


Nuts and berries are beautiful. Imagine a jar filled with different colors of fruits and nuts. Make a mixture of some walnuts, red berries and grapes, the complimentary colors when mixed together will give a beautiful look. Make sure to place this jar on your dining table to catch the visitor’s eye.


Make a still life


Collect some vases and pots of your house


Collect some vases and pots of your house and arrange them on a corner table. Paint them using neon colors in different shapes. Once they are dried, place them at different places and see your room come to life.


Decorate with tassels


Decorate your room with tassels


Tassels are available widely and are cheap. You can hang around those tassels in corners of your décor and decorate the place.


Line up with some faux tiny Christmas trees


Line up with some faux tiny Christmas trees


Faux tiny trees are available readily. Arrange few of them around the house to give a cute look.


With mix and match of the above mentioned tips, you can surely make your Christmas decorations on a budget. It’s not necessary to spend loads of money to decorate your house. Just a bit of creativity can help you save money and enjoy the season of joy to the fullest.