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B.T. Road – The Fastest Growing Residential Destination of Kolkata

Orchard 126 at B.T Road, Kolkata


Kolkata is a metropolitan city housing numerous residential properties in an affordable range. Based on the eastern coast of Hooghly River, the city is one of the promising financial and commercial hubs of India. From luxury homes to affordable apartments, Kolkata offers a variety of options to the home buyers. Among the numerous residential apartments, one of the exclusive and prime options for dwelling are the 2 BHK & 3 BHK Apartments in Orchard 126.


The best aspect of this residential project is that it is located at B.T. Road. The Barrackpore Trunk Road lies in North Kolkata. It is one of the upcoming localities in Kolkata that connects to Barrackpore on one end and Shyam Bazaar on another end. Gone are the days when people would think before buying a residential flat in BT Road. With the infrastructural advancements, the location has had a fabulous makeover.


With a four-lane road, smoothly well-connected to all major link roads of Kolkata, BT Road can proudly boast itself to be one of the fastest growing residential hubs in the city. Besides the strategic location, B.T. Road is an excellently developed locality offering all modern amenities. With versatile linkage to all the landmarks of the city, the road stands as one of the prominent choices for home builders and commercial developers. So, if you purchase a property in B.T. Road, then you would be investing in the right place.


Why Should You Choose Orchard 126?


Why Should you Choose Orchard 126


Orchard 126 is one of the elite residential projects in Kolkata. Located in B. T. Road Agarpara the project lies in North Kolkata and stands as a lucrative property investment option for the home buyers.


This wishfully designed project accompanies 2BHK and 3BHK apartments defining luxury and class from every nook and corner. Besides excellent construction quality, Orchard 126 is known for its best industry specifications. Sprawling over an area of 1.2 acres comprising 161 units available for sale. The 2 residential towers are crafted for 22 floors, each having apartments of 2BHK and 3BHK units.


The size of a 2BHK flat starts at 1007 Sqft, while 3BHK apartments begin at 1309 Sqft, both 2 & 3 BHK apartments have numerous size variants. Besides ample space, the project showcases rooms of appropriate sizes, bathrooms, modular kitchen, and spacious dining and living rooms. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and unique design, it is a perfect option for interested home buyers who want to invest their money in a rewarding choice. Additionally, if you are looking for the best residential flat in an affordable range, which is perfect for your family and at the same time can help your family a luxury lifestyle, then the 2 & 3 BHK Apartments at Orchard 126 is the premium choice.


Highlights Of Orchard 126


Highlights Orchard 126


B.T. Road lies in the Kamarhati region of Kolkata. It is one of the accessible locations for various upcoming residential real estate projects. The Oswal Orchard 126 is one of the projects within the region that has gained immense popularity. This region is well acquainted with bus stations, restaurants, banks, ATMs, schools, petrol pump, railway stations, hospitals, and other amenities. Hence, the project holds proximity to all essential facilities and services.


Furthermore, there are numerous facilities offered within the project like spacious lobby, intercom facilities, fire exit, car parking, and playground for children, clubhouse, swimming pool, safety system, lifts, power back up system, landscaped garden and more. Even you can reach to supermarkets and other facilities from the project in the shortest time frame. And with the upcoming Agarpara Metro Station at a few meters distance, do we need to tell you how easy commuting shall be?


About Oswal Group


About Oswal Group


Oswal Group is a prestigious Real Estate development firm that is famous to offer elite residential projects in Kolkata. Over the years, the company has come into existence to provide many reputed residential projects.


The company has always put in significant efforts to gain trust and respect among the masses. It is not only a great competition to others in the market, but also holds an unparalleled reputation in the market. With its efforts and hard work through years, the company has developed recognition of integrity among customers. Also, it is known for on-time delivery of projects and laying standards up to the mark. Hence, if you invest your money in 2 & 3 BHK Apartments at Orchard 126 in Kolkata, then you are sure to grab the best deal and indulge in a life of luxury and comfort.


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Why Should You Consider Buying Your Residential Apartment in New Garia

Residential Apartment New Garia - Oswal Group


In the last few years, the residential scene in Kolkata has seen a major boost like never before. The city as a whole has seen major chunks of development, the residential scenario has particularly improved. Like every other metro city whose South is touted as the poshest area, Kolkata is no different. New Garia, an area in South Kolkata has always been on the more developed side than the rest of the city. But in the recent years, it has flourished by leaps and bounds and has become a hotspot for home buyers who are looking for the best experience of city life. Let’s see what makes New Garia in such demand.


What Makes New Garia the Ideal Spot for Buying a Residential Apartment?


New Garia the Ideal Spot


Both Garia and New Garia have seen tremendous growth in the last couple of years. New Garia has been constantly developing in every aspect that one can think of. It was already well connected to the rest of the city by every mode of transport. A few years back New Garia got its own metro station as well and the area has been developing ever since. In fact, residential flats at Orchard Residency are just a few hundred meters away from the Kavi Subhash Metro Station, being a relief to the dwellers in and around the area.


New Garia’s high infrastructure and well connectivity to the major business districts of the city is one of the key factors why more and more people are looking to buy a house here. This area has now caught the attention of real estate giants too. New Garia is quite close to EM Bypass, which connects the city to all major business areas. The extended metro project from New Garia to the rest of the city is another reason why people are so interested in this location.


Not just residential apartments, New Garia has many standalone buildings and bungalows too, making it one of the most sought-after locations in Kolkata. Out of the many projects that have sprung up in the last few years, the Orchard Group has been particularly catching a lot of attention.


All these factors are making realtors and builders quite keen on investing in New Garia. They are betting big money on the huge development that New Garia is going to witness in the coming few years. At this moment, there are close to a hundred ongoing building projects in New Garia, all at different stages. In the near future, there are going to be plenty more projects.


New Garia is also in close proximity and very well connected to two other major regions of South Kolkata, Behala and Tollygunge. These two suburbs in Kolkata are two of the oldest residential areas in this city. But that does not mean they lag behind in any way. But among all other regions, New Garia, which is an extension of Garia, is the most sought after residential locality in the city. The average value of apartments in New Garia ranges from Rs. 3150 to Rs. 4030 per sq. ft. Another good thing about residential complexes in this area is that since it is currently developing, a buyer will find plenty of options in terms of prices and the size of the house when looking for a 2 BHK or 3 BHK. Sizes of 2 BHK flats vary from 600 to 1200 sq. ft, while the size of 3 BHK flats vary from 1100 to 1600 sq. ft. in New Garia. So there is something for everyone and there is a high chance that an individual buyer will be spoilt for choices when looking for a house.


Connectivity of New Garia to Other Parts of the City


Connectivity of New Garia, Metro


We have already established that New Garia is very well connected to the major parts of the city. Let’s discuss in detail about the ease of transport methods here.


•   As it is situated in the southern part of the EM Bypass, it is well connected to the EM Bypass and the areas on the other side of the Bypass, like Salt Lake. Salt Lake Sector V is the hub of industries and all the MNCs in Kolkata.


•   The nearest railway station is the Garia station, which is hardly a kilometer and a half away from New Garia. It can be said that local trains provide a big support system to the transport system here.


•   It is served by the NH 34.


•   The backbone is, of course, the two metro stations, Garia and New Garia for better transport for the people.


All these factors make New Garia the hub of the residential complexes that it is slowly growing into. In a few years, it will undoubtedly be the most developed area of Kolkata.


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Tips & Tricks for an Elegant Looking Dining Room

Dining Room - Oswal Group


The one space that exhibits the entire feel of your house is the dining space. This is generally the central portion of the house and thus should portray the feel of your home. This is the space where everyone gathers at the end of the day to have a nice meal together. Hence, the dining space should be calm and elegant, a place you would want to come back to at the end of the day. Even if you do not own a house, you can still buy a residential apartment in Kolkata or any other major city and do your dining room in an elegant manner. To make your dining room look elegant, there is so much you can do. Let’s have a look at some of them.


1. Brightness should be the Key


Dining Room Looks Brights


The place where you come home to have a meal with your family should not be dull, right? Make sure the dining space is bright and has a lot of windows to let the light and wind flow in. If you cannot have windows all over, make sure there is a corner where sunlight enters and brightens up the whole room. The lighting should be bright too.


2. Make Sure there is Every Kind of Lighting


Every Kind of Lighting


There are so many occasions and special days in a year. You would not want the same kind of lights every day. That would get monotonous. So make sure there are different kinds of lighting, for different moods. That would add the personal touch that sets a dining room apart from a restaurant.


3. Go for a Statement Dining Table


Statement Dining Table


The dining table is like the center of attraction of the dining room. When you want to make your dining room look elegant, you have to pay extra attention to the table that sits in the room. Make sure that the dining table stands out among everything else. You can go in for an unusual shape, or some beautiful material. Keep the dining table unique and classy.


4. Mismatched Chairs in Neutral Colours Add to the Beauty


Mismatched Chairs


After dining tables, the next most important element is the chairs. While the dining table is a statement piece, you can go in a little easy on the chairs. While the chairs are very important, they do not always have to be a part of the dining set. You can get the chairs separately, and they do not even have to match. In fact, matching chairs can bring in monotony after a point of time. Get some mismatched chairs in neutral colours, which go with the tone of the dining table. This combination will speak elegance like nothing else.


5. Let White be the Central Colour


White Dining Room


Nothing speaks elegance like the colour white. If you love colours and want to make your dining room look bright, you can go for fun options. But if you want elegance, there’s nothing like white. If you are a colours person, we have just the answer for you. Pick any bright colour of your choice, and add pops and dashes of it everywhere, while keeping white as the base hue. This will keep the elegance of the dining room intact and add a dash of colour to it too, without making it look too loud or bright.


6. Try to Stay Away from too Much Wood



Wooden furniture is surely elegant and do look good. But imagine this- wooden table, wooden chairs, wooden storage spaces, wooden flooring. Isn’t it too overwhelming? You do not want your dining room to look like a place that is straight out of a forest. So go easy on the furniture and experiment with materials other than wood.


7. Do Not Undermine The Importance of Lighting


Importance of Lighting


As we have mentioned above, the lighting can make or break the feel of a dining room. If you want elegance, you can either go in for a huge chandelier that hangs like a royalty at the middle of the room. However, if you want to go for a statement chandelier, make sure the ceiling is high enough. Else, it will look scary. But what if your ceiling is low? You can still go for bright lights. In that case, go for a number of statement hanging lights that will make it look like a canopy of lights.


In the end, accessorize your dining space properly with cutlery, pots and whatever you need. The daily essentials that a dining space needs, get fun and experimental with them. An elegant dining room is not only loved by the family members, but also by guests who come over when you organize a party.


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How to Make The Kids’ Room Livelier Than Ever

Oswal Group - Kids' Room Livelier


Decorating a kid’s room is the biggest challenge of all. Kids do not really spend a lot of time in their rooms but the time that they do, it really affects their growth. Decorating the kid’s room according to the child’s uniqueness is quite a challenge, but nevertheless, it is fun too. There are so many ways in which you can make your kids room lively so that they would love to spend time in their rooms. Even if you do not have an independent house and are buying 3 / 4 BHK Flat in Kolkata, you can still decorate your kid’s room. Let us have a look at some of the ways.


1. Choose a Theme for the Room


Theme for the Room


The first basic task that you have to do while decorating your kid’s room if that you have to keep in mind what theme you would want for the room. The most common theme is cartoons, of course. But there is so much more to your kid than just watching cartoons. Your kid has a favourite sport, a favourite sportsman, a favourite fictional character, or a superhero that he fancies, or just a favourite colour in general.  Try to observe what all your kids love, and then zero in on one theme that would work as the backdrop for your kid’s room.


2. Build a Bookshelf with Bright Coloured Books


Bookshelf with Bright Coloured Books


Now we do not have to tell you how important reading is for your kid’s mental development. That is why you would want to keep a book corner in your child’s room. This is where you can get very creative. Buy your kid all kinds of books but in different colours. When you have decided where to place the bookshelf, decorate it with different colours of books and colourful stationeries. This is so much more fun than boring reading tables stacked with books.


3. Quirky Should be the Word When it Comes to Accessories and Furniture


Accessories and Furniture


Now you would not really want just plain brown wooden furniture in your kid’s room, right? Furniture and accessories are that space where you have to put in a lot of time. Pick up whatever catches your eye and whatever you think will interest your kid. Let the kid’s room be as funky as it can get. The immediate feeling that a kid should have after coming into his room is that of energy and vigour and wanting to do something new.


4. Let the Storage Spaces be Creative


Storage Spaces be Creative


Storage spaces are not necessarily just almirahs and cupboards. Even a small pencil box can be treated as a storage space. A kid’s room needs a lot of self-storage spaces because they have so many stationeries and toys to accommodate. So make sure that the storage space is really creative and fun and full of colours.


5. Decorative Cushions add Colour to a Room


Cushions add Colour to a Room


Who doesn’t love to play with cushions and pillows? Especially kids. A kid’s room should have lots of pillows and cushions, and you cannot really keep worrying about those pillows because ultimately you have to replace them. But for as long as they are there, make sure the covers that you put on these pillows and cushions are really colourful. The ideal pattern or design of a pillow cover or cushion cover would be something that your kid loves, like his favourite character, or his favourite cartoon etc.


6. Shape up the Room


Shape up the Room


When we say shape up, we mean adding different shapes to the room. Now the room is going to look like any other room with four walls and a ceiling. But to make it fun and add a twist to it, you can accessorize the room with stuff in different shapes. Triangles and circles add the fun touch to a room that your kids need. For example, you can get a bed bunk, a funky study table, and round storage spaces and so on. There is so much to experiment.


7. Add a Touch of Nature to the Room


Nature to the Room


Now it is really not possible to keep plants in a kid’s room. The kid will end up tearing away all the leaves and spill the soil in the entire room. So the best way to add a touch of nature to the room is to give it a beachy, or hilly feel to the room, whichever your child likes more. This can also work as the theme of the room. You can make the entire room look like a beachside or a hill station, with proper colours and accessories.


The size of your kid’s room doesn’t really matter. you can get creative even in the smallest room without making it look too congested. A kid’s room should reflect the personality of the kid. If your kid is a little quiet and introvert, he won’t like very bright colours in his room. So, put in the time and make your kid’s room exactly the way he would want.


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2018’s Interior Designing Trends to Watch Out For

Oswal Group - Interior Designing


We have left 2017 behind and happily moved on in 2018. A new year does not only bring new energy and vigour, but it also brings along some new trends with it. Each year offers its own trends when it comes to interior designing. If you are buying a residential flat in 2018, you would definitely not want its interiors to look like you are living in 2015, right?  Just like every other year, 2018 has brought on some new trends in interior designing along with it. Let’s have a look.


Bold Colours will Crawl Back In


Neutral and Pastel Shades


Gone are the days of neutral and pastel shades. Interior design experts are concluding that 2018 will see the rise of bold colours back in the frame. People are now opting for more vibrant and bright colours for their homes. Neutral and pastel tones will still continue to exist though, as background colours, or as slight touches here and there, or even to provide a contrast to a bright colour and brighten up the room.


Vintage Accessories will be Trending like Never Before


Vintage Accessories


More and more people these days look for a personal touch to everything around them. Be it an apartment, flat or a house, vintage accessories add a personal touch to everything and that is what interior designers are rooting for. Also, no matter what the theme of the interior is, vintage accessories break the monotony of a particular theme and add fun to it. These make your already existing designs all the more fun.


One-of-a-kind Aspirational Spaces in the Home


Spaces in the Home


More and more people are getting caught up in the hustle bustle of the corporate life. That is why people now want their homes to be the ultimate place for relaxation. People want to feel a certain way when they get back home. And that is the brief interior designers work upon to create a one-of-a-kind space. People have stopped feeling the need to impress guests with their home interiors. People want their homes to look relaxed or energized or even intimate and cozy, depending on how their personalities are. Interior designers are rooting for this trend since it gives them the freedom and creative liberty to design a home the way they want to, and not feel pressured into making it look like a house straight out of a magazine.


Kitchens will Break all Rules


Kitchen space


Kitchens are no longer the spaces where you just cook a meal and leave behind traces of spices everywhere. Kitchen spaces have finally started to gain momentum and in 2018, interior designers are predicting that kitchens will break all rules that have been there for decades. Kitchens in 2018 will be customized and unconventional. They will still be fully functional and will be stylish and very forward thinking at the same time. Colour wise, whites will no longer exist as the major colours. Shades of emerald green or bright violet will don the look of the kitchen. Kitchens will now be the new stars at home!


Matte Black Finishes will be The New Cool


Matte Black Finishes


Just like in 2017 satin brass was trending in kitchen finishes, this year matte black will take over in kitchens and bathrooms. We already told you that kitchen decor will be breaking all barriers, and matte black finish is one of them. The best thing about matte black finishes, apart from being extremely statement-making and contemporary is that it goes with almost any tone. Black is a versatile colour and it will complement the rest of your decor well and will never look out of place.


Tiles That Look like Wallpapers will be Making a Splash This Year


Wallpapers will be Making a Splash


For years people and designers have been rooting for wallpapers for the interiors of a home. They are inexpensive when compared to paints and you can get really quirky and fun with the designs. Not just fun, one could get elegant too with wallpapers. The reason why so many people opt for wallpapers is for the huge variety of designs. But in 2018, many fascinating tiles will take over. There are so many kinds of tiles today, with any kind of finish that you want- wooden, resin, fabric, concrete and even wallpaper like. Interior designers are focusing on these tiles because they offer the elaborately patterned look of a wallpaper, and tiles are any day more durable than wallpapers and easily washable. So win-win!


Each year brings about new things along with it. 2018 seems to be a bright year for interior design trends. Some trends are bringing back the long-lost trends, while some are new on the block and we cannot wait to watch them!



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Use These Tips and Tricks to Make Your Place Look Bigger

home decorations


The idea of adding extensions to your home sounds great. It seems an efficient way to enlarge the square foot area without actually breaking the walls. But it can be time-consuming and expensive, and most of the times, impossible. If you find worldly possessions are closing in on you and your home walls are taking over, then this can be just because of a poor design.


As for the rest, here we bring some easy and exciting solutions to make your place look more bright and spacious, even if it is by tricking the visual perception.


Open Shelves from Floor to Ceiling



Open shelves from floor to ceiling offers you enough space to clear floor clutter and make optimum use of wall space. A bottom of the top unit will work perfectly well in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, drawing the eye upwards and hence making ceilings appear little higher.


Using Mirrors



Anything that reflects light is a way to add dimensions to limited space, and mirrors do a fabulous job at this. A tabletop or large floor area mirrored opposite to a window can instantly give your room a more significant appearance and scope. Just make sure that the mirror does not reflect any cornered or cluttered space as your purpose to add space will be defeated.


Bringing Light Paint Colors into Action



Dark wall colors can make a room appear smaller. It is because the light is not able to reflect and make the walls appear reduced in size. To give your room an open up look, use monochromatic palettes of grey, yellows, creams, and whites. These are the best when it comes to light bouncing and hence can make your space appear larger.


Declutter Your House



The minimalist approach to have a sound décor in your home is to create an airy and seamless space. The most elegant way to avail this is to remove all barely used items that would just make your room appear too crowded and busy. All you need to do is edit the stuff and declutter it from things that you are not using since months.


Introduce Smart Furniture Elements



From a bed frame with sliding drawers to multi-functional furniture pieces like a drop-leaf table, introducing them in your space is a great idea to maximize the space. At the same time, it would serve you with the extra area to store in your stuff. So, think about such smart furniture items and introduce them at various places of your house for a bigger and better-looking home.


Plan Over-the-Door Storage



Be it your bedroom or bathroom if a thing in your home makes space look dull and small then it is time to think about serious revamping. Introduce over the door storage for such areas where the over the door hooks can be used to store bags, accessories, and other daily beauty stuff. This will not just add more convenience but will also make your floor and counter clutter free.





Windows that are left uncovered offer a path to natural lighting. Even you can go for sheer coverings to lighten and brighten up the room with natural light and draw eyes outdoors. If you wish to drape the windows then give it a second thought and let the drapes go past the windows, whether horizontally or vertically. This will not just offer an illusion of bigger windows, but would also make your house look larger and brighter than ever.


Look for Scaled Furniture



Since you have a small space so this does not mean that you need to constrain yourself about the selection and avoid buying larger pieces. A great idea is to have a polished space styled with single oversized furniture than a couple of smaller ones. Also, try to pick scaled furniture pieces that do not block pathway or natural light source and must blend perfectly well with the uniformity of wall color.





When you wish to open up a small space, recessed lighting is an excellent option. This form of illumination is visually appealing and bounces back to the place where you need. If you have ceilings on higher side then you can use hanging lights rather than recessed lighting to have a more inviting and bigger space.


Wall Art



Hanging a big painting against to numerous small items can make your walls appear bigger than they are. You can plan to put a wall art at the average height level, so there is enough space left above it. This will make your room appear taller and bigger.


Follow these tips and tricks to decorate your small space and make it look bigger rather than cramped and crowded.